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Let's go to Hong Kong!*

My friend, Lee-Ann and I have known each other since we were four years old and never have we traveled outside of Manila together. We've gone on day trip and sleep overs with friends, but never a full-fledged plane ride together. Now that I'm working and Lee-Ann's on a break from med school, we thought, why not? Let's do this.

And since we're both short on funds and time, we thought Hong Kong would be a great starting point. Plus, if we realized we weren't great traveling buddies, at least I could still go back to Hong Kong without much hassle (or too much cost) and make new memories. Luckily, I didn't have to worry about that. We had a blast

Sure, we were only there for four days, but it felt like much longer. Getting lost on our first day and getting caught in the rain. Discovering Macau and staying longer than expected. Going on our 'night out' despite us being the grandmas that we are. Entering every single Sassa there was and choosong HK side over Kowloon. Spending our last few dollars on food and making sure all the sight were covered.

Basically, it was a mission accomplished and I'm definitely looking forward to the next trip with Lee-Ann. Perhaps we'll have more money then and more time on our hands. But for now, not a bad first foreign trip together.

*this is literally what Lee-Ann told me a month or so ago and I of course, said, yes!

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