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Happiness itself is a kind of gratitude

I've been following the Kikki-K's Collaborative Happiness Project and though it seems so simple, it's actually quite the opposite. Being happy is so hard. I don't want to sound like I'm depressed or disturbed, but I'm definitely bordering on the negative side, and no matter how hard I try to be positive and look for the silver linings, I see the dark clouds.

So here I am, trying my darndest to see the good in things and be happy, truly happy with what I've been dealt with. We're more than halfway through January and I thought I'd try to celebrate the little things more and try to be happy with what I have. Because even if I may not be happy 24/7, I sure am grateful for so many things.

So I'm going to write a thank you note. Awards season is in the air, and all these actors are giving thank you speeches. And since I don't think I'll be winning an award anytime soon, let's pretend we can craft a thank you speech sans the music calling me out when I've gone too long.

Thank you January weather for being so awesome that it takes forever to wake up. Thanks to mom who still tries waking me up and dad who gives me rides to and from work when our schedules don't clash. Thanks to the siblings who I barely see but are always so fun to watch and be ignored (lovingly by). Thanks to the SG delegation of siblings who make me want to just bug them on What's App the whole day for making me miss them.

Thanks to the great food I have when I actually end up having dinner at home and the yummy packed lunches I bring cause I'm totally trying to save. Thanks to the random dinners out and drinks in and gossip and stories and unwinding that gets me through the week.

Thank you to the Candy girls for the wonderful sporadic moments of loveliness in their super awesome row. Thank you for the awesome welcome to the sixth floor. Thank you for being so accessible all the time to rave or rant and fangirl with and have coffee with and pig out with and be #totessobes with.

Thanks to the Style Bible girls who never fail to get me out of my comfort zone and socialize when I'd rather just be watching TV at home. Thank goodness we're only two or three rows away so I can still hear your conversations even if I can't always participate in chika hour.

Thank you Lou, who's still holding the fort at the 7F. Getting water and dropping by your desk will always be highlights of my day. Thanks Aimee (and Carlo) who will always and forever be the bluntest, most honestly refreshing couple ever. Thanks Jin (and Zac Efron who keeps her company) in our old row. Thanks Stephie for being so positive and cheerful and so damn in love (it suits you so well). This will always be the best row ever and it will be wonderful to drop by.

Thank you Barb for always being an iMessage away and listening to all my schizophrenic, confused ranting. Thanks for being my number one consintedora. Thanks Macy/glasswinged for being so constant on and offline and for being the best secret keeper ever. I literally owe you.

Thanks beeeeej for being a daily email away from. Alarms are the best. Thank you flist for still being around despite the diaspora from LJ. Let's keep hanging on. Thank you, jo_herself and catteo for the wonderful holiday cards.

Thanks to my new row-mates and new team mates and new everything. It'll take a while to learn things again and get a hang of things, but thanks for the lovely welcome of four pitches in a row in a span of two days. Thank you for my job that I love to gripe about. I wouldn't last this long (a whopping 2 years compared to officemates who've been here literally FOREVER) if I wasn't somehow enjoying it.

And thanks, for the glimmer of hope that I could begin again. I shall try not to over-think things, over-read everything or pull 'last two minute' plays in the second quarter.

And cue exit music. It does feel good to have it out there. There is a lot to be thankful for. What are you guys trying to be happy about this month?

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