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Movie Raving: The Amazing Spider-Man

Hey, Spidey [Metacritic]
Ever since I heard of the reboot they'd be doing starring not just the adorkable Andrew Garfield but awesome personified, Emma Stone, I was excited for the movie. Sure, I enjoyed the first trilogy and how Spiderman was unlike other superheros with his lack of actual powers but it was Emma! and Andrew! and I didn't need any more convincing this was going to be a good thing.

And still, there was a bit of a scare right there. Sure Nolan successfully did a 180 for the Batman franchise, but that was just way too serious. Could Marc Webb spin his own story with this? Yes, I'm sure that pun was used so many times during their press tour. I'm just glad I've finally seen it. I really thought I'd be the last to go.

Did we need another Spider-Man this quickly? Debatable. But if you wanted a new interpretation – especially one where story and action stay in the right balance – this is it. [Charlotte Observer]
There's always the question of why a reboot? and why now? And really, there is probably never a right time to redo something. However, I felt they did this one so well, i was still 'surprised' when they killed off Uncle Ben. I was so attached to Uncle Ben and when they offed him right after their fight, I still felt like it was the first time I'd seen this.

I also really liked how they portrayed Peter in high school and his geeky side and how he pined for Gwen (complete with desktop wallpapers of her). It was nice to see the good old days and have them establish it some other way. Andrew really nailed his portrayal of Spiderman and I can't see anyone else in it now.

While the two leads deliver the goods and manage to combine a frisky sense of first love with the movie's gloomier arc, they are well-served by a terrific supporting cast. [The Hollywood Reporter]
Like I mentioned, I'm kind of in love with Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Any scene with them elicited an 'awwww' from me and it wasn't even because I was anticipating Uncle Ben dying -- can we do a reboot where he DOESN'T die?! It was just cause I really felt how much they cared for Peter after his parents left him with them.

And as I watched with my brother, Pietro, he couldn't quite believe that Rhys Ifans was the same guy who played Spike in Notting Hill. I couldn't believe it either. He has a way of transforming himself (literally) and making me quite terrified of his horrific plans for the city.

But really, the best supporting cast for me would have to be Captain Stacy and his general awesomeness. I can't believe they offed him too just because Gwen deserves a cool dad who's looking out for her and her many brothers. It totally took me off guard when they just did that to him. Sure, it'll propel the story forward, but must we really sacrifice the Captain?!? I think not! Save the Captain!

I've saved the best for last: The love interest played by that throaty redheaded (here blonde) darling Emma Stone, whose blue eyes radiate so much intelligence that any actor on whom she trains them in adoration becomes an instant movie star. [Vulture]
But really, the reason why I loved this series so much is because Andrew and Emma have mind blowing chemistry. My girl crush for Emma grows more and more. I loved how forward Gwen was to Peter and how totally powerless he was under spell. But I also love his growing confidence as he got more into the Spidey suit and felt more invincible. It was cute to see him step up to the challenge.

I'm dying for a sequel and to see how they do more of this wonderful thing. Will they bring in a new girl? They better not, but something tells me they'll want to shake things up. I absolutely enjoyed it (even if I got dizzy with the 3D) and can't wait for more. Off to saturate myself with the cuteness of Emma and Andrew. I can't get enough.

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