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On Repeat: Hangin' Tough on the Right Stuff

Yes, this had to be done. Somehow, I'm still not over that life-changing concert, I almost didn't attend. And I'm so glad that I did with jamypye and our lifelong yaya, Ate Letlet, because I am still reliving that freaking night over and over in my head.

You have no idea how many videos I've watched and songs I've listened to. I think my can vouch for how obsessed I still am. Deep inside, there is always a fangirl lurking and waiting to be unleashed. And yes, I'm a year late to this phenomena, but I'm glad I got on the boat (or preferably their cruise).

So let me list the highlights of that night for me. It was hard to narrow it down. Crazy times, I tell you.

NKOTB - Summertime

So this song. Is stuck in my head. And making me wish it were summer all over again. It's got this really We Fit Together vibe, because of the beach factor and it's just so damn fun. Sure, it's NKOTB 2.0 but you think I care? I don't. I love it. And I love that this boyband isn't afraid to be a boyband twenty years later. Embrace it, boys. The fans still love you.

NKOTB - If You Go Away/Please Don't Go Girl

This medley was just heart wrenching at the concert but I've grown to love If You Go Away all on its own. And I wish these kids would re-record it cause though they sounded good years ago, their voices now are so much richer and I'd love to hear Jordan and Joey do their solos again with this song. Bonus? Jordan doing a solo of this in Seoul in 1999. WHAT?! And for more Please Don't Go Away live too. It doesn't get old.

NKOTB - Step by Step

And just my favorite NKOTB song performed live. I kinda dig this entire AOL sessions thing they did to promote The Block. But I loved when they performed this live. When they put their mics out to the crowd when they were 'counting off,' I was yelling along with everyone else. Love, I tell you.

BSB - As Long As You Love Me

I will forever love this song. This and All I Have to Give still get me confused sometimes, but I love them both with equal intensity. I wish boybands would produce songs this happy and kilig again. Their medley of this at the concert, where they 'danced' their old choreography got me

BSB - Quit Playing Games (with my Heart)

No, Nick still did not remove his shirt when they performed it live but it's all good because he surprisingly made up for it by being all sorts of adorable. Being the youngest person on that stage, he lived up to his age and showed that he could still be the cutie pie he was back then (except a couple of pounds heavier) but with a much better haircut.

BSB - Just To Be Close

No, they didn't perform this but they totally should have just because it's one of our favorite songs off the first album. And look, Kevin was here! Needless to say, this NKOTBSB thing needs to have another reunion. I don't know how they'd do things differently but it was so much fun to watch them live.


And because whoever really thought to put them together is a genius, here's something to remember them by together. They're older but it's okay. It still totally works on me.

Even More Music On Repeat:
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