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Movie Raving (?): The Lucky One

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Oh the things I do for Zac Efron. So this movie didn't get the best reviews -- not only from critics, but from friends who LOVE Zac. So I wasn't sure why I was still raring to watch Zac do his turn on a Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie, but I went into it with positivism still. That is the power of Zefron.

And though recently, Mr. Sparks hasn't had the best track record with me (Dear John and The Last Song were just a-ok in my book), when you throw Zefron into the mix, equations get tipped to your favor and you sort of forget all the negative reasons for anything. And so we dive in for our second installment of romcom night with Reggie and Jacque. This time, we get the cinema and time correct. At least we're off to a good start.

As long as Efron's shirt comes off, he could play an accountant and no one in the target audience would care. [Chicago Reader]
So yes, let's start off with the sole saving grace this movie had. It was Zac Efron. And as much as I love him, I'll have to admit this wasn't his finest work either. Though we know Zac's trying to distance himself from the movie-musical genre, the times he truly shined in this movie was when he was dancing in the kitchen and being all cutesy.

Zac, you're an awesome guy and I'm sure you'll be a serious actor (some day), but for now, can you please go back to making lovely movie musicals because you are awesome at that. Playing the brooding soldier isn't exactly his cup of tea just yet. Perhaps I just wasn't feeling it, but I just didn't see the pain and torture.

You know what else I didn't see? Enough of Zac's bare chest. I came into this thinking he'd be half naked for around 20% of the movie as advertised by Jacque. He was only naked for like 5% of the movie. Obviously not enough. And though there were lots of manly scenes with Zac fixing stuff and all that, nothing beats a half-naked Zefron. Oh wait, there was butt-grabbing, which adds up for something.

The biggest problem, however, comes down to chemistry. If the leads have it, a Sparks romance will work. [New York Daily News]
But see, the butt grabbing would have been more of a pinnacle to this movie if I were really rooting for Logan and Beth to get together. But I just wasn't. In fact, thanks to the 'someone-must-die' formula in a Sparks movie, I was actually hoping Beth would just bite the dust (*spoiler* she doesn't). Boo.

Sure, their love scenes were pretty hot but like I mentioned, taking it out of the context of the film, it would have been great, but as part of the story? I was just a little meh with it. Even the 'third party' story just wasn't working for me. I was just mostly wishing to see Zac half-naked.

Half the time, I was also hoping that this would turn out to be a cougar-story wherein Beth's grandma and Logan would end up together because really, Blythe Danner and Zac had better chemistry than the two supposed leads. Where was the fire? I couldn't feel the heat at all.

The most fortunate thing about The Lucky One is that despite a plot hole so big it could generate its own gravity field, it's still not a bad movie. [Miami Herald]
At the root of it, was just the gaping hole where the plot should have been. The premise would have been okay if the conflict was a big deal. I don't know, maybe I just didn't get it, but I didn't think the central problem of the story was much of a problem to begin with.

And because it was such a flimsy thing, the rest of the things that were built upon it just came out lame and totally unworthy of my attention. Instead, I was looking forward to Zac being cute and handy and just Zac being hot, when really, there could have been so much potential.

Alas, a romance wasted when Zac could have totally carried a better thought out film. Woudl I watch it again? Probably on fast forward to all of Zac's cuter scenes, but I'm still holding out for a The Notebook-esque chemistry or an A Walk to Remember-ish tearjerker. Get back on track, Mr. Sparks. I'm waiting.

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