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Safe & Sound[10 Down/42 To Go!]
[+] It's funny writing all of this in hindsight. The original reason I wanted to document my weekly life is because looking back on LJ years past, I couldn't quite remember everything that happened. And yet, as it happened, this daily documentation made me realize just how mundane everyday life is. But here I am anyway, backdating entries just because I can.

[+] This was the week that changed my routine drastically. After being the work-home girl I used to be, I got so tired from work, I actually did what normal twenty-somethings did. I went out for drinks on a Friday night. One time thing? I thought so. Let's just say March turned out to be an awakening for me.

[+] So let's all take a look back in history at the silly March madness I had (it wasn't as riveting as Fandom March Madness which I apparently suck at very very much). It's pretty fun to look back at all of this right now. It was a pretty fast March (I can't believe it's all over now, really) and I won't bore you any more.

It's funny because as I was trying to catch up on all the LJ I missed, I accidentally deleted the folder I was working on. This seems to be a habit I love to do. Thank goodness for recovery systems like Pandora Recovery that saved all my work. It wasn't fun.

At work today, I attended a brainstorm that had me realize my mindset was still of a 13 to 17 year old girl. Seriously. How funny and sad is that? I don't mind staying young but at the same time it totally explains so many things. Why I am eternally stuck in a high school state of mind in terms of interests and social awkwardness.

I was supposed to have dinner with shadybrightside but it got cancelled in the last minute and I actually feel really bad about it. I was really looking forward to it and I didn't realize she'd be leaving so fast. Oh well, perhaps next time, we can get together.

I've come to realize that a) the glasses and bangs make me look older b) the premature promotion makes me a little young for the position. I'm actually not sure whether I want to look too old or too young. Sure, I dress pretty blah most days, but it's only because I'm lazy that way. And I'm not sure how 25 is supposed to look anyway.

In a span of a week, two people in the office have mistaken me for being 'older' than I really am (our big boss and a print EIC). Though it's flattering when they realize I'm younger than I am, I realize I have to take steps to avoid this confusion with the age. If it means making an effort to look younger (combing the hair, actually thinking of what I'm wearing), then so be it. I'm already getting lazy thinking of this.

And because I haven't been the gym in ages and don't have any plans of going back soon, I figured I might as well try to do some Pilates. The upside of this is it's just in the office. Sure, it's a bit expensive for me, but the convenience of just going down one floor is worth it. It's painful but let's see how long I can last.

Today, I tried dressing for success and true enough, it worked! Sure, I got called out by girls mostly but it's not like our office isn't made up of 90% girls anyway. It's silly but a little attention never hurt and it was nice to be noticed -- even if by girls. I'll take it.

It's fun cause I've been getting closer to some officemates who went to the same high school as me but graduated a few years ahead. They've been pretty awesome and though they were trying to goad who vegetable man was out of me (and succeeded), I figured it didn't hurt to share with a few girls. After all, it's all but a harmless crush, yes? Let's keep saying that.

And to make things more awesome, I got a ride to work and back home. It's been immensely more convenient to ride with my dad to work. Sure, I have to wake up at ungodly hours but at least I don't get the hassle of the long lines. Let's see how long I can pull this off.

It's pretty funny when even the big boss is involved in your non-love life. I guess our office is a pretty close one and because they all know I'm single (and have always been), I guess it's pretty fun to try to match up the single girl with whomever they can. I take it in stride and let them be. It's all fun and games for everyone. It'll pass eventually.

It's funny though cause Pilates has been a pretty hot topic for everyone and even vegetable man has inquired about it. We don't usually interact much but at lunch, he asked if I was attending Pilates and said he'd drop by. Of course, I try not to pin my hopes on this. I don't want him to see me suffer through Pilates anyway. But of course, a small part of me wanted to interact with him on a non-work level.

True enough, he doesn't show up for Pilates which is okay. I'm slowly learning to enjoy this torture they call Pilates. It's pretty chill and lots of lifting yourself (which is hella difficult) but I like it much more than the gym right now and for lazy girls like me, I'll take it for as long as I can.

We had a fire drill in the office today and though I came from a meeting, I still caught the tail end of it. I'm glad my entire team was already hanging out at the coffee shop downstairs so I didn't actually have to go through the entire drill. It was fun bumming around but I really just wanted to get work done. Nerd.

It's annoying though cause right when I get back to the office, there's a clusterfuck to deal with. I'm trying to be more pro-active and not hide behind others but sometimes, I just want to not deal with things. Especially with things I'm not so familiar with. I hate starting the weekend on a negative note. I hope we dealt with it sufficiently enough.

And so starts my Fridays-night-out March. A couple of girls on my floor were inviting me out for drinks and though I had a ton to finish (the fire drill did not help), I dragged myself out to meet them and it turned out to be quite fun. I didn't drink much (I don't really) but just hanging with them in a non-work environment proved to be quasi-therapeutic. No wonder people go out on Friday nights. Belated and silly realization, I know.

Obviously thanks to that late night out, I woke up late on a Saturday. But not late enough to tag along to my parents on a mall trip. I kind of miss hanging out with them and seeing their faces (I see them late at night and early in the morning) so it was nice to just hang out with them again for a bit. I'm such a parents' girl.

And thanks to this purchasing power I actually have, I got a couple of dresses (again). I'm trying to keep the shopping to a minimum given the many trips I have lined up this year (though not yet finalized), but I couldn't resist the cuts and the sales and so I gave in to temptation.

I should really clean out my closet and room soon. There's just so much there that I'm sure I do not use or do not plan on using. And the room's messiness is getting out of hand that I can't see my desk anymore. I'll probably do this another weekend, cause it won't be this weekend for sure.

Despite the general lateness of everything, we ended up hanging out at my grandma's house all day. It's always fun to just bum at her house. The ventilation isn't the best and I end up napping the entire time, but it was fun to just not do anything and veg with her.

Of course, because we spent the day with one grandma, we spent the evening with our other grandma. My dad's mom is still in town and we took her out for some Bonchon chicken which I still heart but not on a level of obsession as I had with it last year. I guess the novelty has worn out a bit, but the chicken is still pretty damn good. I'll give it that.

And that concludes my chicken-overload weekend. It's always way too short and way too bornig but it's okay. The hecticness of weekdays needs to balanced out by chill, no worries kinds of weekends. I wouldn't have it any other way really.
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