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Do we separate?[13 Down/39 To Go!]
[+] As horrible as it sounds, I really look forward to the days off from work that Holy Week brings us every year. And this year, I'm in Manila to swelter through the heat and attend all the church activities (unlike last year's Singa-fun summer spectacular). And really, it wasn't so bad. I'm glad I got time off to just relax.

[+] In more awesome news, my little sister is officially a high school graduate. This just means my parents are finally done with secondary education for the rest of their lives (unless of course, my recurring nightmare comes to life, but let's not get into that). I'm so proud of her and wish I could have attended the actual ceremony. I'll settle for the dinner.

[+] And look, March is over and we say hello to April. I don't understand how the months can go by so freaking quickly. It's a little crazy how we literally can just blink and the month is done. And that's how my March went. In a blink. Was it awesome though? It was pretty awesome, if I must say so.

I have this curse in the office that when I start to get close to someone or start to really enjoy something I'm doing, it will somehow be taken away from me. One of my officemates got married last January and though we knew each other, we didn't get close until recently, until it was cemented that she would be leaving.

And so we're sort of making up for lost time by literally spending every free minute together. I'm surprised Barb isn't sick of me yet, but I'm just soaking her presence up until she leaves me for glorious Singapore. I swear. SG is taking away all the awesome people in my life. It's not fair.

I'm glad though that through Barb, I was able to get closer to Stephie too. Stephie and I know each other through work but don't really hang out much, but because of Barb's impending departure, we're all sort of bonding. I had dinner with them (all impromptu) and it was nice to get out for a bit. I wish I could do more spontaneous things.

It's funny cause I'm usually pretty focused at work. Yes, I procrastinate and I dilly-dally at times, but I'd like to think I'm pretty set on tasks at hand. Lately though (maybe cause I'm looking forward to Holy Week), I've had such a hard time concentrating, it's not even funny. I keep trying to focus (and read articles on Lifehacker on concentrating just to get me back in the groove. Perhaps after Holy Week?

Also, it's so hard to be walking on eggshells all the time. I'm not usually affected by other people's bad moods but it's hard to ignore when it's in your face all the time. There's only so much of it I can deflect. I know I shouldn't be this sensitive but I guess I am, I've always been.

I'm going to need to toughen up soon. I can't let small things get to me anymore or I'll go crazy, for real. I get there's more to life than our jobs but we spend so much time working, it does feel like that's all there is to life. I'm glad March was able to let me branch out more in terms of work/life balance, but perhaps I need to tip the scales a little more.

I do understand why meetings take place but I'll just reinstate my stand on these. I'm not their biggest fan. Quick pow wows, I don't mind, but long ass ones? Not so. Especially when I have to trek far for it. I know I'm totally in the wrnog business if this is the case, but I guess that's that.

It would totally help if the folks I'm meeting are incredibly handsome. Alas, this is NEVER the case. Though I've only been on the job for a year and a half or so, I think I can count on one hand (not a complete hand), the number of handsome men I've met with. It's a sad statistic but true.

And I had dinner out again with Barbara at a restaurant really near our office that has really wonderful sausage and cheese platters. I know these are supposedly taken with wine or whatever, but I just pop them in one after the other. I'm so not a gourmet eater. I just want good food.

And because this week is all about meetings, I find myself out again for most of the day, presenting and meeting with clients. I'm starting to miss my desk and my wonderful lumbar-support chair. I'll need to stay a little later to warm that chair a bit. I'm sure my chair misses me too.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to warm my chair too long as I had to run to my little sister's graduation dinner. I already missed the ceremony so I had to make sure I made it to something and I'm refusing to let work get in the way of important milestones in my younger siblings lives. Being the only one left of the first three kids, I feel this need to represent at big things like this.

I'm glad to say the dinner went well except for that little hitch where the graduate actually suffered from a terrible tummy ache that had us leaving dinner early, but it's all good. She stressed herself out so much, I guess it all had to come out some way. No, not that way.

And because I'm the dutiful sister, I totally volunteered to drive my little sister to her ball. Except thanks to last night's dinner fiasco, it's totally up in the air if she'll even be in attendance. But I've already driven all the way back home and it's really traffic and I know she looks really cute in her dress and all, so I'm glad she feels a little better, enough to go.

And true enough, she's well enough! After my cousin fixes her up (and she gets her hair cut! It's not fair how cute she looks with the pixie cut), I take my cousin back home (which is literally right across my office) and head to another farewell dinner of another officemate whom I'd grown close to.

Diwa is one of our videographers and she's my batchmate in college (though we went to different universities). She's just the sweetest thing ever so it makes me sad to have to see her go as well. I'm glad I was able to see her on her last day. I swear, my friends are dropping like flies in the office. It's getting me down.

I don't know how I'm going to write three entire paragraphs about my Saturday when really, all I did was sleep. After getting home, totally exhausted from picking my little sister up from her ball, we had some chicken nuggets from Mcdonalds and I collapse onto my bed.

I wake up for lunch, I think, but then I head back to sleep again. And then I wake up for a really late dinner but end up sleeping, so really, my riveting day was just made up of me sleeping. And though I wish I had been more productive, I'm also just really happy to have been able to rest. This week was pretty crazy on my body and I don't think I've recovered.

I wish I could just sleep for entire weekends and still have time to do things I enjoy like reading and watching TV (It's disgusting and shameful how far behind I am on TV shows). Alas, there aren't enough days in the week. Longer weekends, please? I wouldn't mind.

And because for a month or so, I had to sub for one of male brands, I actually had to attend a car show for work. Now, I drive a manual (though not lately) and I do like driving but I'm not a hardcore car fan at all. I can tell car brands (ish) apart so handling the car brand was really something way out of my sphere of interest.

But of course, like much of my job, you learn to enjoy things and this car show? was pretty kick ass. Of course, it didn't hurt I was with Barb (whom I'm already beginning to miss despite her still being here) who navigated the show for me and introduced me to all her car-related friends, who surprisingly, didn't make me feel silly for not knowing a thing.

I was pretty impressed by the showcase of cars and wish I had taken my brothers or my dad to this (there were lots of girls too). Best part? I got to sit in the front seat of a BMW M1 Coupe. Don't ask me specifics, but I felt pretty bad ass.
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