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Not So Young Anymore

I've never quite felt my age and working with a brand like, Candy makes me feel even younger than usual. Last Friday though, I attended the Jonas Brothers concert (don't judge) and though I enjoyed it thoroughly, I actually sort of felt un-young (I refuse to say old).

While the girls were singing along and generally really enjoying themselves, I end up having to fix something for work that really couldn't wait. And then I realized wow, I can no longer be carefree. I can no longer just attend a concert on a Friday night and not worry that work-related things are getting effed up.

Also making me feel old? Kids bringin iPads instead of posters to the concert. From the big screens, I saw girls holding up signs for the Jo Bros and I thought, oh wow, so cute! She brought a white board so she could change the notes every time they switched songs. Then I realized, it's not a white board, grandma. It's an iPad!

Thankfully, things got fixed (ish) and I was able to just relax for a bit. Just in time, the boys covered We Are Young by fun. and I tried to feel young again. Not quite carefree, but young enough.

Two of my friends also celebrated their birthdays on Friday. Jin, my office mate/ex-schoolmate and Jo-Anne, my forever classmate and friend. Jin is the quietest girl ever but she's always so fun to tease and have fun with. And though we couldn't really do much on Friday, it was nice to just have a longer lunch and some cake (even if we really wanted Dairy Queen and it was closed).

Yesterday, I saw Jo-Anne after years and years of not seeing each other. I also met her boyfriend of four years, Dane and it was just so nice to catch-up. It felt like forever (and probably was) since we saw each other. I'm kind of resolving to see more of my high school friends more often.

We ended up talking about the most inane things (TV shows and friends and whatnot) and we also ended up reminiscing about high school a bit. And the silly and some serious things we went through. It feels like a really long time ago.

I'm really going to have to make an effort to see her more often. And though reminiscing made me feel un-young, it was nice.

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