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What's Up: December 2012

And we're done with 2012. My year-ender should come up pretty soon, if I ever finish it, but this December has been pretty crazy. Other than the fact that I was late to all my Christmas presents and totally couldn't get myself to work, it was a pretty fantastic month of hanging out with family and seeing friends.

It's always a pretty busy month so I should have seen this one coming. Still, with the backlog of everything, I'm glad I made it through some things. Work will always be work, but December is the time I care the least.

  • I found out my dad's uncle died and it was all so fast. Sure he was 80, but he was always so jolly. Despite this, I was still able to meet up with college friends. Wow. They have kids.
  • it's my aunts one year death anniversary and though I still miss her, I'm happy she's in a better place. Also, when I get older, I need to remind myself to not be so sensitive.
  • what is up with December commuting. I literally leave the same time as everyday and because its December the mass of humanity doubles. In other news, happy birthday to my little sister.
  • Tuesdate with Macy! Yabu is alwas a good choice. It feels good to be productive and to get out of the office early.
  • Early out with Risa. These are definitely the highlights of a work week. We'll regret this later on in the week, but for now, it's all good.
  • I attended my friend, Marla's reading session and though it was my first time to one of those things, it was pretty fun.
  • I also had to attend my first Mancom meeting and still wonder why we're attending these? I totally feel out of place and clueless.
  • I woke up late, as always and totally missed the mass I was supposed to attend. Mom was pretty cool about it, but I wish I had woken up.
  • Shang with the parents and Paola and I forgot my wallet. Then I had to drop by the office. What a lovely Sunday afternoon. I fell asleep quite early and woke up on a Monday. Great.
  • Early out bitches. I shouldn't. But dad can pick me up. You say yes when you're offered. A free ride home is always welcome in my book.
  • My brother, PB's home! I wish I didn't have to work anymore since he's on vacation. But, I do. So I'll have to make do with whatever time I have.
  • I don't think I've gotten there earlier so 530 am in the office is an all-time record. Also, I'll blame this for my moment of weakness.
  • It was the department Kris-Kringle revelation and the office Christmas party. Though I claimed to be 'totes sobes,' I think glasswinged can claim otherwise.
  • The presentations this December were plentiful and repetitive but so is the season. I'm glad I was able to decompress and grab a drink.
  • I took our two house help to watch their favorite noon time show, Eat Bulaga live. It felt gift them with something fun. Also fun, working on a Saturday. Wow.
  • We got to see The Hobbit late on a Sunday and the airconditioning in the cinema was terrible. The movie, wasn't too bad. I can't believe there are 3 more though.
  • I don't know how I made it but I did to our Monday 8am meeting. I'm glad I was able to have lunch with jamypye though at Sonsi. She's finally tried the longganisa.
  • Sometimes, though I don't want to start anything, I end up getting myself into trouble I didn't have to be involved in. Learn your lessons, girl.
  • I still get surprised at how people can be so hurtful. I shouldn't be surprised, but I guess I've always been blind.
  • I attended my first Men's Titles Christmas party and I'm happy that I had Lou to hang out with. It's funny though, you really can't get what you want. Show-ups and No-shows and Show-mans all.
  • Sometimes, I still get surprised. I wasn't expecting anything but it was pretty well played. It doesn't change anything (or I hope it doesn't), but that was well-thought out.
  • This is no joke. I literally slept all day and woke up in time for dinner. I hate wasting the day away but it's just so much fun.
  • I don't know why I haven't watched this show sooner, but season 4 of Parks and Rec is pretty damn brilliant and I can't wait to get all caught up on season 5.
  • I get that with age comes a lot of sensitivity, but I really hope and pray that I don't get this sensitive when I grow up. It's just not right.
  • Christmas was spent doing lazy things and having awesome dinners. Here's to more prawns and family dinners this holiday.
  • Back to office. I can't believe I'm at work the day after. Still, I'm at least able to leave early and get some Christmas shopping done. So not all in vain after all.
  • The best part about working after the holidays is it's really pretty chill in the office. Risa and I were able to catch lunch out, too. Got to see Mark and Barb for dinner, on top of it all. Good day is good.
  • I took a half day so I could attend a family friend's wedding all the way in Alabang and though I'm not close to them, it was pretty awesome and sweet. I was able to catch the Style Bible holiday get together, too. Fun times.
  • Had the barkada Christmas dinner at Hannah's place and it was nice to meet her boyfriend and have him cook for us. We were quite spoiled.
  • Ended up going out at the last minute. We met up with my dad at Shangri-la and though I didn't get any shopping done, it's good to see what's out there.
  • It's the last day of the year and we spend it watching movies. We'd literally catch whatever was on. But the highlight would have to be watching Magic Mike. Finally.

    And now, I try to scramble together a last minute year-ender. Just like cleaning my room up and Christmas shopping was a last minute thing, too. Here's to better planning next year.

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