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We got our feet on the ground & we're burning it down

With social media being in your face (well, because I log on a lot) all the time, things are much more heightened this year. Valentines seemed more lovey (with all the bouquets and professions of love). The Oscars were even apparent (even if I was stuck in the office and couldn't watch it). And last March 8, International Womens Day was pretty apparent on my Feed.

I didn't even realize it was such a big thing -- considering I am female and all -- so it's nice that women get a day to themselves. Though I realize Friday wasn't exactly the most liberating day for me, it's good to know the day even exists. And because I suck at being political, instead, I'm going to list some of my favorite internet-folk who happen to be women just because they're awesome and I fangirl them a lot.

  • Amy Odell of BuzzFeed Shift
    I've been following Amy since she was a writer for NYMag and now that she's transferred to BuzzFeed, she's officially the career path I'd love to follow (except for the writing bit). How she succeeded over at TheCut then got offered a job at Shift at BuzzFeed (two of my most favorite sites), has me dying of job envy but also keeps my eye on the prize. I will work for these companies one day. I just will. Repeat 10x. But really, following her articles and her Twitter makes me wish we could trade places already.

  • Kendi Skeen of Kendi Everyday
    I'm not a fashionista at all, but Kendi showed me you didn't have to be one to want to look good. Because of Kendi, I got out of my fashion comfort zone and did a couple of rounds of her uber successful (and needs to be repeated), 30 for 30 Remix. Other than posting cute photos of her daily outfits, the little snippets of her life are always hilarious and so unpretentiously awesome. I always look forward to her posts that feel like they'd be possible in my realm with just a bit of aspiration in them. She makes me want to live in The Gap.

  • Ashley Clements of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
    No, I'm not going to be an actress any time soon, but Ashley has been so fun to follow outside The Lizzie Bennet Diaries universe. I'll admit I really associate her with Lizzie Darcy, but more than that, she's really funny and smart and just a really entertaining person. Her live-tweets of the Oscars got me through my meeting (when I wasn't watching the show). Plus, she's the star of a cult webseries -- it's just everything I like in one fun package.

    I was initially going to list a set of TV characters I look up to, but perhaps for the next Women's Day. Look at me moving on from TV folk to internet folk. I'm evolving, guys!!!

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