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All I Have[25 Down/27 To Go!]
[ ] This week had a lot of highs and its share of lows, but all in all, when I look back on it, I can't quite remember the negative and just remember that I had fun. Lots of it.

[ ] I took a sick day from work! Sure, I wasn't feeling too well and was actually in the bathroom a majority of the day (EW, TMI, I know) but I got to stay away from the office. Sure, I was still checking my mail and whatnot, but just not having to go to work for one day was a great feeling. I don't know if that's a good sign.

[ ] My sister came home (again) and though she was only here for the weekend, it was still awesome to have her drop by again. I literally can NEVER miss her because before I know it, she's here! The joys of having a rich sister who lives in Singapore. Now _lexizzle, get rich and come home more often?

[ ] And I got to attend Abbey's engagement party (Ting Hun) to Chris. I'm so touched I was even invited. Pretty people deserve each other. ♥

The weather is so weird. I came to work in my rain boots today because it was raining like crazy this morning only to have it become ULTRA hot in the afternoon. I'm going to get sick this way.

Every year, we have this thing in the office where those who get high marks in the appraisals get treated out. And though it's not something I try to set my sights on, it's a little sad when you don't get recognized for your efforts because you didn't make the grade. I'm really happy for those who did, but I wish it didn't hurt so much.

To make up for it, I finally had Gong Cha with glasswinged (the newly-opened milk tea place at the mall) and had dinner with say_i_am_you, both of which turned out to be really spontaneous. I'm glad I had those to start my week with.

And yes, I have zero-self-control. I'm literally baiting myself for disappointment knowing I will never get the reaction I want fancy man to give me. And still, I do it anyway. Email? Sure. PM? Why not? I never learn.

I woke up not feeling good at all and remembering it was quasi-light day (meaning no meetings or major deliverables), I decided to take a day off and just chill at home. but of course, this doesn't happen. And though I do myself in by checking work mail, I'm glad I did. At least I won't be swamped with work when I get back tomorrow.

The beauty of a day off? Getting to do what you want (ish). Sure, I was working, but I also got to check out 90210 and finish up the season on the side. Wow this show is something else. If it weren't for Reggie who keeps bugging me about this, I'd probably drop it. But guess what? It got picked up for another season so we'll see. I only really care about Naomi. And yes, I'm glad Max is back.

And for more random reinforcement, I get my dose of inconsistency. And it's good, yes, it is. but I wish it were more predictable and more consistent. Alas, that's obviously asking for way too much. Who wants to be consistent with me? Not him, of course.

It's hard to keep a straight face and pretend you don't know anything when you do. I guess ignorance really is bliss because knowing too much puts you in a position wherein you're supposed to act like it's the status quo when it's not. I don't like it at all.

And because I'm the easiest girl to please. I somehow get giddy over the silliest and plainest of things, when in reality, I shouldn't be. Random reinforcement really is something I should desensitize myself to because it seems to be fancy man's modus operandi. Oh well, I'll learn. Eventually.

I'm glad I was able to be productive while waiting for my mom to finish her party. I didn't want to go home alone and my mom had a driver so I was glad to wait for her. Plus, the upside was, I ended up finishing a lot of things. In between that and getting brought to work this morning. This day, had shitty parts but the good parts made up for it.

I hate getting surprises in the morning. I'd rather stay really late at work and fix everything, than have to wake up early and go to work insanely early to fix things that need fixing. Alas, this isn't always the case and you leave late, but still have to come early. I wish that weren't the status quo but it seems to be it.

As if that wasn't enough, I had to present to a client in the afternoon and though I've done this over and over, you still try to make it fresh and be as peppy as you can the 1231938739th time over and I don't know how convincing my enthusiasm is this time around. I hope I did okay.

One of my officemates were feeling so horrible they ended up throwing up and going home. What is up with this week? No one is feeling it at all. I wish it'd end sooner than expected. I just have no patience for bullshit this week.

It's not fun to wake up in the morning to a mess already. Especially when it's not my mess to fix. But somehow, I end up mopping up the fall out and I'm just glad the support system I have at work is one that will work on its own. It's such a hassle though.

In other news, we were able to successfully pitch a concept that we've had going on for ages but haven't had anyone get into. I'm scared for the outcome and the buckets of work we'll have to do when it arrives but I'm just glad it actually happened. I've been so pessimistic lately, I didn't think it would push through at all. but it did. So I'm glad.

On top of that, we finally got to see Pam again after ages. I miss this office mate so much. We were the two first kids and though she's happier wherever she is right now, I can't help but miss her sometimes.

That evening, I end up going to a launch as a proxy, especially since a) I wasn't invited to begin with; b) I really just had to act as proxy. But I'm glad I did because after the shitstorm of a monrning, it was nice to kick back and relax. And though I'm not super close to the people at the launch, it was touching how they were really looking out for me and making me feel welcome. And i got a ride home too, considering how far I live, it was really sweet.

jamypye is once again back in town and by the time I wake up on a Saturday morning, the house is eerily quiet, considering she's here. I find her and my mom at the parlor, having her hair and nails done and though I need a bangs touch-up, I manage to control myself. Next week probably.

WE MUST DISCUSS SUITS. This show is owning me completely. From Donna/Harvey and what might have been (and what could still be) to Mike/Rachel and what can't be (or what can still be), I was literally floored with the episode, I had to watch it again. I'm feeling really tempted to get the DVD of season 1 because I'm really loving it.

And all the 'what might haves' and 'what could bes' are killing me. Why do they have to tease us only to take it away. This is awesome television right here and I'm really really tempted to check out White Collar as well. Who knew USA would be such riveting television.

We end up having dinner with my sister, her boyfriend, my brother, his girlfriend and the rest of the family and though it wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be (it wasn't at all, somehow, people are so welcoming in my family), I can't imagine being in their position. I would die of anxiety. Thank goodness it's not my turn yet.

My friend Abbey is engaged to Chris and because Chinese tradition dictates it, they had a formal Ting Hun on a Sunday morning. I'm surprised I made it considering how lazy i get on weekends but Abbey invited and I couldn't say no. And wow, I was the only non-Chinese person there but it's okay, it was a weirdly fun experience. Plus, the lunch afterwards was fantastic.

Then, I get home to a really sweltering house. I don't know what to do with myself. I end up sleeping it off and just relaxing the afternoon away. Because Pamy's in town, we end up hanging out and talking for a bit but she falls asleep too. If only air conditioning weren't so cold, I'd probably just sleep inside my mom's room the whole day, but I can't do the cold.

My dad's on duty the whole day so when he finally gets to escape and come home, it's a lot of laughs and a dinner with everyone. I can't believe I actually wanted to be a doctor. I don't think I could commit to studying that much and the hours they keep. Oh well, it was but a kinder dream.
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