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Movie Raving: The Hunger Games

Hey, Odds! [Collider]
Despite my general love for this movie and actual real anticipation for it, it was so weird to me that I'm not over the moon jumping about it. Don't get me wrong, I loved it. It was pretty freaking awesome. But guess how many times I've watched it? Once. While my sisters who aren't even fans, have seen it twice each and were the ones jumping off their seats when they saw it with me. I feel like a failure as a fangirl.

But I digress, despite my non-rabid reactions, I'll admit all my fears about the adaptation were allayed when I saw the final product. So if you're expecting a lucid review, you're in the wrong place. I'm about to spaz all over the place. It's not going to be pretty.

Lawrence is a tremendous talent, and she is what makes The Hunger Games ultimately worth spending time with. She doesn't elevate the film to the heights to which one might have wanted, but she takes it a lot higher than it would have otherwise risen. [Arizona Republic]
Let's start with the cast, because I distinctly remember being really scared when they announced the initial casting. I had seen Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone, which she was awesome at, but I'll admit I had reservations. Let's just say, she blew my mind as Katniss. She really did bring the lead character to life and really carried the film. She had the perfect balance of reluctant hero and loving sister and was just amazing. If I can only name ONE brilliant thing from this franchise, it would be her. Let's all commence crushing on her now.

The rest of the cast was pretty awesome too, though we won't ever see the rest of the tributes, Rue and Cato and Clove and the rest of the 24 kids who we see killed one by one were pretty effective despite the fact that I was trying so hard not to be attached to any of them.

Of course, there was Peeta and Gale and though we all know I'm firmly on Team Peeta, it's a good sign when i'm not loathing Team Gale either. My sister and I liked it most when they'd show Gale's reaction shots to Peeta & Katniss just because it allowed us to read between the lines of non-existent things.

Speaking of the love triangles, it's obvious they're going to be playing up the Gale/Katniss/Peeta love affair in the next two movies so I'm not too worried that there wasn't much exploitation of the 'love' here in the first movie, especially since they were probably too busy setting up the brutality of it all.

Even the adults were pretty entertaining. From Woody Harrelson's Haymitch to Seneca Crane and Professor Snow and Effie and even Katniss's mom, everyone pretty much was their character and it was so nice to have faces to the names I just read in the books and had no imagination to bring to life. The sets were beautiful and the music was great though of course, the CGI could improve, but I won't judge. It's a first time.

As tough-spirited as fans would hope for - and exciting and thought-provoking in a way few adventure dramas ever are. [New York Daily News]
But really, the film was pretty much solid. Sure, there were some things they missed out on, but because it was such a nicely adapted film (by Collins herself), all that was left out was totally forgivable.

So taking into consideration that it was the first in a franchise, I'll have to raise my glass to the series for really holding on to that top spot for so long and striking the balance between killing kids and not grossing me out while this is happening. Though I'm sure, some folks would have preferred to see all the blood and gore, I'm happy they didn't go all out. I'm not sure I could take it.

And though I was totally hating on the career tributes in the book, it was nice to see them actually act human-ish. I still don't like Cato or Clove but I didn't hate them blindly either which I usually do. And, no, I didn't cry when Katniss was saying goodbye to Prim (*cough*Pamy*cough*) but I did get choked up when they finally beat the system with the berries. Beat that, Seneca Crane.

Leaner than "Harry Potter's" adventures, meaner than the "Twilight" saga, The Hunger Games lives up to its source if not entirely the hype. [Tampa Bay Times]
Finally, though I personally don't want to compare it to other book-movie franchises, others did and they did have a point somehow. Still, on its own, it's a pretty huge beast, managing to stay on top of the box office weeks after it premiered, and yet, I have to watch it more than once.

Perhaps I was tired when I first caught it, but I wasn't jumping out of my seat when I was seeing it, but perhaps that was because I knew what to expect. I'll definitely try to catch it again and see how I enjoy it a second time around because I'm sure I missed so many small details that Gary Ross and Jennifer Lawrence added to the film.

Am I excited for Catching Fire? Hell yes. Maybe by then, I'll be back into my fangirling mode. Let's all cross our fingers.

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