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Moment of truth[21 Down/31 To Go!]
[+] Tiring week is tiring but also pretty good. After the shit fest that was last week, anything that happens this week can only be an upgrade. There's no way to go but up at all. And with the surprise Lady Gaga concert (I'm still incredibly grateful I was invited), I didn't know I was attending, what a difference a week makes indeed.

[+] Then there was that busy Saturday that drove me crazy. From morning till night I was up and about and just craving to be in buried in bed. Instead, we were running around like headless chickens. Fun? Yes, but totally exhausting and not something I want to repeat anytime soon. Here's to more chill Saturdays up ahead.

[+] I don't know how time flies by so quickly but May is dwindling down really quickly and I don't want to blink lest I miss the entire thing. It's been a pretty good month in hindsight and with one more week left, I'm going to try to just live the rest of it up. Here's to the merry month of May. I hope everyone else had a good run with her as well. Cheers to that!

There was literally no one in the office today and though it felt good -- I was able to do so much -- but at the same time it was eerily silent and it actually felt a little lonely. Who knew I was such a social animal already? I surely didn't think so.

I'm glad I was able to leave early too considering the bum stomach I was having the entire day. If it weren't for my presentations, I would have totally left at half day but there was still some things to do. I wish my stomach wouldn't act up on a Monday. It just doesn't feel like a great way to start the week.

And as much as it's nice to be remembered, there comes a point when I hope for more than just that? I know I should be grateful and I am, but I just don't want to settle anymore? It's fun when it's fun, but when it's not, it really isn't. Or I'm just PMS-ing.

It's day two sans the boss and it's still pretty swell. Though there are things that would have been easier with full reinforcements but I relish these days and I will not complain one bit. I wouldn't mind if this were a little more regular either.

With last week's fiasco, sort of settled, there are still some things we need to iron out regarding this. and though I wish it would all just disappear, I know it's not realistic. So instead, I'm biding my time as this will eventually have to go away some time. I can't wait till then.

Best part? Getting invited to watch Lady Gaga at the last minute. Patron seats? Yes, please. The Style Bible girls and I were dancing (they were all in heels, thankfully I was in flats) and we had a grand time. I'm so happy we got that night out.

I kind of wish work wouldn't all pour in at the same time. It's been a pretty light first two days of the week and then bam! We get hit with an avalanche of work on a Wednesday. I hate to complain. I just get overwhelmed easily. I know I shouldn't, but I do.

Something I also shouldn't do? Fixate on the negative, but lately things have been pretty hard to ignore. I know we can't change others, just how we react to it, so it's pretty pointless to hate and be negative, but I just can't stand some things. I don't know why I'm being so irritable lately.

I'm liking that after a year and a half or so at work, I'm still getting to know new people at work. I had dinner with Lou and Stephie and more folks from work (Marla, Tammy and Jed) and it was just fun to talk and talk and drink some and talk. Poco Deli is slowly becoming my favorite place.

I had to bring a car to work today just because there's a work thing I have to make sure there's a ride for and though I'm not too keen on driving in the city, in general, it was needed. And so I had to do the impossible and park in the mall next door (which charges obscenely for parking).

I'm glad things went well with our challenge for the Candy correspondents though. It's been a big help that Jin has been helping me out. So I'm really quite happy with how things turned out. I wish we could make it bigger next year, but there's only so much we can do alone. I hope we get some ad support next year.

And by the time I get back from the challenge, the emails have piled up and there's once again a ton to do. I'm happy to get it done. I just don't like driving when I'm really tired. In the traffic. With a manual. I so wouldn't mind being chauffeured around at all.

Something I don't understand? Having to flaunt everything. I get I'm the most flaunt-y person on the internet with all my social media accounts and all my oversharing on all kinds of media, but somehow I hate it when there's arrogance involved? More than just plain wanting to share or document ones life, it's more of a 'I have this and you all don't, so suck it?' It just feels like it's in bad taste and all? But that's just me.

I'm starting to really really enjoy my Friday nights out. I know this isn't me at all, but starting the weekend with work friends has been pretty good so far. And this time I had dinner with Lou and Aimee and her boyfriend, Carlo (and his friends) who were all pretty hilarious. It wasn't what I was expecting (I thought it'd be jsut girls) but it was surprisingly fun.

In other news, I had a couple presentations today and I'm getting used to the tandem team of Luke, Francis and I. It gets tiring and repetitive saying the same thing over and over with a few minor tweaks but somehow it becomes enjoyable with these two. I'm glad we're the team for this.

Crazy day is crazy. I came early to Yummy Eats so I could hang out with Risa all day and it was pretty fun. Sure, we didn't really do much and we got to eat a lot, but just having to be there the entire day was a little tiresome. I'm glad we got a bit of a relief by the evening, though not completely.

My mom and my sister came over too and Risa's boyfriend dropped by so there was no short of 'entertaining' for both of us either. After the event, we hung out at Julo's place for a bit before getting ready for the party that I really wasn't up to attending (but office crush would be there) but ended up going to anyway.

And sure we only stayed for an hour, it was still pretty fun in a weird way. I really don't go to bars and this one was at one of the 'hip' ones now so it was a nice experience to go to to something I wouldn't normally even think of going to, much less be invited to.

After the crazy day that was yesterday, it was so wonderful to just sleep in and stay in bed the entire day. Waking up late and just not getting out? I like it a lot.

Plus I got to do a lot of reading. I don't get to read much on my commute anymore and so weekends are the only time I ever to get any reading done. I like that I'm excited about books again. There were some weeks when I was just too tired to even read so at least now, I'm raring to again.

Catching up on my TV was pretty fun too. I'll forever be behind on Smash and admittedly, I lost interest midway, but it was still nice to watch it, pressure free. I like watching TV again.
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