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When I Play[17 Down/35 To Go!]
[+] It's been surprisingly difficult to get back into the groove of things after the wonderful Seoul sojourn I had. So I'm glad I managed to get back to work for a full five days, though I was almost late every single day. I shouldn't be spoiling myself with these taxi cab rides but the heat of the summer and the mass of humanity on the MRT is totally making opt for the more expensive alternative. Not good.

[+] Despite my general laziness this week, it's a good week to get things done too. I'm still trying to get used to everything but at least a complete team means less stress for everyone doing things they're not supposed to be doing. The list of things to do is still a very long one but at least I'm getting to it one by one.

[+] Best part of the week? Getting to chill this weekend. It may not be the long weekend we were hoping for, but it wasn't so bad. Hanging out with high school friends to start off the weekend and having dinner out with the family with lots of reading and sleeping in between. I guess it's back to reality for me. I miss you, Seoul.

It's hard to believe a mere 24 hours ago, I was in Seoul, but after arriving back to the sweltering heat of Manila, I realized I better snap out of my vacation fast because I had meetings to attend to and work to do today. I'm surprised I woke up early enough to go to work. Not bad.

I'm glad I survived the day on just a Mountain Dew and lots of pinching myself too. I really shouldn't do this again though -- go straight to work after a vacation. What they say really is true, you'll need a break from the break. If only I could do infinite breaks. I wouldn't mind that at all.

And as silly as it is, it's always nice to come to mini-surprises. As minor and unimportant or scheduled as things can be, it's always nice to be remembered. So it wasn't the worst homecoming at all. Despite the heat and the work.

There is literally so much work. Sure, I was only gone two days but stuff piles up, on top of all the work I knew I was leaving behind, there's more surprise work. I guess the break should have re-energized me, but I think I just got really exhausted. I need to sleep more.

At least I was still able to join our second romcom night though. We didn't have one in March cause there weren't any movies of the romcom variety but this month we lucked out (or didn't luck out) on The Lucky One.

And though I'm easily impressed in general, it takes more to impress me when it comes to work. So I guess it still is a nice surprise when people blow me away with their work ethic. I like it when people are totally passionate about what they do (without it taking over their lives and all). But a good sense of interest in the job is always nice. I wish I could have that kind of fire.

I didn't realize submitting your visa documents to the UK visa office would take this long but let's just say the half day I had planned turned to 3/4 of a day. I tried to be as patient as I could but wow that stuff takes forever. And they didn't even interview me. It was literally just an appearance. Oh well, fingers crossed. I hope it all turns out okay.

It's funny cause when you expect something to happen, it really doesn't. I know there's that power of attraction thing (the secret) but I think I subscribe more to the don't think about it so you don't jinx it model. Alas, I keep thinking about things but don't seem to attract it. Just my luck.

I hitched a ride with my officemate Jin, cause she was heading in the same direction and though she's a lot more quiet than Risa, I'm really liking hanging out with her and I'm so glad we're not sort of officially team mates. I miss having really close female friends, especially since I barely see my college and high school friends.

I haven't talked to Reggie in the longest time and it's funny how easily attached I've gotten to her considering I no longer handle her brand. It's nice that we just bonded over TV and then it became a solid thing. Cause I see Reggie as a cool kid and being around cool kids isn't usually my thing but she's been so nice to me. I'm going to miss her when she goes on her vacation.

I love it that my dad was able to pick me up. Mass transportation and I haven't been getting along very well this summer and adding to the hot weather, being around so many people has just made it so unbearable. I don't know how I survived this before but i find myself sweating just thinking about it. I hate how expensive this summer is getting.

There is a comfort in routine, I realize. And though the situation isn't exactly ideal, I'll take this routine for now until something better comes along, or so I tell myself. Nothing's been proven but it's been awfully suspect. Let's wait a while and see if this routine is actually routine or just coincidence.

I don't mind doing more work as long as I know I'm really the right person to be doing such a thing? I hate complaining and I don't like pointing fingers but sometimes I just get incredibly frustrated and feel like I'm going to burst. I don't like that. I really don't. I need to goosefraba a bit over this.

In happier news, we had a great event for a brand we're all helping out with in the meantime and the lunch that went with it was fantastic. Free food is always A+ in my book so having that on top of a success is always a good thing. Here's to many more successes for us in the future. We're going to need it, I know.

Best part of the evening was starting my weekend off right with dinner with Lee and Iza. I just saw lee a couple weeks back and seeing her again tonight is a vast improvement from our sporadic get togethers back then. Plus Iza had so much to share with her travelling so much this past month, so it was nice to catch up with them both. I heart these girls.

Naturally after the exhaustion of last week and this week's craziness, I don't wake up early enough to do anything today. Still, I got some reading done and stayed in bed for majority of the day so I'd say today was a success in the chilaxing department. Let there be more unproductive days like today.

We had dinner out and it's funny cause my family is the most indecisive bunch. My dad will always ask where we want to eat (even if it was his idea) then I'll pipe in and answer a Japanese restaurant which will then be ignored and my mom will rattle off restaurants by location only for us to land in one of our staple places. Not very adventurous, we are.

And it's so silly but I still get giddy over silly social media events, like getting added back. Sure, nothing beats being added organically but sometimes you have to grease things along. And though there is absolutely no future or meaning to anything online, it's still a nice little thing to remember.

And as if the summer could get any hotter, today was unbearably hot with absolutely no sign of precipitation on the horizon. I don't understand how I managed to nap when I was sweating every other second. I guess sleeping was a nicer escape than wakefulness during the heat.

To make up for the heat, my mom prepared awesome food to get us by. Soba and tempura for lunch and paella for dinner. I'm so spoiled. I don't know how I'll survive if I ever move out of the house. Food will NEVER be this amazing.

Best part of the evening would have to be 'hanging out' with PB and Pamy over Google +. I miss them a lot and though I see Pamy more often, it's still different when you're all under one roof. I wish I could see them/be with them on a more regular basis.
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