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I know I laughed when you left but now I know I only hurt myself; Bring your sweet loving home to me

Bring it to me[15 Down/37 To Go!]
[-] As if the last week didn't have me saying goodbye to officemates, this week marked even more departures. This really feels like the mass exodus from my first job. The only difference is, I'm not one of those leaving. Instead I'm sticking around. It's sadder when you're left behind, that's for sure. How many more of this before we finish the second quarter of the year, I wonder.

[+] In other happier news, I was pretty productive on the socialization front this week. I got to see high school and college friends (and some work friends?) all in the span of one afternoon at Rockwell. I think I'll need to schedule more of these catch-up sessions with these girls. They were long overdue. The best part? For the first time, I wasn't just a listener -- I actually had something to share.

[+] jamypye was back in town (AGAIN) and she's making it very difficult to miss her, which I love. Though I didn't quite feel her presence (I didn't know she was coming, so I made plans), it was just fun to have her around. Not that we wouldn't see each other next week.

The last day of the long long weekend and I spent it being lazy. Lazy how? Catching up on The Vampire Diaries for one. I've been putting off watching this just because I can no longer recap but when I did see it again, it felt so good, knowing I have zero obligations to anything. This show is one of the few I'll keep watching from the long list I used to have. I still heart it so.

And after a couple of months, my bangs have turned out to be unmanageable already. It's good to know my hair is growing, even if I only see it in my bangs. I went to my cousin's usual stylist who apparently does bang touch-ups and though it wasn't what I was hoping for, it was a pretty good deal. I have another couple of months to grow it out and see if I want to continue on this bang-ful-2012.

Finally, as a preemptive measure, I had a feeling I wouldn't wake up early enough to get to work on time (add to this, the back-to-work traffic), I decide to spend the night at my cousin's house. I miss the Cids of Mandaluyong. We haven't hung out as often as we could so it was nice to just chill with them on a Sunday night.

It's funny how desperately I'm trying to fight something but at the same time, totally wanting to give into it. I'm honestly confused as to how I'm supposed to feel/deal with things when there are so many external factors. At best, I'm just floating, so let's see how much longer I can stay above water.

I was planning on going home early-ish today but of course, work had other plans. I'm trying to get back on my A-Game, especially after the Holy Week break, and now the work is pouring back in. Now that we've got a full team again, I have zero excuses for feeling lazy and neglecting other things.

Something we can't avoid? Rush jobs. I'm a self-confessed non-ideas person. I'm just not creative that way. I'm more of a doer and I can do follow through but to start things? Not my core competence. So when I'm being rushed to do something, I feel an extra pressure. And this won't be the last of it. So I need to toughen myself up more, I know.

The infamous project that I shouldn't have been handling anyway finally went down and though I was worrying about it a lot, it was nice to see that it all turned out for the best anyway. It's just funny how worried we were about no one attending when that was apparently the least of our worries.

And apparently Battleship is quite possibly the silliest movie I've seen this year. I'm the easiest person to please, we all know this, but perhaps coupled with my already bad mood and having to stay out late for work on a week day, I just couldn't forgive this film for its flaws. Thank goodness for the eyecandy because I don't understand how I sat through that.

It's also amazing how I'm getting better at predicting how things will turn out. I'm learning to be less believing and more doubtful and more cautious, which aren't necessarily great things, but are better in the long run. Oh how quickly the tables have turned. I'm already sort of laughing at how silly I was a mere month ago.

We had this long-ass meeting with our boss and it basically outlined all the other things we should be doing, that we weren't quite doing when we were less a person. But now that we're complete, things should be running smoother. WHICH ESSENTIALLY SCARES ME. Because right now, I'm basically scared shitless of fucking up and now that we've got it all laid out, it'll be more obvious when I do. Deep breaths. Must not panic.

And still, I find myself divided into a million pieces. From having to present (thankfully to a pretty cute audience) to attending multiple meetings on my return, it's a wonder I get anything done with the to-do list getting longer and the things piling up. I need to be better at multi-tasking.

Finally, it's funny how I'm getting stop signals from all corners and here I am, still stupidly going forward. It's a good thing I got a free ride home from dad lest I do something I wanted to but know I shouldn't. This is literally an internal power struggle between the Patty that knows better and the Patty that just doesn't care.

And for more goodbyes, I attend yet another despedida of an officemate. I swear, these things are becoming regular weekly things and I'd rather they not be. After the despedida, I get to head to a happier celebration of one of my officemates birthdays. Of course, because the world is conspiring to protect me, I get another friendly warning that I'd be silly to ignore.

Still, the party was fun in spite of the small hiccups. I got to relax a bit and just chill on a Friday night. I now really really understand why Friday nights are precious. Majority of the work week just really stresses me out and I love looking forward to the weekend.

It's interesting to see how things get played out as well. Though I wasn't expecting anything anymore, it's weird to feel like you're being watched and judged when you're just really trying to live your life. I don't mean to complain, I appreciate everything but sometimes I just wish I could do things the way I wanted to. Oh well, I got myself into this.

It was great to see my college girls (Hello, Dewey's Dawgz!) for lunch. I haven't seen some of them since last year so it was great to just see what everyone else was doing. And it was nice because EVERYONE had a work and love story to tell. I remember how the last time we were all pretty much story-less and now, we had to cut each other up to hear from others. Oh how times have changed.

After lunch, I had drinks with Lee-Ann from high school and it was just fun to tell her EVERYTHING. I haven't unloaded on a single person in a long time and seeing that she isn't involved in any way, it was nice to get a third person perspective of it all. I tried being as objective with the facts, but I'm sure some of it was besmirched by bias, but still. Seeing Lee-Ann and getting things off my chest felt so good.

And because I apparently hadn't socialized enough for the day, I had dinner with my office mate, Reggie and her friends, Essa (who's also a client!) and Francis whom I wouldn't normally hang out with but are so incredibly sweet and gracious to me, I couldn't say no. Here's to surprise hang outs with new friends.

And because yes, my sister is actually in Manila, it was nice to see her and hang out with her for a day or so. They started planning for our impending Korea trip but because I am uncooperative and lazy, I let them do most of the planning and will be there for the ride. I am such a trooper. I'm just really not a planner that way.

We end up having dinner at Nanbantei in Bonifacio High Street and I swear the food is amazing but totally filling. We ordered waaaaay too much, even my mom gives up on the food. It's all good though because this just means we'll be having left overs for days. I won't say no to a good Japanese grill on the menu at all.

And because it still amazes me how I can't read signs. I'm literally gobsmacked by the coincidences that happen in one night. Not only do my dad almost walk into fancy man, he also totally parks in the same lot and walks past me and my mother. All without seeing one another (for that I am glad). It's a little crazy how things like this happen to me.
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