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Swag On You[14 Down/38 To Go!]
[+] Because this presidency is totally sparing in the holidays it gives us, Holy Week is a major thing to look forward to if only for the days off we get from work. Sure, it's only two days, but that added Monday off is a lot to take in. I know, we're such suckers for holidays but honestly, I've never felt the need for a break so bad. Why am I so exhausted all the time?

[+] This week also marked the end of my brief love affair with my officemate, Barb. We had known each other since I first got into the office but only really bonded this year. How I wish we had more time together but I'd like to think the days leading up to her last day (in the office) were well spent. Until I see you again, Mrs. Caluag!

[+] Despite the general heat we always experience during the Holy Week, I'm glad to be in town for this year's traditions. Last year, I was gallivanting in Singapore with the siblings. This year, it's back to our (very cute) Australian priests. Not a bad deal at all. I hope your Holy weeks were as 'relaxing' as mine. Don't we wish it were a little longer?

It's funny how the start of the week actually signals the end of something for me. Having been in charge of a brand in the interim, it was actually sad to let it go. Though I'll admit, I wasn't so welcoming to having to take on more, it was a surprising development that I actually enjoyed the new things thrown my way. And naturally, it had to come to an end.

We say hello to my first male team mate and letting go of brands that I had learned to love. It's funny cause as always, right when I start to enjoy something, I have to let it go. I'll miss my girls, Lou and Barb, who welcome me so nicely and helped me so much. I'll miss pitching the brands and opening myself up to new things.

Still, perhaps not all things have to come to an end. Perhaps I'll hang on to some other things? Though it's not all up to me, I'm certainly enjoying some remnants of what I have to leave behind. Let's see how long I'll have this with me now.

It's funny cause my boss has an eerie sense of my future. She's been pretty spot on with predicting little instances. Nothing major but definitely little details that make life more interesting. So far, she's gotten quite a few things correct and I'm interested in knowing what else she sees in my near future. I hope it's all good things. Or could it be self-fulfilling prophecies?

I had to sit in on a meeting with one of the men's brands (that I thought I had already let go of) and I swear I don't get to be in meetings with boys this cute. After research though, I find that cute boy is already engaged. Alas, so is life. And I had my red lipstick on too! I can't win, can I?

The folks in the office are dropping like flies, with people already taking extended leaves of absence to round out the Holy Week. I kind of wish I were going somewhere too. Still, being without supervision is a pretty good deal too. Nice way of easing us into the break.

Last day of work and it's a pretty lazy day in general. And still, we're all on edge and pretty much stressed out. Nothing a little trip to McDonalds couldn't fix. It's amazing how fast food can cure a lot of stress. I know stress-eating isn't exactly recommendable but sometimes, French fries and chicken nuggets are just needed.

And despite it being the start-ish of the Holy Week preparations, I couldn't not attend Barb's last dinner. It was a little sad to see Barb packing up her things -- knowing she wouldn't be transferring to the 7F like everyone else who's packing up. On a side note, I'm glad I didn't have to pack anything up but also miffed I don't move at all. I kind of wish I moved places.

Though I didn't stay long, I could feel the love from everyone who came out to her dinner. The past few weeks have been an extended goodbye to her but just knowing that when I come back to work on Tuesday and she won't be there to get milk tea with or go to the mall with or just chat with, gets me all emotional. Sad times, really.

My dad is the funniest. The day before, he tells me he wants to do one of those grand Visita Iglesia roadtrips we used to do as kids. So despite the busy-ness at work, I research churches in provinces (limited to Pampanga) that we can visit.

And sure, I get in early in the morning of Wednesday but if you woke me up, I would wake up, especially for a road trip. But of course, no one wakes up (my dad included) and instead of the road trip we had planned, we end up doing a one-church stations of the cross. We are from one family, us lazy bones.

And as hard as it has been to be a 'good' girl, it does have its perks. It's always nice to be surprised. Though things may be inconsequential in the grander scheme of things, it's always the small things that count and make you smile when you break it all up into small manageable pieces. I know I shouldn't but I'm definitely enjoying it.

It's true. Good Friday is always one of the hottest days of the year and I suppose it's so that we can suffer along with Christ. But wow, this was really just a terribly hot day and I was incredibly thankful for the small amount of rain we got -- though I wish it had poured a bit more.

As always, mom and I attend the procession and for some reason, it felt a lot longer this year -- even if it's supposed to seem shorter every year since I'm getting older, right? But no, as if the procession wasn't long, there was happening in the church afterwards that really had me counting minutes. It had my mom commenting on the time and she never does! You know it's long when mom notices.

But really, the highlight of the day, as ashamed as I am to admit is that I finally caught Game of Thrones. I've been devoid of any TV these past few weeks and it's a shame that I just caught the first two episodes today. I really need to get back into the groove of it all. I wonder when I'll finally get back to watching TV again.

I keep putting it off but I figured the vacation is almost over and I just need to do this, so I finally got around to cleaning my room. Like majorly cleaning it. Despite it taking the whole day, it felt very much worth it to see my desk clear and my closets breathing.

I gave away a whole lot of clothes but I think I'll manage. Perhaps it's time for a new wardrobe? Maybe. And this time around, I'm going to try to be more conscious of the things I buy. I used to get things just because they were on sale, but I guess I need to think a little more now. It just feels really good to have everything cleared out.

It was also fun cause my cousins came over and hung out with us, even if I was corny and was cleaning my room the entire time. I do miss seeing my cousins so having them hang out for a bit is always a treat. Things are different now, but somehow still the same.

It's Easter Sunday! Though I know this should be like a v2 of Christmas, it never really is. We go to mass and have a nice lunch at home but it just doesn't feel like how the holidays do (perhaps it's due to the weather and the lack of gifts, how materialistic!!!). So here goes another Easter Sunday that deserves way more celebration than it gets.

Instead, I end up reading and sleeping and just being lazy, just the way I like it. In that way, it's a good day where I don't have to do things I don't want to. I guess, despite the fanfare, it's a pretty good holiday too. Just doesn't get the hype it probably deserves too. Maybe I should give out Easter gifts to get in the mood? I don't know.

And I know that I shouldn't take everything literally or seriously but sometimes, it's hard to ignore comments or things said in passing. I've been warned to not be too impressionable but of course, I am. And so I'll take whatever nice feelings I can get from this, though of course, internally, you know I'm lit up like a bulb.
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