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Feed Me!!!

It's been quite some time since I've subjected myself to a formal diet but it was time. With a friend's wedding coming up, I do need to fit into a gown I haven't worn size high school.

And it's not like I haven't tried cutting down on food in the past. Skipping rice and carbs, i can handle. Ish. This time though, it's quite the feat.

My dad emails me and my mom about this GM diet that was apparently designed for overweight General Motors employees. It's pretty specific about what you can and cannot eat.

And though I'm only on day 3, I'm really missing my regular food already. This morning at breakfast (I'm allowed to eat fruits today), I actually craved the fish they were having. I never crave fish.

And though I'm pretty cool with vegetables in general, because we're not allowed I eat oil, it's pretty limited what we can do to veggies other than steam them.

I know willingly subjected myself to this, but wow is it difficult. My mom is persevering through it but I'm not sure how long my reserve will last.

Here's to hoping it works. That's the only positive thing I can see happening right now.

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