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you pull me closer[11 Down/41 To Go!]
[+] Hectic week was hectic. Not just work-wise but non-work related too. Not that I'm totally averse to anything that isn't part of my usual routine (I am, actually), but this week was full of things that aren't on the usual menu. I should be thankful for the activity, and I am. I'm just exhausted.

[+] This week, we also had the rare unsupervised days. And though I'd like to think we behaved ourselves, it's always a welcome idea to be a free-er sometimes. What we do with that freedom? Lots of things. I'm glad it happens everyone once in a while. If it happened more, I sense anarchy will ensue.

[+] And because my weekends are usually reserved for lazing around, it was a surprise that I actually really enjoyed being out and about. Though of course, I want next week to be less busy, this one wasn't such a bad alternative after all. Hey, friends! I'm getting out of the house for you.

[+] The bangs need to be trimmed already. How fast does that part of my hair grow?! I want the rest to grow this fast too. Long hair, why so difficult?

The MRT has been incredibly annoying again. I've been waking up as early as I can and yet, I can't seem to beat the lines. I don't know what time I have to be there to get in without the hassle and it's seriously pissing me off. I'm really really wishing I worked in a city where commuting was easy. Hey, Singapore. I'm dying to work with you.

Work isn't even that bad. But the commute in the morning is so bad, my entire day gets totally messed up. And it's not like i don't have the option of driving. I do. Except that the college kid in the family usually has the rights to the car and I want to give it to my brothers. But I'm so tempted to drive if only to skip the hassle of the morning commute.

In other news, despite the general negativity Monday mornings bring, it's always nice to get noticed -- whether it's for work or otherwise. It's silly to even give something this small so much attention but for me, it's big. I shouldn't make it big but I will anyway just because.

On the even before my sister's birthday, my brother decides to surprise her with a GChat salubong to her. And though I email with them a lot, I barely get to chat with them. So it was nice to be able to see them and chat for a bit. I do miss them a lot and despite my general sleepiness at that time of the night, I'm glad I stayed up to see them.

Also, I'm trying to figure out whether it's more fun to be easy to stalk or not easy to stalk. Online social media accounts make it so easy to find someone and yet privacy settings also prevent me from fully finding others. I'm not sure whether it's better to know too much or know too little.

Still working on my visa requirements and it's been pretty annoying. I get why they need us to answer all these questions but it's such a hassle. There is a reason I love going to Singapore. There is no need for a visa. I'm not a criminal! Please make it easier for me other countries.

It's that time of the month again when I need to do my monthly reports that really do get my eyes all crossed. I'm so not a numbers person and it's so funny that I got into a job where I do deal with numbers and quotas a lot. I was never super good with numbers so it's funny that I have to do this now.

Added to this, I receive some pretty bad news work-wise. Though it's not necessarily something that affects me directly, it could possibly affect me somehow and I'm already dreading this eventual aftermath. As it is, things are already pretty overwhelming. I don't want to get ahead of myself but that's who I am. So yeah, let's all take a deep breath first. Whew.

I'm glad I was able to have dinner with Kim though. When we were both in the same office, we'd barely see each other so this is a vast improvement. It's nice to catch up with her a bit and wish we could do it more often. Plus we got to try a restaurant that's really near the office but haven't tried because I barely go out. Sandwiches win at life. That is all.

And to add more wonderful stories to my transportation nightmare, there was a transport strike this morning and it was horrible. I'm glad I was able to wake up extremely early to hitch with dad and skip all the drama. Why must it be so difficult to get to work?!

We had an event for work that was supposed to be a lot more stressful if we planned it, but because someone else did it for us, it was actually just pretty fun. We had lots of food and had lots of fun and despite getting to skip a lot of work, at least I got a nice meal out of it. Food really is love.

I was so tempted to go straight home, but this freedom from supervision is making me feel more guilty about the liberties I'm taking so I went back to the office to finish off my work. Good call on my part too just because I got to get stuff done and also got to know way more than I should. Oh knowledge, how can I turn you into power?

Fridays are quite possibly my most favorite day of the week even if there's so much to do. The anticipation of the weekend is my favorite part of the weekend even if the weekend isn't as awesome as I think it out to be. And so getting milk tea fairy-ed by someone other myself was a nice addition.

But the work day wasn't going to end fast. The girls on our floor wanted to host a mini-soirée for one of our single friends and we all had to bring someone single. I brought my high school friend, and we had a 'night on the town' which is something I DO NOT DO AT ALL. But it was fun and I had to force myself to interact socially with boys who don't work in my office. Which was generally strange, but I guess practice makes perfect?

As if one social gathering wasn't enough, I actually headed to another one with other office friends (who knew I had this many office friends?!) and this was slightly less intimidating perhaps because of the more familiar surroundings. I got home via cab quite late (early in the morning) but it wasn't so bad. That's two Fridays in a row now though. Party girl, much?! Who am I???

I woke up with my heart beating really fast and I think it was thanks to the uber late night I had. I'm not used to not having enough sleep so this was a not-so-great after feeling, despite the fact that I didn't even drink much. Still, I had sisterly duties to attend to so I drove my siblings to the places they needed to be at. I'm not the only driver in the house but somehow I'm the only one driving everyone around.

I took a nap before heading to my college friend's kid's dedication. It's still beyond me that my friend from college is married with a kid. I get we're 25 already and people are settling down, but I didn't think it would actually be happening. Her daughter was really cute and it was nice to catch up with college friends. I'm still not over the friend's with kids portion though. Are we getting old or what?

And because I seemed to be game for more action in my life, I picked my little sister up from her event and visited our cousins for some Kinnect dancing and stickgunfu record-beating. I'm not a games person at all but it was still pretty fun. I need more physical activity in my life.

So yesterday's activities totally got me wiped out and I'm surprised that I actually made it to mass today. I'm happy I was able to stay awake for mass but couldn't help but nap when I got home. I am such a grandmother this way. How can people party every night is beyond me. I need sleep more.

But because I'm all for tiring myself out more, I went out with the family. I'm proud to say I only bought belts this time around. I wanted to buy so much more but then I tried to remember the impending trips and kept the wallet safe in the bag. Best part? We had ramen for dinner. I need to try more ramen places.

My dad loves getting new gadgets and because he's due for a new one, he got this media box that basically plays digital files. It's funny to see my dad inducted to the world of downloading. He used to rely on us for things but now, the tables have turned and he's in charge of a lot of things. Oh dad, enjoy your torrenting.
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