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You wasn't lookin' for a man when you saw me in the sand, but you fell for the boy from the city

Summertime[22 Down/30 To Go!]
[+] I don't pride myself for any of my physical attributes so I was surprised when one of my office friends asked if I'd hand mow-del for her and a project she was doing. I never considered my hands to be pretty, much more to have it taken photos of, but I trust in her and it's her project so I volunteered and had tons of fun! Multiple manicures in a day? Yes, please.

[+] My mom also celebrated her 51st birthday and it makes me wish I looked half as good as her when I reach that age. It also makes me wonder how I'll be, what I'll be doing, will I be happy (?) when I'm her age too.

[+] And quite possibly the BIGGEST HIGHLIGHT of my 2012 so far, other than going to Seoul was seeing NKOTBSB live. I didn't think I'd be this affected by it, but I am. I'm so happy I even managed to buy tickets to that last minute because if I missed that concert, I seriously would not know how I would be able to turn back time to see them. This is all coming from an *NSync fangirl. I know. What is this world!!!

I took a half day off from work to help my friend out with her nail project and though I knew I wouldn't get to contribute much considering my nails were only available for half the day, it was still fun to be around them in a non-work setting, having my nails done for copious amounts of time only to have them take it off as soon as the photos were taken. All fun though.

Also fun? I got to fangirl on the side. Ramon Bautista was next door to us, doing a photo shoot for a magazine and even if he was never my professor in college, this guy is just loads of funny and I had to get my picture with him. He was really cool and funny about it -- asking me to pose with my hands up after he found out what I was there for. Always a fangirl.

And despite my half-daying, I managed to leave work early too to get my mom a cake and head home for her birthday dinner. Sure, they had started already but I'm just glad I reached something. I let my mom blow out her candle (not 51 of them) and wished for a long and happy and healthy life. I really do ♥ my mom.

My brother, the one with rights to the car, is on vacation this week so I took it upon myself to drive my little sister to school, since technically she isn't quite in college yet, just taking RA duties seriously. Plus, I wanted to try driving to work and well, it's only fun when it's not traffic and all.

Because I drove my car, I had to keep stepping out to switch parking, lest I end up paying an arm and a leg for it, but the good part? I got to see the office crush who bid me adieu, as I came from yet another parking expedition. Another reason not to bring the car to work? I don't want to have to keep looking and paying for parking.

I tried doing a good deed too, and took an officemate part-way home. If I have a car, might as well try to lessen the carbon footprint some. Dianne and I had a gab fest on the way home. It's always fun to take Diane home cause she was so many stories and traffic is always much lighter with her around.

I had a meeting with my boss (and Dianne) outside the office and though it was productive, the highlight of that afternoon for me would be getting cupcakes! My boss was sweet and treated us girls to some Valrhona cupcakes which totally perked me up for the rest of the afternoon. I think we should all have cupcakes in the middle of the week.

I was somehow craving milk tea (on top of the cupcakes, I know!!!) so I dragged an officemate, who hitched a ride going home to have some with me. I swear, milk tea cures all. EVERYTHING. Even the milk tea that isn't the best, it still somehow soothes whatever horridness the day has brought upon me. I need more. I haven't gotten over this phase.

I am slowly starting to realize things will never go my way with that guy. He really will only give me the bare minimum and though I admit, it's fun when it's there, it's also not enough for me. So I'll figure out whether I'll continue to perpetuate this bare minimum or just cut it off completely. Let's see.

I'll take a partial days sans supervision over a full day with so it was a treat to be semi-free on a Thursday. I'm growing to love Thursdays just because it's not quite the weekend (so there isn't much traffic yet) but you're also happy with the knowledge that with just one more day ahead, you can sort of chill a bit more.

Though things have been pretty quiet (and still busy), it gets me thinking about how much I miss some things. Brands I used to handle, people I used to work with. Though I know change is inevitable, I just do miss working with certain people in general. Sure, we can still go out as friends, but it's different working with them too.

And to continue our streak of #kaladkarin Thursdays, Macy, Lou, Stephie and I head over to Shangri-La to have some Cyma! I miss Greek food and haven't had some in a while, so I'm glad we ventured out of our usual Kapitolyo comfort zone to sample awesome food. These girls always make me so happy. I'm glad we're getting to do this more often.

I still find it weird whenever I present to an agency that I almost worked for. I see the folks who interviewed me and the officemates I could have had and the work I could have been doing. Though there are no regrets on this front, it's still funny/weird when they joke me about how it's not too late to transfer.

Also funny? the weather lately. It's been raining like crazy. And I mean crazy hard. And for the first time this week, I didn't bring the car (my brother is back from vacation -- and apparently, the car broke down on him!!!) so it was fun to commute in the crazy rain. I'm glad I found a cab right away. Oh cabs, you spoil me so.

And because I'm somehow not yet tired from this crazy week, I headed to our office's night out at Route 196 where officemates with bands played. I like music and I love concerts but I guess I was just a little too tired to fully enjoy myself. I left earlier than I was hoping and I still got home ungodly late. Tiredness.

My sister arrived from Singapore this morning and though I told my dad, I'd pick her up, he refused and let me sleep in from my late night out. Still, Pamy's here again and it feels like yesterday, really that she was here. She's making me really excited for our plans tomorrow too.

Because Pamy had plans for her half day, I spent mine doing the second half of the nail project and because there were less models this time, I got both my hands done and erased after a few minutes too. There were some really cute patterns that I hope I can do by myself some day.

We ended the night with dinner with the whole family to celebrate my parent's 30th wedding anniversary. 30 years. I can't fathom even liking someone for that long. So being married for thirty freaking years? Probably not something I could do. Congrats, mom and dad. You guys are awesome.

I managed to finish Smash after being delayed for so long and though it was something I thought I could be completely obsessed with, I am now relegating it to something I enjoy but don't have to watch right the moment it gets released. I love the songs and it's still so much better than Glee for me, but I'm not as in love with it anymore as I was when it started.

The week finally caught up with me and so I napped right after lunch. I napped for quite a bit, I was surprised I managed to wake up in time for the concert. And for a split second there, I was actually thinking of ditching the concert because I was so tired from over extending myself this week. THANK GOODNESS I DIDN'T THOUGH.

Because WOW. I HAVE TO TYPE THIS IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE I HAVE NOW REKINDLED MY LOVE FOR THE BACKSTREET BOYS AND THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK? WHO KNEW I EVEN LOVED THEM. Jordan Knight sort of stole my heart considering he's 42 years old and has kids. And Nick Carter? The guy I refused to acknowledge existed in the boyband-verse was actually pretty damn cute.

My sister and I were squealing like teenagers and even my yaya, Ate Letlet, who's a pretty hardcore BSB fan really really enjoyed herself. Both bands were amazing, and the lights were fantastic. They sounded good. They moved slow but still adorably and they really knew how to work the crowds. I'm so happy we went and experienced them live.

And now I want to go on one of those NKOTB or BSB cruises. I know, judge me now.
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