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The love that we had was so strong, don't leave me hanging here forever

Quit Playing[24 Down/28 To Go!]
[+] I've been really enjoying my impromptu dinners out with my Lou and Stephie. It makes me wonder how I survived work prior to hanging out with these girls. This week's dinner and drinks was a nice and chill affair. I approve.

[+] Barb, my officemate/friend who left for Singapore, came home for the weekend and it was the most fun Friday I've had in a long time. I really miss her and though we only got to spend an evening together, it was a nice way to reconnect after a month of iMessage and chats.

[+] It was Father's Day on Sunday and my dad made a joke about how he wanted to spend the entire day (playing boardgames), but we ended up doing stuff we wanted. My dad's such a martyr sometimes, really. Still, I hope he had a good one.

[+] And look, I'm not so far behind on LJ anymore. I've been trying my bestest to keep up with everyone (and it's not so hard with no one being left here) and I think I can actually hack this thing. We can do this. Let's have a good week?

I guess the fact that it's a holiday tomorrow, everyone was pretty chill today -- to the point of pure laziness. I was surprised we even managed to get anything done considering how we were all just counting down to the holiday tomorrow.

I'm glad I was able to get off work early and head home right away. Thank goodness traffic wasn't too bad and with me trying to save more, so I've been trying to catch the MRT again and take jeeps again.

And I don't know why I subject myself to these things, but I just had to save face for someone and ended up getting worse off. Why do I bother??? Also, from being called cute to haggard? Oh how the might have fallen, yes? I really need more self-control in the future.

OMG IT'S A HOLIDAY!!! It's the last holiday for a long time so we're totally going to live it up. And by live it up, I mean we're going to stay in and not do anything all day. Which is exactly how I like to do a holiday.

And my goodness, Nikita! I've missed you! I can't believe I skipped out on the rest of this season just because it's actually pretty awesome. I miss watching Nikita and Michael and even Alex has grown on me with her relationship with Sean.

Plus the fact that I know it managed to get another season makes me want to catch up on it all the more. I'm really happy with how it ended and how Ryan Fletcher is back in the team. I really loved Birkhoff and though it's no Alias, I'm really glad I stuck around with this show.

It's back to work again and for some reason traffic was really gross. Everyone seemed to be back from their extended weekends and so I had to contend with Monday-morning-esque traffic on a Wednesday. Not fun, basically.

And though things have been pretty good at work, there are still some things i'm not too sure about and I wish all this uncertainty would go away. I can't believe I'm at the same place I was with my first job, though circumstances are different, it's still pretty much the same story.

And it does not help that I finally get my monthly visitor (TMI, I know) days late, but at least it's here so I can finally stop this eternal PMS that has been bogging me lately. I'm not one to take meds, but I really want this nasty feeling to go away.

It's but awesome timing that editorial reports also coincide with my period. It's funny cause I totally think of ed reports as period-esque, coming once a month and something I refuse to deal with but have to anyway. It's just funny that it's gone down this way.

And for more good news, a really big presentation that I've been working on got postponed. I've been dreading this since i heard about it. Sure, I've done some presentations before but this one just seems really daunting and I don't want to have to deal with it so I'm glad I can prolong the agony for a week more.

For more happiness, I had dinner out with Lou, Aimee, Stephie and Marla. I'm surprised I was able to leave work earlier than usual to catch dinner with them. We really need to do this more often. It's such a relief to be able to unwind after the day.

Without my presentations to worry about, I was able to really get to work on other things I needed to focus on and I always feel most productive on a Friday, with me trying to tie up all the loose ends before the weekend. Yay productivity!

Even more yay? Mark and Barb are back in town and we got to meet up for dinner and drinks (which turned out to be an impromptu karaoke session till god knows what time in the morning!) But I'm just glad I was able to see Barb. I really miss her.

And though I know I shouldn't be happy with random reinforcement, I can't help it. The consistent inconsistency is something I don't want to deal with but when it's there, I can't help but enjoy it? I'm glad I was able to keep things at bay but I hate how it still has an effect on me.

Having gotten home at an ungodly hour thanks to Barb keeping me out late, I obviously woke up at a late hour too. Plus, it's a Saturday and Saturdays are meant to be lazy, so let's go!

And guess what? Season 2 of Suits is finally here! It's not like we had to wait very long but I was still really excited to see how it turned out for Mike considering Trevor had ratted him out to Jessica. I am really loving how much Harvey is protecting Mike without telling Mike just how much he's doing. I really love how Donna was trying to convince Harvey to figure out a way to save Mike. This bromance is too much.

I'm glad that Harvey was able to strike a deal with Jessica too about Mike. I'm scared with this entire Daniel Hardman business but he'll be sure to shake things up this season and I'm really excited to see how Jessica, Harvey and Mike will have to deal with this new villain in the scene.

It's Father's Day and my dad miraculously got a day off work to spend some time with us! We managed to wake up early enough for the 8am mass (and because the priest wasn't our usual, there was no special blessing for the dads. Boo.) and head out right away.

It's funny cause all we wanted to do was have lunch at Charlie's but because we left at an awkward hour, we ended up having a 2nd breakfast AND lunch at Charlie's. Basically, we pigged out like crazy. And I'm sure to pay for this eventually.

We headed to the mall after and I was able to buy my godson a birthday gift for his first birthday (which I missed given it's Father's day) but I'm really bad at buying gifts for babies/kids. Friends, I can still sort of figure out, but babies? Not so. This is a warning already.
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