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Better Run[12 Down/40 To Go!]
[+] How fast things can change for me. I honestly thought March would just be another month in the year and it's been such a pleasantly surprising and enjoyable month. Sure, it wasn't what I expected at all, but it's part of the charm, isn't it? The unexpectedness of it all.

[-] I'm pretty annoyed at myself at how I can't let anything just be a small thing and let it slide. I'm a self-confessed head-over-heart girl and I know I over think things, but wow, I really do over think EVERYTHING. Nothing is a small thing. Mole hills really do become mountains. I wish I could just chill and not worry about every single thing.

[+] Two wonderful things happened this week though. First of all, The Hunger Gams finally arrived after a year or so of waiting (though I'll admit, I was pretty calm) and my sister, jamypye arrived with the movie to hang out with us for a weekend. Two of my favorite things in a weekend? Yes, please.

[+] Halfway through March and the first quarter of the year is almost over. 2012 has moved really quickly and I'm just trying to soak it all in. Fight.

Work seemed to go by like a blur today and with the upcoming Holy Week (2 weeks away, but five days of break!!!), my concentration is slowly waning. And when I mean waning, it's like non-existent. So I'm surprised I actually got anything done on a Monday when my brain is usually still on a Sunday in another time zone.

On a totally random note, I've observed that I've been a 'good girl' for most of my life except for times in my childhood when I was feeling rebellious so it's weird now that I'm getting this urge to defy what convention and go the alternative route. Not necessarily a 'bad' route but just not something safe!Patty would choose. I'm still thinking about it, but it's there on the table anyway.

I'm known to act pretty silly in the office but because the sixth floor holds department that aren't very familiar with my brand of weird, it still gets embarrassing when I'm caught doing something not quite the ordinary. Today, I was silly dancing in front of glasswinged and lo and behold, the vegetable guy passes by. Which is okay, he looked amused, but definitely not the image I want to form in his head about me.

I'm not a big meetings person. I totally believe things can get done via email. Yes, I see that talking face to face has the perks of not waiting for the other to reply but I really think not everything needs a meeting. So having to trek to the far flub hills for a meeting always gets to me. Especially when I have so much work waiting for me back in the office.

True enough, I return to a shitload of work and the non-concentration I seem to be experiencing isn't helping at all. This just means I end up going home later than usual, which is okay, free rides are good, but still, I'd rather be asleep in bed at a normal hour, than working in the office. I'm not a saint after all.

It's also wonderful to get a humanizing view of someone you sort of put on a pedestal before. It's always reassuring to know that demigods are but human and totally flawed after all. and still, despite the flaws, it's still interesting to know more. It just has to be put out there that you really can't judge a person by first impressions. Intimidation is but a front.

In more redundancy and mundane life stories, I'm so proud of myself for waking up early enough to ride with my dad on a regular basis. Getting to work earlier has gotten me more focused just because I get to skip the MRT drama. I'm liking this new groove I'm on. I hope I can keep it up all through the summer at least.

It makes me sad that every time I start to really enjoy doing something, it gets taken away. Not that I didn't see it coming, I knew of this beforehand but it's settling in that I won't be doing things that I've just gotten around to enjoying already. Oh well, all good things must come to an end.

I don't know what possessed me to jump the gun yet again but I felt like it had to be put out there. And though I feel better for getting things off my chest, there's that what if feeling at the back of my head that's making me think, things don't have to be this dramatic all the time. I am a drama queen though, so it's no surprise.

I was surprisingly really groggy at work today. I'm usually alert and awake and firing all pistons but today, I was just really really sleepy. I found myself slapping my cheek every few minutes just to snap out of my daze. I don't know if it's the weather (it's been weird) or it's just me lacking sleep but I was just not awake today.

And because this week deserves a little wonderful, Barb and I got milk tea for snacks. It rained and we rushed back to the office, but it was fun to just get out for a bit. I don't usually take afternoon breaks but it was nice to just chill for a bit and get energized for the final stretch of the day. Oh the wonders of milk tea and its healing properties on drudging office employees.

Somehow, despite having knowledge of something coming, it's still sad when it gets more official. Other than the usual selfish reasons for not wanting something to happen, I'm actually really sad about the state of things and how it'll affect future plans and relationships. I didn't think I was actually this invested in it until it got real. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow.

As much as I enjoy going out on Fridays (two in a row, guise -- who is this person and what has she done with the real Patty?!) I decided to call it a night earlier tonight. Sure, I had impromptu dinner plans with Barb (who's leaving soon!!!) but other than that, I wasn't going to stay out as late as I have been the past few weeks.

And I'm so glad I stayed true to my word. There was that temptation to just stay for one more drink but I managed to pull myself together to get my head out of my ass and just go home when I got the sleepy vibes again. Not even a free ride could keep me out. Still, the early out didn't stop me from getting a nice buzz. I got more buzzed than usual and I'm apparently a horribly emotional drunk.

No, there weren't any professions of love or vomiting but it's all embarrassing in hindsight, the things I said and how I reacted to things. I'm glad I was with Barb, whom i trust immensely, otherwise, it would have been a really hilariously embarrassing night. There is a reason I don't drink much after all.

After last week's hectic weekend, I was pretty scared for the weekend up ahead. Usually when jamypye arrives, we have a crazy ass weekend up ahead so I was already psyching myself up for the hectic-ness that would ensue. Because with Pamy, it's always a wild ride for the short amount of time she's here.

So after lunch with the family, we finally have our Hunger Games viewing. We've been pretty psyched for this and though I was relatively calm all throughout the movie, it was nice to see them bring it to life. My sisters were surprisingly more excited than I was, so it was more fun to see them get all emotional over everything. I don't know what came over me, because I was so freaking calm.Hunger games.

I'm pretty tired by the time we get home but we forget to give my sister her clothes (for her night out) so we rush back to the mall to give her her things. It's a good thing she was ready with a bribe for us (milk tea!) so it didn't feel like much of a chore. It's funny cause I was about to join her for her night out, but obviously, I wasn't going to have enough energy to make it through anything. Grandma-mode strikes again.

On Pamy's last day in Manila (as if she was here long enough to have anything other a first and last day), we had lunch at Rockwell. And I absolutely miss this mall. We used to go here so much but it's gotten to be too far for my dad, who prefers Eastwood so anytime I'm there, I'll take it.

Unfortunately, our mall trip was cut short, with totally legitimate reason though. I get a message from _lexizzle saying he had hit his head and was stitched up but needed help with cleaning his wounds. It's a good thing my mom and dad were pretty calm about everything because I was slightly panicking. It's hard cause he's in SG all alone, and though he's been there for years by himself, he had to have this minor accident when my sister wasn't there to help him. Still, I'm glad he's all okay, but he really gave me a fright for a bit there.

Somehow, we all get home in one piece (after hanging out with my cousins and playing Kinnect) and Pamy cooks us dinner which is some really good food. I'm going to miss this girl when she leaves us again but I know she'll be back before I know it. It was a good way to end the week with her around. I wish we got to talk a bit more.
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