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Stop Keeping Score[26 Down/26 To Go!]
[+] I can't believe we're done with half the year already. We are officially 6 months over with 2012 and it's been such a quick and hectic ride. And sure, I'm behind on LJ again, but I'm still happy I'm able to drop by every once in a while. 2012 has spelled so much change for me for the first half of the year and I'm both scared/excited about what the next half will bring.

[+] I was going over photos from the past few years for the Photo Festival I joined and I was getting nostalgic about everything -- from my family to my friends, to classmates to my ex-officemates and my current work. I know 25 years is a lot to wade through, so it really got me thinking of all that's happened and the many things I've forgotten that have happened.

[-] Though this week was pretty crazy tiring (there was just so much negativity to wade through), it somehow had its high points. Here's to highs outweighing the lows. Here's to the second half of 2012. It will be grand.

You know what's not fun? Starting the week off on the wrong foot. I end up coming to the office later than my boss for the first time and it just so happened there were a lot of last minute things we had to deal with. I'm glad for Risa, my uber efficient awesome team mate -- whom I can't function without, because she just made the morning a lot better. I just wish these things weren't what greeted the work week with.

Luckily, the rest of the day wasn't too bad. From having to present in front of former high school classmates, to trying to get some sort of work done, it's a surprise I had enough energy to sustain me on a crazy Monday. Then again, that Gong Cha trip was definitely worth it. It's always a good idea to Gong Cha on a Monday.

And though I'm trying my bestest to not fixate too much, it's very hard not to. And bumping into people doesn't make it any easier. Lucky for me, it's a lot easier to get distracted now and that's a good thing. From dinners with office friends to actual work, I'm glad I can now take my mind off annoying things.

It was Risa's birthday today and we got her a cake from Purple Oven to celebrate the occasion! It's crazy that she even went to work on her birthday (I refuse, and take a day off). At least we got to have lunch out (even if only at the mall).

Also, it was nice to start planning for a big project we have for one of our brands considering it's a miracle we get anything sold after a billion and one presentations for it. but I'm glad it's pushing through and we had a mini-meeting internally to plot it all out. I hope this turns out great.

And though it's disappointing to realize that random reinforcement really is just random, it's still more annoying to have things blow up in your face and hit you in the head and really just wake you up to reality. It's about time, really. It doesn't mean it doesn't hurt any less.

The late nights are catching up on me and I'm getting to work progressively later than usual. Gone are the days when I'd be out of the house at 630 at the latest. I wish I could return to this kind of determination and drive but I'm just plain tired all the time.

The day wasn't any better, but at least we got through it. It's kind of crazy how a small bit of news can totally affect the rest of the day and the week and the month. I'm never one for uncertainty so this anticipation and anxiety isn't something I'm enjoying at all.

And because the days called for it, we reconvened at our favorite place for another dinner and round of drinks. If i kept checking in on Foursquare here, I'd probably be mayor already. But I'm lazy to even do that. This isn't good.

Well, at least that bit of waiting is over. After a couple of weeks of walking egg shells, things have finally been sorted out (sort of). Though nothing is ever final until it's there, it still feels so much better to just know.

I was able to spend half my day with the Candy girls while they planned their 2013 calendar. I don't know how I'd last in my job if it weren't for these girls. They're so warm and welcoming and so very sweet. It's no wonder they're all so close, they're just awesome girls to be around. I can't wait to do more with them (hopefully) in the future.

And though I wouldn't call myself a One Directioner just quite yet, after attending Candy's editorial planning for 2013, I'm probably a lot more into them than I was before today. Let's just say I wouldn't pass up a concert ticket if they ever swung by Manila. It's the accents, really. I'm that easy.

I'm not too keen on Friday presentations but this one was a pretty big one and I didn't want to mess up. Luckily, it was a sort of test-run since I'll be doing it again pretty soon, but at least the first time is out of the way and I can breathe a little easier.

And because I couldn't get enough of the birthday girl, we had dinner at Yabu in Megamall, just the two of us on a Friday night. It's been quite some time since we did this so it was a nice to hang out outside the office without having to discuss work. Not that we do on work days.

Ending the week right, we held to #whereelse while waiting for Risa's boyfriend to pick her up. Of course, you can trust that officemates will always be found there so we hung out with Mikey, Marco, Wayne and Majoy for a bit. It's been a long week and I really didn't want to stay too long either.

And because Suits pretty much owns me already, I caught episode three TWICE in a row. And I was still reeling from the episode. How could I not love it? Between all that Rachel and Mike cuteness (filling out the dating profile together killed me) and her going to his house to confront him? I know it's only a matter of episodes before anything happens between them, but I'm really liking this slow burn.

Then of course, there's Hardman and Harvey's pissing contest and I know there's a lot of collateral damage involved but it's nice to see them really not back down to the challenge. I feel bad for the nurses and what happened but Harvey's on his A-Game and it looks like Hardman isn't going to change anytime soon. I don't appreciate that we don't get this next week though.

I guess Harvey and the gang wore me out pretty quickly, because as I lay myself down to a nap at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon, little did I know that I would be sleeping the entire afternoon, all the way to the evening, all the way till Sunday morning. I swear, I sure know how to waste away the weekend.

Not surprisingly, I was able to wake up all on my own early on a Sunday morning considering how long I had napped the night before. I even got to surf the net and catch up on things considering I haven't touched the computer for things other than work.

My dad was getting antsy, so we headed out to Shangri-la to have dinner and possibly catch a movie. We ended up at Sumo Sam (Japanese is love) and had a really heavy meal. I don't know how I'm going to lose any weight from now till my trip if I'm eating this way.

And because my dad is awesome like that, he got me and my brother tickets to The Amazing Spider-Man!!! I honestly thought I'd be the last person on earth to see this, but good for me, I wasn't. I really liked the movie and was happy to have seen it with two buckets of popcorn and drinks to boot. My dad loves to spoil me this way.
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