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Finally, I can't believe[18 Down/34 To Go!]
[-] I don't like going out much so having to do it for work is more of a chore than something I look forward to and this week there were three of it. Luckily, one of them was something that I actually really enjoyed. The other one had its perks but I'd really rather just spend my time at home, sleeping. I was going to say online, but we obviously know I'm failing at that right now.

[+] Speaking of that other event at the end of the week, it was actually pretty awesome though I was initially intimidated by the nature of it all (style!) so I'm glad it ended up being just a jolly good time, even if I had to head back to the office and do work, but it's all good. Let's be positive!

[+] And because jamypye is literally here every weekend, she was here again and it was a fun and not so tiring weekend with her. I wish _lexizzle would come around as often too so I don't have to miss either of them at all.

[+] AND HI MAY! I can't believe we're already HOW ARE YOU ALL?

There's this Starbucks summer promotion called Frappucino Hour, that I didn't know existed until now. The concept of it, is that frappuccino's are 50% off from a certain time period on Mondays. And though I like fraps, they're not something I drink often so this was the perfect excuse to have some. I liked it. Plus with some good news coming my way, it seems like July could be another thing to look forward to. Well deserved frap.

It's funny how I'm still somehow suckered in to things I'm not supposed to have anything to do with anymore. Though I don't mind doing the extra work at all, sometimes I wonder when I can completely let go of everything or if I even want to.

The awesome thing about today is that there would be no work tomorrow and I was really looking forward to the weird holiday squeezed in between work days because really. How can one not want a break in the middle of the week. You know I won't complain.

It's a holiday! I can wake up late and not worry about being late to work or whatever. Sure, I had to be the nice big sister and drive my little sister around but it's all good. I'll take driver duties over work any freaking day. Maybe I should switch professions?

The weather has been pretty brutal and I'm glad it rained a bit. Sure, it wasn't a full on change in weather but I'll take the rain over the heat, especially since I was indoors anyway. I just wish it weren't such a sweltering summer. It's just too damn hot.

I had to attend an event for work but it was a good thing I brought my friend, Lee-Ann along with me. Dinner and a movie? Ideal date with Lee-Ann just because it's always fun to take her with me. Plus, is it sad that I've never seen any of the American Pie movies and though this one was supposedly not as great, I thought it was pretty funny.

Though I enjoy around 90% of the work I do, there's still the 10% occurrences that get to me a lot. Sometimes, the percentage goes up but today was just not a good day in terms of anything. And though there have been worse days, I just really wanted to stay put and get shit down and I couldn't even do that.

Worse part is I've been trying to be a good girl and ended up succumbing to temptation only to not have things go my way. Of course they wouldn't. Why would I expect things to. I already got a warning that I shouldn't expect much and still I do. Obviously, I'm the silly one.

And true enough, just when I'm about to bring myself into further damnation, I get a knock in the head that should honestly just snap me out of my reverie but you know it won't. I should definitely rethink my actions more and more.

We are boss-less for two days and though we should technically be enjoying this, we're also on extra paranoid mode just because the possibilities of messing up in her absence are great, very very great and we're such a paranoid team as it is. So, here's to hoping we survive the day.

And though I'm generally okay with presentations, there are still some that slip through the cracks and it makes me sad that today we had one that could have been better worked out if we were better informed about it all. There's just so much work to be done, that I hate how some things don't get as much attention as others.

I had to attend another event for work and though we didn't stay long, it was the drive home afterwards that turned out to be fun. I ended up bonding with Dianne, whom I only usually work with. She's such a sweet girl and just so friendly. It was nice to see another side of her that isn't discussing work with me.

It seems my Friday is not going to be a chill day and with the event tonight (I was looking forward to it though) and the reports and the boss-less-ness, it was just a generally hectic day that I wish didn't happen to be on a Friday. i'm glad I was able to have lunch with Jin and Ris at Rockwell though while we checked on the ingress of our booth. At least there was that.

The event itself was pretty cute. I love Candy to bits and pieces and their Style Awards was everything I thought it would be and just really topped my expectations. The team is so freaking solid and so welcoming so this success is just another wonderful experience for them (and everyone else that went). I'm so happy I get to work with them.

Unfortunately, I had to head back to the office to finish reports for Monday. As if I wasn't busy enough, I was practically baiting self-torture of the non-work variety on top of it. And sure I get some satisfaction out of that that mini encounter but I also get a wake up call along with it. When will I ever learn and just snap out of this?! And yes, I got my work done, so this all cancels out.

And Pamy's back home again! I swear I complain about her constantly coming home just because I never know when I should make weekend plans (as if) or not. But really, I look forward to her being here. It's really like she never left.

I spent the day editing my vacation pictures (my god we took a lot of photos, didn't we? and those were just on my phone!) and catching up on New Girl and some TVD. It's nice that I've whittled down shows and just watch at a leisurely pace. It is possible after all.

We had dinner out as a family and then my sister and my dad and I caught The Avengers which I liked but didn't loooooove love. I get why it's a fangirl/boy's orgasm having all the fandoms colliding and I liked Tony Stark and Bruce and a lot of the interactions. It was funny how I was stuck between my sister who slept through the action scenes and my dad who slept through the talking bits. Oh, family. Never change.

The mom of an officemate passed away last Friday and though I'm not close to this officemate, my dad was also friends with my officemate's brother so we had planned on paying our respects at the wake. But due to exhaustion, my dad flaked on me and I ended up going alone. It was at the same place where my aunt was laid and it brought back some memories. I miss her dearly.

I ended up grabbing milk tea and some dessert before heading home just because there's that belief that you shouldn't go straight home after a wake so you don't take the spirits with you and thougH i don't actually subscribe to this, the mall was on sale so it was fun to be at a practically empty mall on a weekend (even with it being Monday the next day) and with a sale going on. Temptation was great. So very great.

And it's funny how I keep going in circles on this but I just can't seem to get out. It doesn't seem like I'm hurting myself though I see the chips and dents a bit now, it doesn't quite feel like a head on collision. Should I even let it get there? How does one get out of a rotunda??? I can't swerve out at all.
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