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626 : for me, it was 922

I just woke up. So much for balancing my time well. That's what happens when you get home at 3 am because of a rocking concert the night before. Pamy took me, PB, and Pietro to the 626 concert at the UP Bahay ng Alumni and that was just crazy! I missed Kwajn and I didn't reach Sandwich but it didn't matter because I caught a bunch of crazy bands that were pretty cool to watch live.

Tasha, the coolest person on earth, got me and Pamy into the artists lounge and she got me onstage when Sponge Cola was playing. I even got to tell Yael Yuzon, "Great set." And like a stupid teenager, my heart flutterd. I don't even like him. But there was something about that night and his smile that made me feel great.

Jeannie even hosted it for a bit and it was cool seeing her do her thing. The concert got really great when Cambio started. Diego Mapa was really cute when he started singing Divisoria. He even jumped into the crazy crowd that kept pushing forward towards the stage.

Speaking of the crowd, it was a great thing I was on the second floor or behind the barricades because I wouldn't want to be in that crowd even if you paid me. It looked too dangerous. The bouncers looked so strong and they were jabongous too. They handled the crowd pretty well. When Sugarfree came onstage right after, things got even wilder. They were really good live. Mariposa and got everyone jumping. I had to take my earrings off because I thought they were going to fall off. Then Bamboo came onstage and if it was possible, the crowd got as wild as it could get. That was the peak of the concert, for me. Seeing the crowd's reaction to Bamboo was even more fun. It's so obvious how they're so in right now. It's nice to know that the local music scene is very much appreciated.

So, now here I am, without a voice again. So what's new?
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