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Do You Hear Me?[27 Down/25 To Go!]
[+] Hello, second half of the year. You are officially real. July is going by so quickly and there's so much to do but so little time to do it all. I'm just glad that I've been able to somehow get myself together even with all this hoopla. Here's to staying focused on what I need to be doing. And here's to my awesome team, Risa and Jin (right with me) who always know how to keep me sane.

[-] I've been going home late almost every day and I'm actually missing interacting with my siblings and my parents. I see them when we're all groggy in the morning and when half are asleep (when they're supposed to be studying) in the evening when I get home. I need to rectify this. I should try to go home earlier, for real.

[+] I'm glad I've been able to expand my social circle at work. I was looking at my photos from a year ago and I knew very little people. And though this poses a problem when the holiday season rolls around, it's always nice to have more folks to count on and rant to when the occasion calls for it. Hey, look. Just one week left behind now.

It's always great to start the week without supervision. Sure, things need approval but obviously those can all wait, as long as we get a day off and some room for Monday laziness.

Sometimes, I get the weirdest requests at work and though we're not magicians, we try our bestest to make things work out. Sometimes though, I just can't see how I could make things happen. Let's cross our fingers and see if we can work this out.

Despite my going home late-ish, I was able to hitch a ride with Jin and there was miraculously no traffic on EDSA. We realized, in hindsight that it was Pasig Day and folks didn't have work. Well, except for us, cause we're neither here nor there, but that's another story. I'm just glad there wasn't any traffic going home.


It's always nice to be pleasantly surprised by things and this lunch, some of the sales people (Annie and Hazel particularly) decided to spring me with a surprise! It wasn't much but it was sweet of her. I hope I wasn't too obvious in my giddiness. Eventful lunches at the pantry are rare.

And though I wasn't expecting things to move this fast, I'm glad they did because things were getting uncomfortable for me, being stuck in the middle. I'm no one's boss but it was made to seem like I was acting in that position and it wasn't like I had a choice. I'm just glad it'll be over soon.

I'm always going to be grateful for the small things, like being able to drive to work because it was raining hard and making it to work on time and finding parking in the next building without having to have it valeted. I hope I never get tired of the small things.

I had planned my day around a certain event and so to have that cancelled sort of threw me out of sorts. Sure, I had a pile of things left for me to do, but because i had already conditioned myself to thinking I wouldn't be doing any work (and instead attending something), I couldn't get back into the groove of it. Not good.

Luckily, I managed to get some things done. The list is still existing and getting longer but it feels good to have some check boxes accomplished considering I was in such bad shape (concentration-wise).

I'm also really excited that my siblings will be coming home in a couple of weeks (if only for the weekend), so to compound to my distraction, I have this to keep me busy not thinking about the serious things I should be thinking about. Wonderful!

One of the reasons I love working where I do now is because our President is so hands on with her job. In my first job, I barely spoke to our head (much more, know if she knew I existed). Now, we talk to her regularly and she knows our business really well.

So when we had a talk with her this morning, with all our editors, it felt good but also slightly intimidating. I'm glad she made the effort to talk to all of us and ask if we had any questions, but I still get awestruck sometimes that I'm in her presence.

To combat the days stressful nature, I end up having dinner with Lou before we head to her brand's event. It's funny cause we weren't supposed to stay long but we end up getting dragged back in right as we're about to leave. And though I shouldn't have cared, you know I woudl just because i didn't want to have to interact too much with him. And well, I did. I think I'm getting better at this.

With all this confusion with what I'm supposed to be doing, it's hard to keep things going status quo. But alas, we must. I end up at a brainstorm for one of my brands and though it's the usual, it's still a little weird considering I'm not quite sure where I'll be going. I'm glad the girls I were with were there 100%. They're so inspiring.

I was able to take my lunch out with the Candy girls too! We checked out a new Chinese restaurant that an ex-officemate opened and though I'm easy to please, i have to say it was pretty freaking good. I love having lunches out with them.

And though I wanted to go home early, I ended up doing work and finishing things I knew I wouldn't be able to do the next week. I really do need to just put a deadline for myself and go home even if the work doesn't end, because we all know it never will.

I woke up late and somehow was still sleepy the entire afternoon. Though I had other things i wanted to get done, I ended up just napping. I was sleeping so long, I almost didn't wake up for a work event I had to attend.

But then there was dinner at our house, my dad's friends were coming over, and this means good food. So instead of leaving early for the work thing, I have dinner at home first and will later regret having a hard time fitting into my dress because I ate too much.

It's all good though, cause despite my lateness, I arrive just in time for the event and I'm able to hang out with my favorite girls (Reggie, Nikki, Jacque, and Risa) and also show the bosses that I showed up. I don't think I could do this regularly though. Thank goodness these events happen but once a year.

And because Sundays are all about NOTHING, I went to the 10am mass with my parents and then spent the rest of my day trying to level up on Snoopy's Street Fair, while also trying to get some reading done. I noticed that ever since I started playing this game, my reading has gone to the wayside. I obviously cannot multi-task.

Alas, there was no Suits this week, so I don't get to enjoy the cuteness of Harvey or Mike, instead I sleep the afternoon away in between playing and reading. I swear, someone needs to take this game away from me. but I can't stop harvesting coins.

And there goes another weekend of me not exercising, when I said I would, or doing tasks i thought I'd be able to do. Oh well, perhaps next weekend I'll be a little more productive. I really should.
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