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What's up: February 2013

February is my favorite month for many reasons and this year was a pretty good addition to all the February's of my life. Turning 26; saying goodbye to friends; doing new projects; seeing my friends and just really doing many more things that I love.

  • starting the month with the candy girls after work for some Warm Bodies after quite a long day at the office. It was such a good adaptation of an awesome book.
  • lazy Saturday. I couldn't even bring myself to sit through TV shows. Instead, I watched two and a half shows before napping. Dinner was nice though. We met up with my dads cousin and uncle at a Korean restaurant. Good times.
  • getting my period is always a good thing but I end up becoming so lazy, staying in bed all day and napping in between meals and TV shows. Obviously, a very productive weekend for me, but I'm totally fine with it.
  • surprisingly the commute to work this morning wasn't too bad. The Monday morning meetings are still not my cup of tea but I'm learning to cope with them. I'm glad i was able to have impromptu dinner with Stephie at the mall. Totally random but so needed.
  • the new male publisher started today and I'm hoping this one lasts longer. Cause I've been looking back and Risa and I have been informally handling the men's sites for a year or so. And though its not officially under us, all the dirty work is so it'll be nice to turn over. It's been a fun year for sure. But tiring too.
  • it's so nice to be able to catch up with old friends and having sudden dinner with Anna and Eugene in the pantry was just what I needed. I've been in a social-reminiscing mood so I'm glad I got to
    hang with her.
  • there are good days, then there are shitty days and today was bitchy day. Ris and i were in a funk and everything just ticked me off. So in the spirit of doing things that make me happy (knowing I have to work on Monday), I had dinner with Ana and caught up. Having her live near my office makes this so convenient now. I love it.
  • in a parallel universe, i get to play date to Ramon Bautista for his Top Gear column. Seriously, though i'm a horrible actress, it was fun doing silly things instead if working at the office. I also got to get home early thanks to a complimentary ride with Sheng, a pretty cool officemate I had always kind of thought was awesome from a far. It was nice to talk about LBD with someone.
  • so much for having plans today. I woke up extra early and was still game to meet up with Lee and possibly end up at a friends birthday. Instead, I nap and eat and catch up on 2 weeks worth of TV while also trying to get up to speed with the Lizzie Bennett Diaries. There is not enough weekend!
  • because I have to be at work tomorrow, I got my annual hair cut and color as tradition. They didn't have the color I wanted, so I ended up getting another shade. It's okay. I'm almost caught up with
    my shows but very behind my reading.
  • I usually ditch work on my birthday but I had to attend to a couple of things so I ended up going to work. It didn't matter though cause from the surprise notes and decor on my desk to everyone being lovely and all the greetings, to my lunch out with the Candy girls, the birthday cake from the publishing team to my dinner win the family, everything was just fantastic. Not even additional requirements on the fly could dampen the day. I feel so grateful and loved and blessed. Here's to a great 26th year.
  • despite the work, I was really looking forward to having dinner with my office friends. I'm glad we were able to finish things early enough to hang with Ris, Jin and Pam. We used to see each other every day and now we barely get to chat.
  • for some reason despite the not so crazy work load, I ended up getting stuck in alignments and meetings and briefings that I only got to start working really late. Oh well, I haven't OT-Ed in a while.
  • for some reason, the Valentines day bombarding on my Facebook was way more than last year. I don't know. Is it out age where everyone is attached and totally proud about it. I'm all for love but wow, peoplecan go all out cheesey, yes?
  • My brother had his surprise party and it was successful! Kudos to his girlfriend and my mom for pulling it off. My dad keeps joking that he wants one too and we keep joking back that he'll have one this year. Let's see who's joking come July.
  • stars. Was. Awesome. Sure I didn't get to go to the masters fair but I did have dinner with Blanche (on her birthday), Koko, Macy, Marla and Dyan. Then met up with Lou and Liz and Chrissy as the concert. Hello officemates. 24 songs. Fun times.
  • what happens when you spend the entire day at your grandma's house? Lots of eating and zero exercise. I literally rolled in and out of bed to take meals with my aunts and uncles then roll back into bed. Kinda gross but also kinda awesome.
  • not such a bad start to the week. My boss officially announced my new position at a meeting and it's starting to sink in how real this is. Now I'm really scared. But then, I got to have dinner with Macy, Marla, Koko and Stephie. So it all balances out.
  • I love my 7F bitches. It wasn't such a bad day and our pre-planned kaladkarin pushed through. I haven't hung out with Aimee, Lou and Chrissy since I moved floors and dinner at Madeca with Macy was just the trick. I'm really liking this plan ahead business Kikki-K suggested.
  • light-Ish and awesome was this day. Sure, my dinner with ABSi friends was postponed but at least I didn't feel too hassled by everything today. Instead, I got to hang with my favorite Steph's (Candy, TGP and SP at different points in the day) and I got to chat with birthday girl, Barb from miles away. Good times.
  • I took a leave from work as a belated birthday leave and i wasn't feeling the best ether. Plus i remember having no meetings today so it was the best day to ditch. And because I already cancelled on Kim, I
    pushed through with dinner with her.
  • light day was light and I was feeling weird about how light it was. The weather was crazy and all I wanted to do was stay in bed. With the crazy traffic on the road, I was lucky to get a ride from Sheng. We ended up talking about everything and nothing and I'm kind of sad we only got to know each other now. Thanks to her, i ditched Friday night traffic and I got to mg aunts despedida dinner in time. Little victories.
  • i was supposed to meet up with lee for dinner but the spontaneity of it all made it easy to cancel, too. Too bad because I said no to a movie with college friends thinking it would push through. Oh well. At least I got to have dinner an dessert with my parents and little sister.
  • i finally caught "A Good Day to Die Hard" with my dad and little sister in IMAX. And well, it was just as tiring as predicted. It's amazing how much Beice Willis can still accomplish. But then my little sister caught the stomach flu again. I feel bad for her.
  • It's hard to concentrate on anything when the Oscars are on TV and I'm at work, at a meeting with the bosses. Very very hard. How I managed to get home early enough to watch the replay was a miracle in itself. But then I realize we don't have the channel that airs it. LOVELY!
  • I don't handle Cosmo but Risa does and she had an event for client today so I went to Resorts world to support her. It was a pretty successful turnout so I'm so happy for her. I'm glad I was able to have dinner with Lou, too, before hand at Silantro.
  • I made a silly bet with Koko and I lost, obviously but it was fun to get coffee with the girls anyway. And my potential replacement had her interview and it turned out pretty good, I think. I'm hoping she'll take the offer of the company. I'm glad I was also able to catch Jack the Giant Slayer with the girls even if it wasn't so great.
  • I've never had a supplements shoot for client before so having it on the last day of February was making me both nervous and excited. And then it turned out okay, and so that's a good thing.

    Over-all,it was a pretty good birthday month for me. A lot got packed in the 28 days. Here's to hoping March is a good one, too.

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