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(Better Be) Lucky (20)13

They say the number 13 is unlucky, but I refuse to believe this. Thanks to jamypye and her love for the number, I've actually grown to like this number and think it -- quite the opposite -- lucky. So as we all embark on this 13th year of the new millenium, I thought I'd set some goals for myself.

The past couple of years, I found myself setting the same resolutions which I'm glad to say were all partially achieved or not, so I thought I'd mix it up this year. I saw this Resolution Generator (two years ago) and thought I'd choose 13 random goals for the year. Fight.

  • Imagine
    This was the first one that I got and though at first I didn't think I needed to imagine anything more, I realized I'm actually pretty stumped for creativity right now and a lot of what I do or think is restricted by me doubting the feasibility and possibility of it all. But then I realized, if eight years ago, I didn't think I'd make it to London in 2012, it probably wouldn't have happened. So here's to imagining up more crazy things.

  • Listen
    Contrary to popular belief, I do like listening to others. I'll try to be better at it this year. And I'll try to listen more to people I'm not too fond off. I tend to close off when I'm not talking to my favorite people, but that's just mean, so I should be nicer and listen to everyone regardless of what I think of them.

  • Lighten Up
    My friend, Lou tells me that I overthink everything and am too uptight and just generally too stiff. Though I tried loosening up last year with #landian2012, something tells me I can lighten up a little more about everything. As much as taking things seriously is a hobby, I know there are some things I can just chillax with.

  • Moisturize
    I was pretty bad with this this year and though we do live in a tropical country, my skin is terrible these days thanks to a whole gamut of reasons but it's no excuse to not take care of it. So yes, let's go dig up the bottles and jars gathering dust (I exaggerate) on the counter. I'm already aging, I might as well help myself.

  • Jump rope
    So not really jump rope. I was thinking this was more suggesting a physical activity and since I failed at that in 2012, I'm really going to try to be better at this this year. I was thinking of doing yoga. Seriously and I already have the mat anyway, so I might as well just do it. I'll start with once a week because realistically, even this will be hard. But I'll try. I really will.

  • Start a piggie bank
    More like resuscitate the bank. Yes I was successful in traveling last year but it really drained the account. So as much as I'd like to do more of it, I think this year calls for rehabilitation of funds. Eating out? Sure, but not too often. Gadgets? We'll have to see. Cab money? NO NO NO. More than anything, this probably drained me most. Let's suck it with the MRT again.

  • Drink more water
    I wasn't as religious about it this year. And that addiction to Mountain Dew didn't help. I don't want to let go of my soda all together (I might go nuts), but I'll try to cut down more and drink more water. Now that I think of it, this is probably the hardest task.

  • Stand tall
    I have a terrible posture and find that my back always hurts and my stomach is totally pouched out because of the terrible core I own. So perhaps some of the yoga will help but I'll need to consciously think I have a rod up my ass (which won't help the lighten up bit) just so I can have less aches and pains. This one sounds impossible.

  • Wake up Earlier
    The four alarms I set don't really wake me up, but maybe I'll need to sleep earlier to wake up earlier, so this sounds like a lifestyle change, which will be difficult but we can try. I like getting to work early anyway so I shall try not to snooze too much.

  • Stay in touch
    I had a really good weekend, meeting up with high school and college friends and I was just telling them that I can't stand only seeing them on their birthday (if ever) and on Christmas (or after it). So I'm going to try and up the socialization quota for the year to more than twice. I was thinking every quarter. If I need to calendar this shiz, then I better.

  • Start or actually update my blog
    I miss LJ. And though I wasn't totally absent last year, I miss catching up with the flist. I'm not going to pressure myself too much on this, but I like this scheduled spontaneity that I established in the last quarter of the year. No pressure entries and just really rambling about life again. Let's do this.

  • Tell him that I love him
    No, there isn't anyone to tell this to, but I'll take this as, "don't put your walls way too up." What's the worst that could happen? Rejection? We can deal with that. So here's to taking more chances even if it all blows up in your face anyway. Regrets are for suckers.

  • Be positive
    Which brings me to being more positive. I'm a terribly negative person (despite the sunshine and roses this LJ emits) so i'm really going to try my hardest to look at the positive things and be more +++ about everything. Let's hope 2013 proves to be a positive in the grand scheme of things.


    And though I'm totally late to this, if you have time, could you fill it out? It closes on the 8th and it's on Dreamwidth (the girl hosting on LJ moved it) so it would be nice if I saw you. And link me to yours if ever!

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