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What a day! I was in front of the television as usual. I'm such a bum. Even if I have decided to do my reformation, I guess I deserved one more day of bumming around. It was fun waking up at noon and not doing anything at all. Now, I'm reaping that disastrous results of doing nothing.

I watched Princess Diaries -- the first movie that is, for the nth time today and I still notice something new about it every time. I'm such a goofball. I love that kind of movie, I guess. Michael was cute, but his hair was just distracting. He's a real good looking guy and he had that entire rocker dude vibe going on, but his hair cut could have been better. A lot better.

It was annoying because the moment would have been perfect if he didn't have to "fix up" his hair for the ball. He could have left it as it was and looked tons better than he did when he did try to fix his hair. Grrr... And I must admit that he isn't the best actor either. It was good that he just concentrated on his music with Rooney because if he continued acting, I don't know how far he would have gone. At least he knows his strengths.

Also, I finally got to watch Fahrenheit 9/11. Whoa! That was fun to watch. Very enlightening too. So many things had gone down since September 11 and there are so many things people don't know about so it was great that the documentary was made. It was a real eye opener. I totally didn't know some of those things and it was repulsive and also sad because the supposed war on terror had no basis to begin with. Such a shame.

Michael Moore deserves his awards. It was an informative and entertaining and a piercing film all at once. War needs a justification and that war just didn't have any basis to back it up. A good thing about the film though was that it wasn't too heavy. I didn't cry buckets of tears but I understood the gravity of the matter at hand.

Nevertheless, I could think of better ways to have spent my free day, but I'm not going to complain. Four day school weeks are always better than five. And today, I was able to rest. That's always a great thing.
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