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Can't Stop, Cause We're So High on Nicki

Higher Than a Mofo[My Pink Friday]
2012 has been a pretty epic year for me in terms of music and the concerts I've been able to watch live. I thought watching Katy Perry in January was a one-time thing, but I've been lucky enough to see Lady Gaga, NKOTBSB and now Nicki Minaj live too. I've been blessed to have friends randomly invite me to the shows and really, who am I to say no?

And so behind the cut are the things I've been listening to on repeat. There's admittedly still an NKOTBSB hangover, but I've had newer things in the mix, considering I finally got ahold of the new Maroon 5 album. And there's that British group that I didn't think I'd get into at all. Let's just say, I was very wrong. I'm so easy to hook into these things.

Nicki Minaj - Starships

Considering I only found out I was watching her concert a day before, I was thoroughly unprepared for it. Luckily, I had already maxed out listening to her first album last year and only had to catch up on her newer stuff this week.

Of course, it didn't hurt we were third row either. I didn't think I'd be that close to the stage and experience how fantastic she was live. Her energy was so high and though she had a DJ entertain us while she changed clothes, it was so fun to see her perform live.

Maroon 5 - One More Night

So I'm loving their album. A lot. I've always loved this band, ever since I was in high school (and had discovered them through a boy), so hearing their sound change through the years (and still love it) makes me really happy.

Though Payphone is their current single, I still love this one. The rest of the album sort of gels into one for me right now, but there are some stand outs already. Love Somebody has a nice pace to it; Sad lives up to its name; Doin' Dirt feels so old school disco and of course beautiful goodbye is just classic Maroon 5.

One Direction - More than This

So yes, it's official. i wouldn't consider myself a directioner but I'm definitely a 'bigger' fan than I was when I first included them last April. It's my works fault!!! While planning for next year, the Candy girls made me watch their DVD and when you're in a room full of girls that are fans, you can't help but be one too. I'm weak!

Other than their singles, I'm actually really liking Up All Night, I Wish, Tell Me A Lie, and Same Mistakes. So yeah, I'm so easy to convert. And now I can name them and pick a favorite. Someone stop me, please.

Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up

To slow it down a bit more, I'm so jealous of jamypye being able to see Mraz live in Singapore. Why didn't he come to Manila? I don't understand really. So while Pamy got to see him live, I contented myself with listening to LOVE on repeat.

And well, it's another fantastic album from Mraz. I swear, this guy just keeps getting better with every album and his hair, longer too. If he comes back to Manila, I'm definitely seeing him again. Now pretty please drop by?

The Jane Doze - Red, White & Doze

I blame my officemate Reggie for getting me into this, but this playlist of songs (for the Fourth of July) was a fantastic mix. I've never heard of these DJs before and I didn't think I'd be into it at first, but it was great. In case the embed doesn't work, here you go. Knock yourself out the way I did.

Even More Music On Repeat:
Hangin' Tough on the Right Stuff
Going to the Edge of Glory
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