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What's Up: October 2012

So it's been another wonderfully busy October. Somehow, despite things being jampacked this month, I still felt like September was crazier? I don't know, I can't remember the feelings anymore, but I remember the activities and there were a lot.

Still, this month also brought the nuts with it. Perhaps because there were fun things about it, I forgot all the horrible horrible nights and work-related loveliness. Or maybe I have a short term memory. No scratch that, I do.

  • Starting the month with a death. One of our older dogs, Blackie finally died. He'd been suffering a lot but still sad.
  • We had to live stream the Esquire Ball and it was pretty short notice so I'm surprised we managed to pull it off. Thank goodness for awesome folks like Jin and Nicca who make it look so easy.
  • Took a day off from work to try and manage to finish strat plan presentations. I find I work better at home despite the distractions. Don't we wish we could all just work from home?
  • How opportune that on my 2nd year anniversary at work, I'm presenting to a whole new team for strat plan. Time flies EXTRA FAST at work these days, but on my anniversary, I've never felt it more.
  • Day afters big events are always meant to be a little more laidback. I'm glad I got to chill with Risa and Nikki for lunch at Yabu (my second time this week).
  • jamypye is in town, so I dragged myself despite the laziness for a non-shopping day with Pamy, Paola and Mom at Mega Mall. Also my third day in a row at Yabu. This can't be good.
  • It's Iza's birthday so I met my barkada after forever and had lunch at Lorenzo's way with Iz, Lee and Hannah. These girls always know how to make me de-stress and just laugh laugh and laugh some more.
  • And the week of living dangerously commences with the absence of all authority on our floor. I started it with a press-con with James Morrison thanks to glasswinged. Starstruck, I am.
  • Best part about my dad working in a hospital further than my office? getting to ride home with him and going home early at the same time. I win both ways.
  • I haven't had one in a while so Candy kaladkarin with Macy, Mimi and Marla was so very welcome. Pitch Perfect really was perfection.
  • We finally had lunch with Pamda whom we miss terribly. It's crazy how at the start of the year, she was still our officemate. How fast things change.
  • Friday night, one of our sites (one that I handle) gets quasi-hacked. Seriously. I was supposed to go home early. I guess we had to end the week on a lovely note. Why do you do this???
  • Spent my Saturday evening at my little sister's prgmates' grad show and it amazes me how they can produce these things. She's a Clothing Technology student and I literally felt I was in Project Runway then.
  • I'm not supposed to start new shows, but my brother Pio really got me hooked on Homeland. That marathon is love. Damian Lewis is also hot, yes?
  • Back to work Monday but it was okay because Risa convinced me to early-ish out with her. She really is a wonderful influence. At least I got to Downton with my mom.
  • To make up for early out, I had to laaaate out today, if I wanted to give our artists enough time to work on things for Sales Con. Worst part? I didn't even finish my work. Two out of five. Boo.
  • Still, I managed to finish 5/5 today so at least they have a week or so before the actual presentation. Meanwhile, I'm nowhere near done with the actual things I need to present on that day. Ugh.
  • I'm taking more and more of these sick days and it worries me. I never get sick. But lately, I just feel sick. All the freaking time. I don't like it one bit. But I couldn't hear myself anymore. I'm not feeling so good.
  • But of course, I had to get well pronto because I had tickets to watch the Jonas Brothers in concert. And though I'm not a big fan, the Candy girls are infectious and I just had a grand old time. Fever what?
  • I hadn't seen Jo-Anne in forever so having lunch with her and Lee and Dane (Jo's boyfriend) was such a welcome treat. I hope we don't wait for another birthday of hers before we meet up. It's been waaaaay too long.
  • Sundays. We need more of this. Obviously.
  • I had a mini crisis in the office but that's because we have yet to find a venue for our sales con and it's happening in two days. Oh the power that money can bring. I'm just glad it all got sorted out, but the panic attack is not worth it.
  • I missed dinner with Abbey and Chris before they embark on their Euro trip and I didn't catch a wink of sleep. How am I going to get through tomorrow?
  • Zero work done at work, or at least work that I wanted to finish there. So much for 'planning my day.' Fell asleep too. Good luck to me and sales con tomorrow.
  • Thank goodness for that 3am wake-up call because I wasn't done with 2 presentations for Sales con. I'm just glad Risa and I survived it somehow. What a crazy day.
  • holiday! Celebrate! I'm just really glad we got the day off right after sales con. So perfect.
  • catching up on all my TV shows in my parents room, on their bed on a lazy Saturday afternoon is the perfect weekend activity.
  • I took a nap right after mass so when I woke up I didn't expect I'd be rushing to my grandma's house to bring medical supplies. I hope she's not in such bad condition.
  • exhaustion means falling asleep on Downton Abbey and Revenge after going home early to watch them. So funny.
  • hectic morning was pretty productive so it all cancels out. But that wonderful Japanese lunch with our President and dinner with dad made up for the crazies in between. No one is on vacation mode but me, it seems.
  • We started and ended the month with death. The dog jamypye named, also died. RIP Peony, Blackie and Cutie.

    And we're down to two months left in a year. It's crazy how quickly this year passed. I'm really happy I survived this month and hope we won't have back to back hectic months next year. I just want to chill. How were your Octobers?

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