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Two Times Two

This week has been pretty trying (more so than ever) at work with all the presentations we needed to do for 2013 and though it isn't something we haven't done before. It's something we're now doing with the new bosses we'll be reporting to and without our old boss whom we rely on a little too much.

My team mate Risa and I had to split three additional brands between the two of us which brought our presentation tally to 5 and 4. Normally, it shouldn't be too bad, but I really want to do well in these presentations, but because there's just too much, you know things will fall through the cracks. And they did.

I took Wednesday off to work on the presentations last minute edits (that weren't so minor at all) that it took me 15 hours roughly to get everything done. I'm glad I was home otherwise, god knows what time I'd have made it home. On a side note, Taylor Swift and One Direction apparently can make me pretty productive.

On the day itself, I was feeling pretty under the weather but somehow we managed to make it through the day without dying. Sure, I shed some tears of frustration in between (I heart you, glasswinged for being there) but generally came out unscathed.

And though I wish I could say it turned out splendidly, that wasn't the case. I was literally just going through the motions of it and at times, my mind wandered off to my bed at home, wondering how long it would be till I got to rest on it.

So by the end of the day, instead of going home right away, I end up having dinner with the sweetest set of girls ever. The Candy team invited me to have dinner with them at Yabu (only one of my favorite Japanese restaurants) and I made it just in time.

It's still beyond me how I've been lucky enough to be surrounded by pretty awesome folks at work. Things can get pretty toxic but I know if I drop by Macy's row or just chill with Lou and Aimee, that things will be okay. These bits of heaven make up for the mountains of work we need to plow through.

I also realized during dinner that it was my two year anniversary at work. And for others, two years might seem really short but to me, it feels like forever. I lasted but one year in my first job and now, on my second year, despite all the downs, I really think I can stick it out some more.

In the end (despite the anxiety and nervousness and all my whining), I'm really just thankful for the challenges this job has offered in my first two years and the wonderful friends I'm meeting along the way. Here's to two more years ahead.

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