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What's Up: September 2012

Inspired by the lovely Miss mellowdee, (I'm trying to pressure myself less with LJ-ing by not keeping a schedule but also still trying to document-Ish my life) I've ripped off her look back on the month that was and trying my hand on the month of September.

It was a pretty hectic month, not only because of brand events but because there really is so much to do (for the current year and planning for the next). I know this too shall pass but the Green Day song always makes sense. Wake me up when September ends indeed.

  • start the month right by seeing my high school barkada for an early dinner (and drinks). I'm always thankful we keep in touch.
  • Karaoke with the cousins and newsroom marathon. Way too much going on for a weekend
  • sick day. I'm having more of it. And I'm not liking it. But my cramps were terrible.
  • back to work and were greeted by problems. I know I should be looking forward to work and all, but it gets hard at times.
  • I hope I don't get into trouble or get blamed for not knowing shit. Also, it was really good to randomly meet up with Chrsiter, Con and Chesa. Worth two cabs.
  • Strat planning with Our president and print people and it's good to see everyone at least on somewhat the same page.
  • day 2 of the GM diet and it's hard to eat Veggies especially when they're not cooked. I just want normal food please.
  • worst diet day. I thought today would be easy but it's the weekend and there are too many temptations. Ugh.
  • Shang with the parents. So hard to go out when you can't eat. Luckily there's a lot of soup available.
  • the bank sucks. If only I could do intra-bank transfers, I would. How can there be two tellers for all of us?!
  • Candy girls despedinner or Bianca made me sad but also fun. It's nice that she gets to study again, but I'm going to miss working with her.
  • Bye Nikki! I can't believe she's leaving already. I'm happy for her but also so sad. I'm the only older girl cousin left in Manila.
  • Totally impromptu dinner with Kim! It's always nice to have spontaneous dinners out.
  • Finally. What a week it was. I really hope next week is better. I woke up late and ended up cabbing. I'm trying not to but this was an exception
  • Woke up early for a weekend. Lazy rainy day but I got to read and watch Tron Legacy. And eat normally. Until tomorrow!
  • Day one again of the hoax that is the GM diet. Lovely. I'm cranky already. I feel like I will cheat through this one.
  • why is the Mrt do effing congested?! I was there at 630 and the lines were already snaking. Also, what a crazy week ahead. It's a good thing I was able to catch Ruby Sparks with Macy and Marla. #kaladkarin
  • Ive been so consumed with work, i wasn't able to get excited for the bachelor bash. My head hurts but my eyes are full.
  • for more events this week, PEFTA trended. Im so happy. Seriously. Seeing how the Preview & Style bible team works makes me miss them.
  • i had to host a school event for Candy and though I'm sure we could have done better, it wasn't so bad. I hope I don't have to do it again though.
  • I'm so going to miss my current team. For all the bullshit we experience, it's always comforting to know the bosses have our back. Sigh.
  • Its finally Candy Fair. Loved it. But so tiring. I wish I had gone to something like this when I was an actual teen. The Candy team is always love.
  • Finally fit into my prom dress for Abbey and Chris's wedding! It was so Beautiful (and Chinese!) i Loved it.
  • Back to work monday and i spent most of it at Sales con day 1 for print. Plans look good but also very daunting.
  • So many meetings, so little time. I'm glad I got to go to everything. Ended the day with the candy girls. perks of being a wallflower is intense. I need to read it.
  • More presentations (in the morning and afternoon) for me. I wonder when I'll find time to actually do office work.
  • I left the office extremely late thinking I'd do a half day tomorrow. My head hurts from all the numbers. I just want Strat plan to end.
  • false alarm. Totally misinterpreted an email that had me all anxious. At least I got to leave work a little earlier than usual.
  • you know you're sick when you turn down tickets to Zac Efron's fan-con. Oh well, my day shall come.
  • Bon chon for the third time this week. Apparently, you can get overwhelmed with the chicken.

    And so another month is over. The first of the ber months at that. The last quarter of the year is upon us. Here's to hoping the holidays bring cheer and not stress!

    What were your Septembers like?

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