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Currently: Catching Up All the Freaking Time

Loving: My iPad. I didn't think I'd succumb but I've been thinking about it for such a long time and having all the siblings at home tinkering away on theirs was not helping any. So far, it's been pretty useful and pretty distracting so I would say it's been worth the purchase. I need to police myself, for sure.

Reading: So in order to catch up with my quota, I decided to take a break from 'serious' books and come back to my first love, YA-chic lit hybrids. In come, The A-List series which I've been wanting to read since I started the Gossip Girl books all those years back and unsurprisingly, I'm liking them a lot.

Watching: Not that I need a new show but House of Cards is a pretty fantastic watch (and a great new way to consume television). I have yet to finish it but my dad and I are really enjoying the series and can't wait for the new season. Kevin Spacey is pretty much a genius.

Anticipating: my brother's graduation weekend. My sister and brother (hopefully) from Singapore should be flying in for the celebration and I'm just really the proud big sister my brother gets annoyed with. I can't believe there'll be four of us out of college when 2013 ends.

Listening to: I'm pretty amped that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are finally releasing new music again and though I was late to their party to begin with, I'm really liking what I'm hearing so far. It'll grow on me, I'm sure, but I'm just really psyched we've got something new from Karen O and the gang.

Planning: My Hong Kong itinerary with Lee-Ann. Sure, I haven't really read through the entire guide book the way I did for London and Paris, but I'm really excited about how the trip will go given that I've never traveled with Lee before. Let's see how this goes.

Working on: All the work I missed while I was away and all the work I'll miss when I go away. I swear, taking a vacation is so difficult. It's almost like it's more relaxing to not take a vacation. At least the work doesn't have to pile up.

Wishing: It wasn't so freaking hot. Sure, I'm barely in the house anyway but commuting to work and getting up in the morning is proving to be terribly difficult with how unbearable the heat is. I know I should be used to it by now, but can it get a little cooler please? This is just impossible weather.

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