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Everybody's changing and I still feel the same

I'm seated in the middle of my cousin, Nikki's room as she scampers around their apartment unit, doing last minute preparations before she leaves. Later today, she will board a plane and travel to London, where she will be taking further studies. When she leaves, I will be the only girl left (of the upper batch) of cousins.

Nikki and I are only two years apart and we grew up together for the most part. Summers were spent playing together, fighting each other and pretending not to copy the other.

We'd let our imaginations run wild and spend countless summer afternoons having a blast in our grandma's house. I can't quite detail what we did anymore but we always had fun.

As we got older, we found new things to bring us together. I started fangirling with her. She enabled my love for JC Chasez of *NSync as I empowered her devotion to Lance Bass.

And it didn't matter what we were fangirling over, we did it with fervor and we did it together.

Though we outgrew most addictions (boy bands, Twilight and god knows what else, I know I can always count on her to make sure my fangirling was supported.

Even if further studies really only equals one year, that foot out the door opens her to so many more possibilities -- staying abroad Ti work, to marry, to travel -- while I remain back here.

As much as i'll miss her, I'm also very aware of the fact that I'm technically the last of the girls standing (in Manila). For someone deemed so independent, I'm still living at home with my parents and am okay with it.

Perhaps Nikki leaving is just making me a little more aware that I am getting older and there's still so much I wanna do. Travel, work and live abroad is but one thing on my list and I'm happy that Nikki gets to cross it off hers.

I'm not sure when it'll be my turn, but I'm sure going to miss her when she leaves. See you soon, Nikki. You're going to rock London so hard.

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