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Taking my heart with you[23 Down/29 To Go!]
[+] One of our BIIIIIG projects is sort of winding down this week and it's been a source of quasi-stress for a number of reasons so I'm glad that we're going to be able to say goodbye to it soon (hopefully). It was nice that one of the people we worked with too sent us a snack! It was really sweet of her and she didn't have to, but it definitely was a nice surprise. Slow claps for her.

[+] In my quest to be more sociable, I attended my first quiz night with the Candy girls and though we didn't win first place (we came in second to another team made up of our officemates too!), we did sweep the Harry Potter round. I totally feel challenged to brush up on random knowledge. That first place prize will be ours, Team Candy!!!

[+] And though I'm not yet in that age where ALL my friends are getting married, I am at the age, where SOME of my friends are getting engaged and married. So I was able to tag along to Abbey's pre-nuptial photo shoot in not-so-cold Tagaytay. Tiring day was tiring, but totally fun. Here's to the formal engagement!

So, having gone to the NKOTBSB concert the night before, Monday was naturally a very late morning for me and I had to say goodbye to my sister who was off to Singapore again. But it's okay. Because NKOTBSB was there to keep me company.

From watching all the videos I could find, to listening to the set list over and over again, I felt like I was still in that concert. And what a concert it was. I swear, I'm so happy I got to watch them live because it was definitely a highlight of my year.

And because I rock the awkward, today had me in the elevator with him and a whole slew of his colleagues just as I get into it with my team mates for an early dinner. Somehow, that seven floor ride down to the ground floor was extra extra long despite it usually being a really quick ride. I swear, this elevator never fails to make me feel some sort of emotion. It's the same elevator that had my phone drop seven floors. I should avoid it.

I wasn't feeling too good today -- I think I'm PMS-ing like crazy and my back was hurting and I just didn't feel good but I had presentations that I couldn't miss and eventually, I didn't fare too bad at work. Plus, it was an unsupervised day, so it wasn't so bad.

There are some people that just rub me the wrong way and no matter how much I try, I just can't find it in myself to like them. I won't be a mean girl and not mind them, I will, but I just won't make the extra effort to befriend them. I can choose my friends, right? Or is this me being mean? I don't know.

It's a little disconcerting when I find myself looking for reasons and ways to be noticed when I shouldn't have to. It sucks even more when I don't get the meager results I was hoping to get. I've aimed so low already and yet it still doesn't hit the target. Sadly frustrating.

One of our bosses was out for vacation for an entire month and she came back today and thank goodness she did because we missed her terribly. Other than the fact that we were pretty lost without her, she's an ultra fun person to talk to and I'm glad she's back. Plus, I won't get bugged too much cause she's back to answer questions again.

And though I try to stay away from trouble at work, somehow it manages to follow me around. Technically, I wasn't the culprit but I feel like an accessory to the crime. Then again, I can't prevent everything from going wrong. I just feel bad that things like this have to happen for people to shape up.

Best part of the day would have to be, having dinner with Lee-Ann at Trinoma. It was such a spur of the moment thing, I'm surprised it even pushed through. She'll be entering clerkship soon and I won't be seeing her ever so at least we got to hang out for a bit. And I hate how I keep forgetting to take photos of us when we're out. This is the second time in a row!

We were unsupervised today and I'm growing to really enjoy this. I try to get more done to compensate for our boss-less days but there are just some times when you just want to chillax. I tried to get things done and was glad to get some finished but I loved how chill we all were.

I miss riding part-way home with Risa, so i took the opportunity for a partially free ride home especially since I wanted to get home early anyway. And well, it's always nice to chat with her outside of work (even if we end up talking some about it anyway). It never gets old being grateful that we're team mates.

I tried giving myself a headstart on my Gossip Girl catch-up but on my second episode in, I totally fell asleep. I guess the lives of Chuck and Blair aren't as riveting as they used to be. Or I'm just a grandma. It's probably the latter.

I took the car to work today, after it had gotten its tune-up and I'm glad it seemed to work out fine. I was a little scared about it breaking down on me the way it did with my brother, when he took it out last week, so I'm happy to report it was fine.

It's a good thing I had the car too (and found pretty awesome parking -- and when I say pretty awesome, it's relative) because I had to run an errand and drive to my dad's work to pick up some certificates I needed.

Then, I headed to Quiz night with The Candy girls (glasswinged was inviting me before but I never got to go) which turned out to be a major pressure cooker but also lots of fun. We apparently suck at a lot of things but aren't so bad with the Harry Potter universe. I really feel the need to brush up on random knowledge just because I want to win this thing.

Also, it's annoying when you look cute the whole week and not get to see the object of affection only to keep bumping and running into and seeing them when you don't feel your cutest. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?! Why does life work in such an unfair way? I'm not serious but it's annoying.

Like I mentioned, I'm not quite in the age yet where my close friends are off to get hitched, but I do have some older friends who are in that marrying-stage. And Abbey, my former officemate, was sweet enough to invite me to her pre-nuptial shoot in Tagaytay.

I wasn't quite sure why I was there. She had invited our other ex-officemates (make-up artist and photographer), but they had jobs to do. I was literally just there for moral support and to look for cute pegs that they could copy.

I can't believe she's getting married and that I'm invited! Weddings are so damn expensive these days so the fact that she invited me makes me feel really special and really excited. Abbey and her fiance, Chris were just too adorable and I'm hoping things go really well for them.

Because my TV viewing is not just relegated to weekends and nights when I find myself not asleep after reading, I was actually happy that I got to marathon Gossip Girl -- or what was left of that season and it turned out to be a better season than the previous one but definitely not up to par with how it was in season 1. My goodness, I don't know how I'm going to hang on to one more season of this, this fall. At least it's down to a half season pick-up. Let's wrap this up!

My great new discovery though? Suits! I kept seeing it on my flist and I had a couple friends and officemates who had seen it but when we caught the first episode today, on a catch-up, we decided to just go all the way with it. So from lunch time till around 11:30 in the evening, my siblings and I did not get off our asses (except for bathroom breaks and kitchen crossovers and the final shower) to marathon this series.

And obviously, we loved it. We're so happy the new season is about to come out already so at least we won't have to wait so long. And Harvey and Mike are just so cute. Best bromance of the show and just really funny to watch. We're all wondering if our brother, _lexizzle who's taking up law will turn out like this.
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