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What's Up: March 2013

The first quarter is over, guys and it's been the craziest, and quite possibly the most eventful one for me so far in my 26 years. Not that I'm complaining. I like it. It's hectic and stressful and just all around nuts, but it's also been pretty awesome and surprising and just downright exciting.

  • I've never been to a staff shoot before but it was a pretty fun afternoon getting all dolled up. Though I realized that pastel and I don't go we'll together. Ended up at dinner and coffee with Marla,
    Koko and Angel.
  • busy Saturday was busy. I had a family reunion with my dad's side of the family (I saw my uncle who hosted me in London), then made it to angel's wedding shower and still had energy to have a late dinner with Lee. Fun times!
  • Ive been pretty dedicated to the crochet scarf I'm doing so I'm glad I was able to catch up on my TV, some True blood and a lot of Jasmine's scarf. Not bad.
  • I spent half the day at the DFA to renew my passport and surprisingly it was a pretty efficient deal. I was supposed to return to the office afterward but I wanted to take advantage of the early out.
  • it was hard to concentrate when I was trying to do ten things at the same time. I'm glad I was able to attend James get together. Wow. My batchmates are way too accomplished.
  • today, I had a more positive outlook on things, we got to find solutions to some dilemmas and I got to grill an awesome officemate on our commute home. I hope I can be better outlook wise these next few days.
  • I didn't think I'd stay late but I ended up doing so. I'm glad I was able to join some officemates for some drinks after work. I haven't done this in awhile so t was nice to de-stress a bit.
  • friday traffic was pretty horrible. I'm glad i even made it to work with a cheat dinner with Koko. My karma for eating too much on a Friday. My stomach hurt like crazy.
  • woke up ungodly early but also napped for 12 hours. I missed the entire day including a party my brother hosted for his org at or house. Sleep love.
  • I've been sleeping odd hours and my 5am bed time isn't helping. After lunch out with both my grandmas, I thought I'd crash, instead I caught up on TV and crochet. My mom is also officially awesome at unknotting knots in more ways than one.
  • And for the first (and probably the last time), I actually went running with Koko and Marla and Teef at Ultra after work. Not sure how I survived that, but it felt good for a bit then I just felt really really exhausted.
  • It's amazing how things can turn out totally different from what I thought they would be. The day was quite long but ended with an impromptu fast food midnight snack. Ball's in your court now.
  • It's always sad to see office mates go. I gave one of my officemates (who's about to resign and move to Singapore) a ride part-way home and it was nice to just hang out in traffic. Sad times but I'm happy for him.
  • Pub reports always take the longest time but are also always the most insightful meetings for me. I know it's a pain preparing for it, but it's always nice to get an update on how things are going and things we can do. I'm such a dork.
  • I went to the US embassy this morning and wasn't expecting anything so it was really nice that everything got settled really quickly. I feel very very blessed.
  • There was this crazy clusterfuck of traffic along Tandang Sora and it was nice that this cute guy got out of his car to fix it like a traffic cop. There are awesome folks out there.
  • Lazy Sundays are the best. I ended up catching up on all my TV shows including JT's SNL episode. Lots of crochet done, too. I'm such a grandma.
  • I was lucky enough to wake up at the crack of dawn to hitch a ride with dad. Monday morning traffic still sucks (I hope summer gets better) so it was early in for me.
  • I haven't been to presentations in a bit so I feel rusty but that wasn't too bad. I need to get back to the groove of presenting again. I feel like this new year has made me really complacent -- or I'm just stuck int he office a lot.
  • it's so weird seeing mom in the hospital! First off, I didn't think she'd be confined but I'm just glad it's not anything too serious (or at least I hope not). She's not the sick type.
  • took a day off work to take care of mom and it's really just odd to have her be the sick one. I hope she gets better soon.
  • trying to get everything done before I leave is proving to be difficult. It looks like I'll be doing a lot of work while I'm away.
  • Angel got married!!! And she invited me!!! It's always so nice to see friends getting married. I'm glad I got Mang joe to drive me all the way to Clark too.
  • I can't believe I'm going to the US. for work at that. Now that I'm all checked in and seeing my uncle, it's really settling in.
  • day 1 of the conference is training and though I feel in over my head, it's definitely interesting. Plus we got to see Reggie! I can't believe we're reunited in NYC of all places.
  • day 2 of the conference and it's all so very awesome. From the keynote, to the google session. Best part? Seeing Laura! Best margaritas and Mexican and lots of fangirling. So happy we met!
  • day 3 of the conference and more info to digest and more people to meet. It's nice to see how digital can still go so far. Was nice to meet up with Reggie and Francis again. Burger love!
  • day 4 and last day of the conference and its been a pretty fantastic 4 days. I'm scared for the report but it'll be ok. Right? Ris and I watched Hands on a Hard body and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
  • it's time to travel to Brooklyn and it was a pretty short trip but I got exhausted for some reason and ended up sleeping the afternoon away after an awesome sushi lunch. I love Brooklyn.
  • woke up ungodly early to seethe HP exhibition with Laura starryeyedmagic. Unfortunately the GOT line was 2 hours long and we weren't even halfway near. I'm glad we got to hang. And then dinner with Reggie, Francis and Risa in Williamsburg. Perfect day was perfect.
  • It's Easter Sunday and after mass and lunch, it's pretty much a lazy afternoon again. I swear Brooklyn is making me so comfy and lazy, I don't want to move or go to the city

    Sure, I wouldn't mind a little peace and quiet. I'm not sure quarter 2 will give that to me, but I'm hoping for more steady times. Crossing my fingers. You never know.

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