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What's Up: November 2012

Who knew November would be so awesome? I surely didn't. But looking back, we started and ended the month with holidays so you know it's bound to be a good thing. It was also a ridiculously slow yet busy month. The days went by so slowly but the hours so quickly. It doesn't make sense, I know.

Still, we started the month with my almost annual visit to the land of Singafun to visit the siblings and I'll talk about that some other time.

  • SG Day 2 and I'm already exhausted from Ikea and Mozza. Swanky we are when we're with jamypye
  • SG day 3. Beer De-Virginization thanks to Marla and Brotzeit. The sausages win. The spicy ones? Not so.
  • SG day 4. Pamy's got a weekend. And we're already tired ourselves out. She took us around Tiong Bahru. So pretty.
  • SG day 5. Hi, Ashna! It's great to finally meet my brother's girlfriend. She's very pretty and definitely overwhelmed by us. Sorry!
  • I can't believe I'm at work today. But with two meetings with the big boss, one can't exactly skip the day. I shouldn't schedule flights that arrive 3 hours before work.
  • Oh hey, US elections. Go Obama! I obviously can't vote, but it's always so fun to track someone else's elections.
  • We found out that our top AE is leaving us. I'm going to miss Hazel. I'm sure the newbies will be fine. But I miss her already.
  • I attended glasswinged's birthday salubong at Pipino and thanks to my beer devirginization, the peach beer was amazing. It didn't even taste like it.
  • This is also known as the day that refused to end. I was in meetings the whole day. And 45 minutes for an MRT? No thanks. I hate commuting on a Friday night.
  • It was the one year anniversary of my great aunt's death. It's been so fast. The only plus side is we got to see my cute second cousins.
  • My favorite part about the weekends? Catching up on all the TV I missed. This is slowly becoming my new weekend habit.
  • So much work but I promised officemate's I'd drop by their anniversary celebration so after work I ended up at Republiq for the Top Gear party. First time in the place. Definitely not my scene.
  • OMG I got home at 2am! There are so many presentations up ahead, I literally have no time to finish presentations. I promise to get home earlier.
  • OMG I got home at 1am! I love how I got home one hour earlier. I'm also very thankful that everything else got cancelled.
  • Finally, a night to relax. I ended up at Poco Deli, the best place ever with Marla, Stephie and Lou. Always fun to destress with them.
  • The sleepless nights are finally catching up. I woke up so late that I ended up going straight to a meeting from my house. The evening though, I spent with dear Macy watching Breaking Dawn. Thank goodness, it's over/
  • For more, I tried starting my catchup earlier and I think I work better when I start on a Saturday.
  • I got to spend my Sunday with Mama Lily. Chilling in her house is hot but always fun. And finally, I got to watch The Dark Knight Rises. Brilliance.
  • For some reason, I haven't been feeling well (late nights?) so I took a sick day off. Again. I'm a little worried at how many times I've been absent this quarter.
  • For all the griping I do about work, there are still days when I love an awesome client. I'm going to miss handling the mens brands cause the people I work with end up so chill. Petroleum for the win.
  • I'm sill not used to conducting interviews. I never know if I'm feeling the person right. But I've been tasked to do some, so i ended up getting tips from LifeHacker. Let's hope I'm getting this right.
  • The MRT broke down and it smelled like smoke and the driver was not reassuring at all. I always get scared when it does this but when the driver is so nonchalant about it, I get even more terrified.
  • We had another birthday salubong and this time for my future quasi-boss, Koko. The Candy girls are always a safe bet to spend your Friday night with.
  • Because of Thanksgiving, there wasn't much to catch up on. Still, some milk tea and munchies while re-watching Hart of Dixie and Emily Owens never hurt.
  • My parents dragged us out to Wilcon and then Eastwood for two hours of my life. I'm such a grandma. I actually wished I stayed home.
  • You know what I hate? The bank. I can't believe my account got closed. I have to be more diligent about this. How could I not have noticed this?
  • I love Yabu and attending the opening thanks to Hazel (and seeing the SB girls) was the best way to pick me up from my laziness.
  • Happy birthday, Pietro! My second brother turned 22 and I'm glad I was able to get off work early enough to meet them (and more) for dinner. I've also never felt more single in my life.
  • I'm so happy for the holiday but also so very sad we have to say bye bye hazel hung. We'll miss you so.
  • Holiday! Celebrate! I love waking up late and chilling at home. Sure, I got my allergies but nothing can ruin a holiday. NOTHING.

    And so we're down to the last month of the year. Wow that was fast. Before you know it, I'll be cramming my year ender and my holiday shopping (which I have yet to do). I just want to get to the non-Christmas break and skip the next two weeks of work, please?

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