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The bigger, the better[20 Down/32 To Go!]
[+] You know how they keep saying health is wealth and I totally take it for granted because I don't ever get sick? Well, I'm sort of really glad I'm a healthy kid just because seeing friends confined in the hospital (not in grave danger anymore, but still) makes me really happy I haven't had to experience that. Let's stay healthy, everyone???

[+] I had to attend a pretty big work event/party and though I'm not really working with the brand directly, it was nice to be there for such a milestone event. And yeah, we did have to get all dolled up (and I had to dig out my dress from graduation, three years ago) but it was fun. Even if we had to wake up for work the next day (not so fun).

[+] Though things are less crazy (or I'm just more used to it?) than they were back in March. May had been a pretty fun, hectic month too what with work and other things going on. I'm not really feeling the summer (laziness) except for the summer heat. So if only for the heat to go away, I'd wish summer be over soon. Or that's just the girl without a vacation talking.

Sometimes it annoys me when I feel like I'm all alone in something that I'm not supposed to be doing (alone) in the first place. There was a pretty big crisis incident at work and it makes me sad that I had to start my week with it. Sure, I don't have the excuse of newness to rely on, but there is a sense of novelty to this just because it's everyone's first time. I hate that I was the one caught in the middle of it all.

It feels good to know that my boss has my back though. I was prepared to really get a lashing but everything was cool on her end and though it gave me the reassurance that I'm not a total fuck up after all. Still, it doesn't mean I still don't have this mess to fix, just a little pat on the back, which is all I have right now.

Despite the seriousness at work, I was happy to get to leave early to visit Maite in the hospital. it's funny cause Maite used to work in my current office before she transferred to my former office and we were together for a bit there. And though we don't get to see each other as often, seeing her again (in the hospital of all places) was a good thing. I'm glad she's doing better. Plus, it was great to see Nannah and Aaron after forever. I wish we'd get to see each other more often in less dramatic situations.

Still fixating on that work snafu (which I feel I will be fixating on all week even if I want to get over it now). It feels good that I know more people are on Team Me. I know that I'm not technically at fault and no one really is, it just feels really terrible to have this dragged out and not have this resolved when we really can fix it already.

On top of that, I get some pretty disconcerting news that I shouldn't really worry about but I can't help but worry about because that's who I am -- a worry wart. I really don't have the time or energy to think about all this but I'm glad I know. Or was ignorance really bliss? I guess I'll have to wait it out.

Good thing I was able to catch dinner with Stephie and then dessert with Hazel, Luke and Annie. I really do need these mini-destressors to get me through the crazy week I've already had. I can't believe it's only Tuesday when I feel and wish it were Friday already.

And because I have to attend a meeting I refuse to attend, things are at least less crazy now that we've all met face to face. I just don't like not knowing what our next steps are. All this uncertainty and worrying is getting to me. I literally feel like barfing half the time. And I feel so unproductive worrying. This needs to stop.

I'm glad I've got awesome friends and officemates to get me through it. With Jin getting me chicken nuggets for dinner and Nikki, Reggie and Jacque cheering me up with a little parking lot pick-me-up, things don't seem so bleak with them cheering me up. I love it.

I'm glad I was able to finish some things in the office at night. I spent the entire day trying to put out fires I couldn't get much done elsewhere. So yeah, staying late in the office sucks but at least i was able to get something done, no matter how long or what time.

I got a quasi reprieve from the rain cloud over my head this week and I'm glad to be distracted by two presentations back to back. Because if I didn't have those, I would be worrying and crazy out of my head again. So I'm glad for these other tasks I need to devote my time to, too.

I'm doing an unintentional hunger strike until this crazy thing finishes. Mostly because I feel like barfing every time I put anything in my mouth but also a mini-sacrifice in hopes that all this too will end. I know, it's got to end, but when you're in the middle of it, I can't quite see an end in sight. Desperate sounding, I know.

In better news, I had to attend Cosmo's 15th anniversary party and I'm glad I had it to keep my mind off other things. I dug up a dress from graduation three years ago and was glad to know I still fit. And though I couldn't stay too late, it was fun while it lasted. Getting all dolled up and made up by Reggie, Nikki and Jacque is always A+ in my book.

For more loveliness in my life, I am grateful to have ended this week on a good-ish note. The work snafu has somewhat been resolved though nothing is ever final with this, I feel. And though things won't change in terms of who should be doing what, I'm just thankful it's all good for the time being.

Plus, I got to talk to the boss again about things and I feel a little better on the over-all. Things aren't perfect, I don't think they'll ever be but at least I won't be worried about things throughout the weekend. The little victories, I will take.

Best part about the week? Starting off the weekend by celebrating Reggie's belated birthday. This is the only girl who can get me out of the office before heading home any day of the week and it makes me so happy she's been so awesome to me. Though technically, this ain't my scene at all, for Reggie I will make it my scene even for a few hours.

Sleeping in on a Saturday morning has got to be one of the best luxuries ever. And I'm glad I was able to indulge this weekend considering how crazy this week has been. Sleep really trumps everything. I wish I could just sleep for a really long time. It's also a nice feeling to get checked up on by friends you least expect.

In more happy news, I got caught up on most of my TV. I wish I could just lay in bed and watch TV all day every day, but that is not life. So instead, I am relegated to really just relishing my TV during the weekends. I won't complain. At least I get some TV if at all.

Also something I love? Catching up with Barb via iMessage. I wish I could iMessage with everyone. I get there are paid apps for this but I'll take what I can get for free. I don't regret getting the phone or the data plan if only for getting to keep up with everyone who's left me behind in Manila. I like it a lot.

If I got caught on my TV yesterday, today it's all bout reading and I'm happy to have read a few pages without falling asleep. I really need to find more time to read. I know I'm asleep half the time but it feels good to read again. It's been way too long.

My grandma and my cousins came over for my uncle's birthday and my mom's advanced birthday celebration and it was fun to have everyone around to end this extremely tiring and exhausting week. It's been pretty hot this week so getting lie down with the TV on and with fan directed at me. This needs to be the status quo.

The best part about this week? I've been so crazy busy with work, I haven't had time to fixate about other things that I shouldn't be worrying about. And when I do end up thinking about it, I play some Snoopy's Street Fair. Wonderful. I swear, I need more distractions like this (minus the drama). Here's to a less crazy week next week.
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