Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Currently: Channeling my determined patience

Loving: The amazingly cold weather. I'm wearing pajamas and hoodies and socks to bed. I don't need to turn on the fan. The breeze has been strong and the sun not too bothersome. Basically, extended holiday weather except we have to work. I'll take it. I'm all for bed weather -- even if I wake up extra late,

Reading: I finished Naomi & Ely's No Kiss List which I absolutely adored and just want to re-read already (even if I can't technically relate to anyone in the book) and Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend which was sad but beautiful. I'm moving on to Shades of Earth and Boundless which are the final installments in YA trilogies I started, so I hope I don't get let down.

Watching: Suits is back in fine form and though I'm slowly getting more and more irritated with Mike, Harvey is always a joy to watch so he and Donna can continue to be the bright spots of this show. Though I don't want to admit it, I am pretty into The Carrie Diaries. Critics hate it for inconsistencies, but since I'll watch anything the CW has to offer, I'm going to stick this one out. Also, how lucky is Vanessa Hudgens dating Austin Butler? He's really cute on this show.

Anticipating: My birthday month. I've always loved my birthday and though I don't like how early it is in the year (nothing else to look forward to), I'm still pretty psyched about it over-all. Turning 26 doesn't feel like a big deal, but I'll be moving to the last phase of the 'mid-20s.' Here's to a fantastic February.

Listening to: For some strange reason, I totally blipped on the fact that Tyler Hilton released new music in 2012 and I was not aware. Thanks to sometimescrazy and her awesome encounter, I now have new music from Mr. Hilton. And of course, I've been hooked on Suit and Tie. Am I excited Mr. Timberlake IS FINALLY releasing an album after years in Oscar-baiting-hibernation? YES. THAT IS A YES.

Planning: My dad gave us gift cards for Christmas and I haven't bought anything with it yet. I think I need a trip to the mall to see what I could possibly consume with it. Will it be clothes? Or a bag? Or shoes? Or gadget accessories? Oh the choice. I think I need a shopping trip. Now if only I coul

Working on: Catching up on my 2012 Kikki-K journal's blank days. Let's be honest, I wasn't very religious with it last year, so I'm trying to fill in the blanks from last year and it's pretty entertaining seeing what the hell I was worrying about and obsessing about -- that I couldn't divulge here. I'm also working on being more consistent about my 2013 entries.

Wishing: All goes well with the new work arrangements. It's a few weeks in and though there are still kinks to it, I'm trying to be positive that it's all for the best and that we move forward. I hope I get to see things more glass-half-full rather than my default half-empty stance on things.

Also that I stop overthinking everything and just enjoy things. I've always been very cautious about everything and though it's, I think, a pretty good trait (being safe and sure), it does get in the way of other things. So I really wish I can relax and let go and not control everything (and so I tell myself 10 years before I was first told and it still hasn't happened). I can wish. #ESYF

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