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What's Up: January 2013!

The first month of 2013 proved to be pretty epic. So much has happened already and yet there's still so many months to go. Tiring? Check. Fun? That, too. Somehow, it's turning out to be not so monotonous as in years past. I don't know if this is going to be a precursor for the year to come, but it should be a good thing.

  • What a day. My wonderful tummy ache is not going away and I was relegated to eating close to nothing. Boo. Not the best way to start the year.
  • back to work and we have to pack our stuff up. We're moving down to the sixth and though I'm not so happy with it, it's bound to happen. Went home early and barfed twice at the mall. I want to get well already.
  • took a day off from work just because I had the worst tummy ache and really couldn't get up from bed. I know this isn't the best impression to make on the new bosses. But oh well.
  • I went back to work and had a nice welcome lunch out with the entire publishing team. Wow. They're plenty. I also got to leave a bit earlier so I could go bring my brother to the airport. Sad times. Vacation over.
  • woke up pretty early and was able to meet up with Lee-Ann and Sophie! Sophie and I had brunch and caught up after months and Lee and I were finally able to talk. I need to see them more often.
  • I stayed up really late trying to catch up on TV shows so I woke up pag lunch time and was barely alive for anything. I'm glad my family was able to avail of my Christmas gifts already. I'm definitely not looking forward to work.
  • I've finally moved to the 6F and though it'll take a lot of getting used to, it had to happen. I'm still going to try and get a hang of this new set-up. My biggest problem? I'm so far from the bathroom.
  • just when I was getting overwhelmed with all the changes, Risa finally returns from her 2-day planning with her team and I feel so much better. Then for more, I had dinner with Lou at this new Mexican place near our office. Soft tacos and burritos? Yes please.
  • because my EQ is low, I had dinner out with Macy at Yabu. We've been craving some katsu and j still had my GC so we ended up at Mega mall for dinner and that place is always full
  • getting to the office early usually makes me want to leave early but it wasn't the case today. Having to finish so many rushed things. I really hope Friday is lighter despite the deadlines and presentations.
  • wow. I never want to sty on the office that long. I'm glad I got it done though. Though the day was crazy, I'm glad I was able to have dinner with the Candy girls and some drinks with hazel after. So sociable, I am!
  • woke up extremely late as predicted but I was able to be productive, complete with a trim, some TV shows, a bit of reading and some popcorn and soda. Over-all, a pretty good Saturday.
  • I'm liking how I'm trying to make the most of my very short weekends now. The weather has been the lazy kind so I've been reading in bed and napping a lot. I also got to catch Zero Dark Thirty with dad and it intense. Good but intense.
  • meetings with the bosses aren't my ideal way to start the week but this will be my life now. It's a little daunting how the expectations for us are terribly high. Thank goodness I was able to decompress a bit. I hate how Mondays start like this now.
  • I woke up late so I ended up taking my little sister to school (she was late too) and drove to work. I'm lucky I wasn't late. I'm annoyed that the one thing I wanted to accomplish today, I couldn't do.
  • pub report days are always so very productive for me. I wish I had the energy to last the whole day but honesty, I feel so drained after. I'm glad we were able to catch up with the Style bible girls after.
  • I told my mom to pray no one would bother me at work today and she got it right. Finally. I was able to sort of work and accomplish some things. Best part? #kaladkarin again with Lou and Stephie after so long.
  • I got to work obscenely early thanks to a free ride from my dad. I'm happy because I was able to get all my work done without having ten thousand things adding to list. Plus I was able to have non-rushed, non-work meetings which is always a good thin.
  • sleeping for more than 10 hours is always the highlight of my Saturday. I spent the afternoon hanging out with Lee (doing absolutely nothing -- and it was awesome) before heading to Hannah's birthday dinner. Wow. We're turning 26.
  • we dragged ourselves out of bed for the 8am mass ad that's about the only productive thug we did the entire day. Paola and I ended up catching up on TV and napping and some Silver Linings Playbook. I really wish I had more weekends.
  • Mondays are never easy to begin with but this one was especially busy with meetings back to back and the to do list, not getting any shorter. I'm glad I was able to catch Les Miz on the big screen with the Candy girls and dinner and desserts to boot. Good luck. I hope I don't regret this the next few days.
  • I was at work obscenely early because I thought I had a presentation this morning only to find out a few minutes before that it's been cancelled. I get it's a possibility but I don't like how you say no to other things only to have things not fall through. On the flip side, I was able to leave work at a decent time.
  • I had zero meetings today and therefore was able to finish my to-do list at a decent hour. I hereby concur that meetings waste, err, take up a lot of time. I'm glad I was able to have a sudden dinner with Lou at Uncle moe's. the kebabs never get old.
  • we sat through a pretty long but quasi-insightful seminar that turned out to be different from what I expected. Still learning is always a good thing. And though I almost forgot about it, Gangster Squad with the candy girls was fun but stressful. So much violence.
  • I haven't had a sleep over in forever, so hanging out at Marla's place before heading to Blanche's house for my first sleepover of 2013 was pretty fun. I was so tired, the couch suited me just fine. Fun times, for sure.
  • I'm not the biggest fan of the beach but when the Candy girls invite, who am I to say no? We leave Manila for Casa San Miguel in Pundakit, Zambales before 10am and it was all laughs up ahead. From picking beds in the room, to trying not to tan beachside, to screaming and drinking at night, it was a long but funnnn day.
  • for some reason, staying up till 3am wasn't going to stop us from getting up at a decent hour today. After breakfast and check out, I went crazy at the Duty free mall and ate some more before heading back to Manila. Basically, I gained five pounds this weekend. So much fun, guys!
  • Monday morning mancom meetings are slowly going up my list of my favorite types of meetings. Not. It'll go away eventually, right? I'm just glad I was able to finish work early enough to join my parents for dinner at Resorts world before picking up my aunt. She's back!!! So happy.
  • Any day that is sandwiched by meetings is bound to be tiring so I'm glad I was still able to get things done. Talking things out with Maan, was also both good (enlightening) and bad (confusing) so I'm going to have to really seriously think about things.
  • I'm happy that i got redesign approvals today for two of my sites. Im not the most critical person but now I'm forcing myself to question things more. and though some things don't turn out how you imagined it, it isn't always a bad thing for it to be new and different.
  • I wasn't planning on attending the FHM 150 party, especially with the amount of work I had to do, but I ended up having dinner with Marla beforehand and then hanging out with Lou and the FHM guys at the party. It felt like a nice way to sort of end my tenure with helping out with the men's brands. It's been a fun year.

    How was everyone else's January? Busy? Exciting? Here's to a great February for everyone! It's my favorite month, after all.

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