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Currently: Panic Packing, Planning and Praying

Loving: Spontaneously amazing opportunities! Two weeks ago, our president told us we'd be going to a conference in New York and I tried not to be excited about it given that I didn't have a passport (it was being renewed) and my visa had expired. But now, it's all fallen into place and it's happening. It comes with strings, obviously, but I'm still so loving it.

Reading: I'll blame stupid games and guide books but I'm terribly behind on the reading list. And to remedy it, I'm doing a string of YA books and of course, chic lit. Alexandra Potter's Who's that Girl has a cute premise, but I still prefer the first book I read from her, Be Careful What You Wish For.

Watching: Sure, New Girl has been going on for two seasons, but I'm really really liking season 2 and where they're bringing Jess/Nick! The awkwardness and the making out and the uncertainty is killing me and making me kilig at the same time. Even the Cece and Schmidt storyline is going well -- I like that they've brought in a fiance for Cece. And Brenda Song? Who knew!

Anticipating: It's finally coming back. I wish I was able to do this Vulture Mad Men catch-up because it looks like it would have been a lot of fun. This just keeps getting better, season upon season, so this should be pretty explosive. I know no matter how much I hype this show in my head, it will live up to standars.

Listening to: Obviously, there haasn't been anything but T's The 20/20 Experience. I can't beleive we get another 10 songs in November, because these 10 are pretty awesome. The whole thing is still growing on me, but Mirrors is pretty much love love love. I wish there were more dance-y ones and I think he has an aversion to 'short' songs because everything is your usual 3 minuter. Oh, JT. I love you so.

Planning: Thanks to the impromptu-ness of my trip, I haven't really planned on what I want to do after the conference is over. So I'm sort of planning out a very rough itinerary just because I can't go anywhere without one. Someone has to plan for me (i.e. jamypye) but since I'm alone, i'll have to plan. Thank you, Lonely Planet for making it easier.

Working on: Given the sudden trip and extension, I'll need to get all my stuff together before leaving so I'm really just making sure all things are turned over properly and bringing as many files with me as possible. Just in case I'll need anything I can't turn over.

Wishing: This vacation doesn't bring a lot of stress with it. It's funny because a vacation is supposed to make you stress-free but leaving so much work behind (and in the middle of redesigns, campaigns, etc.) is making me feel sick. So I'm really wishing everything goes smoothly while I'm away. The 12-hour time difference makes things a little easier, though.

I love how this is supposedly a 'currently' post but because I'm late it's not so current. Let's pretend this was posted in March, okay? I'll catch up eventually.

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