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More as this Story Develops

So it took a lot for me to just decide to start posting again without having to follow my internal scheduling, but I couldn't help it. The backlog was too overwhelming, the schedule itself was eating me up and I just wanted to write again. So here I am doing just that.

Last weekend, I decided on the spur of the moment to watch The Newsroom despite all the negative press I've been reading about it. A couple friends from work were watching it, but because my favorite website ever, Vulture hated it, I didn't touch it with a stick. On Sunday though, after lunch, I caught those 'behind the scenes' bits on HBO and thought, why the hell not?

And after episode 1, I was hooked. Yes, I read all the bad reviews and though I'm no critic, I can see where they're basing the hate on. But I'm also coming from a place called 'what if?' My course in college was Broadcast Communication and though I hated writing the news for our TV scriptwriting class, my course was still pretty fun. If I actually went on to work in a company connected to my course (read: TV network), I could actually be working for a newsroom, like a couple of my friends.

So it's fun to see what I could have been (though I really wouldn't cut it in a newsroom) if I went another path. And because my thoughts will be incoherent, you can read Dan Rather's glowing review of The Newsroom for Gawker. He said it so much better. Anyway, onto my list:

Things I Loved About The Newsroom

  1. Will/Mack
    Yes, this will be the slowest burn in history -- I'm willing to take bets on who caves first, Jim/Maggie or these two because there's so much history and so much chemistry and so much tension between them. I like how Mack brings out the best in Will on screen and the worst when they're off camera. I'm just really excited to see the two of them spar and make up some more.

  2. Sloan/Don/Maggie/Jim/Lisa Pentagon of Love
    I thought Don/Maggie/Jim was complicated, and then they threw in two more folks whom I actually like and I got even more confused. Don and Maggie aren't end-game but for now, they're pretty good together. Yes, not the most healthy. Yes, not exactly a fairytale, but they work it out. And since we're not getting Jim/Maggie yet, I'll settle.

    Jim/Maggie is just too cute to imagine. Sure, it might not work out when it happens, but it's so fun to see them both feel something for each other and not get to do anything about it. Jim/Lisa is so sad just because Jim's not feeling it and Lisa is getting into it and so Jim's trying his best to. don't force, it Jim. Lisa deserves better too.

    What surprised me was how much I enjoyed Don/Sloan. SERIOUSLY. I am not Olivia Munn's biggest fan in general but this character and her sudden pairing with Don is actually really working for me. I hope they explore this MORE in season 2 because I can wait for seasons on end for Jim/Maggie, but Sloan/Don? I want it now.

  3. Charlie Versus Everyone
    Charlie was such a surprise for me. I'm usually not into other characters, but he's so funny and fun standing up for everyone and just goading everyone along. It's nice to see him defend and scream and hang out with his best buddy, bourbon. He's the loveable old guy who means well but can also totally keep everyone in line. But I'd also love to see him with... Leona Lansing.

  4. The Lansings
    Reece Lansing may be a douche at times but I love Chris Messina and seeing him on my screen makes up for his douche-iness. Besides, his character practically begs to be one. I'm liking the Jane Fonda appearance too. It's so weird to see her on my TV screen in a non-Monster-In-Law capacity (yes, that's her standout role for me) and the Lansings (and their minions, Hope Davis) are such fun antagonists.

  5. Sorkin-esque everything
    Sorkin has a lot of haters, but I've actually really liked most of what he's done, including The West Wing, The Social Network and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (which EVERYONE HATED, but I loved). So I'm wondering why it took me so long to watch this.

    Sure, there are his old reliable cliches and storylines and lines and the fast talking. but I like the fast talking and making me sit at the edge of my seat every single time. I'm hoping he churns out more of this formula, because the critics may hating, but I am loving.

I realized I should have put off watching this till next year so I wouldn't have to wait too long till the next season. Alas, I really do have a low EQ. Good luck to me and the long wait to season 2.
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