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Anything Could Happen

I'm not the biggest fan of the beach. Or going out of town on normal weekends. Or really just stepping out of my bed when the day begins with a letter S. But the Candy girls invited me to a weekend at the beach and when they invite, you cannot say no. These girls are the sweetest (really) and being asked is always an honor so I sucked it up and braved the sand, the sun and the saltwater -- and the Saturday/Sunday away from my bed. Obviously. It was worth the trip.

So thanks to Blanche, Koko, Macy (glasswinged), Marla, Mimi, and Stephie for adopting me and my silliness for the weekend. Obviously, not a bad way to start my 2013. Stepping out of my comfort zone; doing things I don't normally do and just really opening myself up to new experiences.

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