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What to say after you say hello

Yvina and I are now in the grade school computer center. A temporary computer partner for me as Haddie is doing something important on a solo computer. We're supposed to be researching for the computer homework which no one absolutely understands, but I guess that's why we're not really doing it now.

We were in the library a while ago and we stumbled upon a book by Ernie Bearnes MD or something like that, and it was entitled, What to say after you say hello. We didn't get to read the entire book, but the introduction was more than enough for all of us. It was really funny because there was all this significance to this simple question.

Like how the Fijans have the best smile in the world because it starts of slowly and brightens up the entire room. And how the answer to this question really even connects to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Yes, the Four Horsemen. It was really absurd how he was able to connect a simple question to all of this.

Now, Txyla is snooping on Yvina and I. I think she just wants to be mentioned. So there you go. Raia too wants to get greeted. I think I shall GREET Raia too. But nothing beats an on-the-radio request, right?

So much for snooping. Stick to your own terminal next time, guys! You know I ♥♥♥♥♥ you guys too much.

Moving on, since they don't seem to be getting off my back, Txyla was mentioning that debut season was already starting. Raia's is uber near already and I'm wondering if I'm on that guest list? Hmmm.... hint hint.

Nah, I'm not that thick. The first debut I'm going to is Maica's and I think that it's really sweet of her to invite me since we were really close friends back in gradeschool. Debuts are fun fun fun! Not that I want one, because just thinking about planning one is giving me headaches. Still, Txyla said hers would be on a beach, so if that isn't motivation to get thin and have a fab beach bod, I don't know what is.

Which got me thinking. If I do get to study abroad, US schooling starts in September. Iza's birthday is in October. And she's probably having a monstrously humongous debut next year complete with a cotillion and roses and treasures and if I'm in the States, which I totally doubt as it costs a fortune, I won't be there to celebrate with her. And I really want to.

I know that it's a petty excuse, but then I don't want to miss that party. Shucks... The thing is, why the crap am I even thinking about it when I haven't even taken the stupid SATs.

Well, Txyla's already bugging me to post this as she can't wait to read what she's already probably read. God, how can I not do this for my favorite team officer?
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