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You Are My Favorite, Too

The lovely Macy tagged me in one of those meme-esque things called The Liebster Blog Awards (which really reminds me of Friday Five). And of course, I'm late to answering it, but really, better late than never, right?

01 What was the best thing about today?
Getting a really really early start to work. I'll be stuck in presentations the whole day, so it feels good to be quasi-productive before the sun rises.

02 What's your ultimate favorite food to pig out on?
Instant Pancit Canton! It's easy and cheap and I consume it so quickly that I always end up cooking another batch of it.

03 Name a song that you will never ever get tired of.
There's a reason John Mayer is my number one artist on His first album still holds a special place in my heart and Back To You will always be a favorite. Other than somehow relating to the meaning, it just reminds me of more carefree times.

04 What's the best book you've read this month?
As embarrassing as it is, I'm reading a lot of romances right now and Nora Roberts is proving to be both prolific and really good at what she does despite the formulaic nature of it all. I read her Inn Boonsboro trilogy and I definitely loved the finale, The Perfect Hope. Though I like me a good boy, there's always something a bad, rugged man that makes romances all the more unrealistically awesome.

05 What are the first three websites you visit once you open your browser?
I'll pretend I'm not working and say, Gmail, Facebook and JustJared. I'm sorry, LJ -- you're in the top 5 though.

06 Tell me about your current favorite TV show.
I watched this really awesome BBC drama called The Paradise and it had only 8 episodes but it was fantastic in the costumes (I love period dramas!) and it had everything -- romance, comedy, mystery and some murderrrrr! I can't wait till season 2 (NEXT FREAKING YEAR!). I love the BBC in general.

07 What's one thing you'll never travel without?
A camera -- whether it's in my phone or a separate one, I'm all for documentation (thus the blog). I sometimes forget to enjoy the present cause I'm trying to distill it for future purposes.

08 Who's your style inspiration?
Realistically, I like how Kendi Everyday dresses, and it seems like an attainable thing. But if I were to just look up to someone, I love love love Kate Lanphear. I could never pull of half of what she does, but I love her monochromatic looks and use of texture. WUT.

09 Top 3 items in your closet?
My orange striped dress, gold flats and my chunky cableknit sweater. Game!

10 What's your all-time favorite movie?
It's hard to pin down, but I'll stick to Notting Hill. Yes, I'm a sucker for a rom-com, set in London, with some Hollywood in it and a really pretty Julia Roberts and charming Hugh Grant. And hello, happy ending!

11 What's one place you think people should visit at least once in their life?
I did a side trip to Paris this August and though it wasn't the main destination, I definitely want to go back. It can be seedy and and dirty, but when it's beautiful, it's really really stunning. I was blown away and kept pinching myself, 'am I really here?!' Whether alone or with someone, it's a cliche to say it's a must-see.

And now my 11 questions for my 11 friends!
  • Best thing that happened to you in 2012
  • What's your guiltiest music pleasure?
  • Who will be your forever crush?
  • Do you see kids in your future?
  • If you could only wear one color forever, what would it be?
  • Go-to Friday night activity
  • What's your i-feel-like-shit anthem?
  • If money were no object, what would you gift yourself this Christmas?
  • Which couple are you shipping right now (real or reel)?
  • Why are you still on LJ?
  • What would you name Kate Middleton's firstborn kid?

    It's totally not a requirement but it would be fun to see you guys answer this. I tag: hauntes, mousewings, mellowdee, sometimescrazy, catteo, searchtheskies, maybe, jessieka, beeeeej, lusimeles, jamypye (so you'll have an entry in 2012)

    And just because I'm in the meme-spirit, might as well!

    holiday love meme 2012
    my thread here

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