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12 of 12: June 2012

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

The 12th of June is always guaranteed to be a work-free day because it also happens to be the Philippine Independence Day, and yet, when I woke up this rainy Tuesday morning, it totally slipped my mind that I was supposed to be taking photos. This is me, trying to catch up.

8:05am my room
This is me checking into Foursquare and being greeted on our Independence day.
10:24am living room
So I'm struggling through the book on the right and somehow also the book on the left.
11:17am dining room
False cover that was a really interesting read. I can't imagine how soggy it'd be.
11:33am stairs
Still raining like crazy. Hey, rainy season. I'm glad I'll be indoors the entire day.
2:15pm living room
Snacking on ham & cheese bread (how convenient this creation) because I can.
2:31pm living room
Oh look, cute mobile phone charm from HK! I hope I don't get it too dirty from overuse.
3:41pm living room
My mom's shirt (that used to be my brother's shirt) is the cutest ever. Pandas!
4:11pm living room
The real reason I was totally lazy all day. I finally caught up with all of Nikita.
5:23pm living room
No, I didn't need this ice cream, bu it was awesome while I was eating it.
8:15pm my grandma's room
hi grandparents, why did you give away all your clothes when they looked rad?
8:24pm my grandma's room
It looks cool in the light but not fun to trip over when it's dark. Ouchies.
8:44pm my grandma's room
And as I drift off to sleep, I read off a book circa college and still cannot finish it

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