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Could Never Drown In[9 Down/43 To Go!]
[+] Hold up, stop. Now wait a minute. It's March 2012 already?! Where the hell did January and February go?! It's been 9 weeks into the New Year already and I guess I'm feeling like it's all just rushing past. Wow, I am so getting old. This is grandma-fast time.

[+] It was crazy week in terms of sibling-relations and this is only because my parents were on vacation and left us at home. Sure, my grandma is here and we have our help but texting siblings every night, 'where are you' or whatnot is not my cup of tea. I don't like worrying or thinking about how they're going to get home. I'm so selfish, I know. But I can't help it. I'm glad the parents are finally back. That was way too long.

[+] And I'm just four days behind on all the livejournal I've somehow gotten behind on. I think I got caught up with the flist a couple days back (and will check up on it soon) so I'll try not to collect a backlog. Enjoy the rest of the week, all! I want my weekend!!!

So much for abstinence. I told myself to pace myself with this resurgence of feelings for the comeback kid and though technically, it's all one-sided (on my ened) as always, I really should have just stuck to the original plan and not let things get out of hand.

But no I find a really nifty excuse to get in touch and do so but not without consequences. I'm either coming off as crazy, desperate or annoying. Three things I don't want to come off as. I really really need to learn to either a) pace myself or b) control myself. I need patience and chill. Someone, help me!

Nevertheless, I promise this will be the last time I slip. I shall be firm and resolute. I will not give in to temptation. After all, fool me twice, shame on me. Oh and no, the week did not start off this negatively, I just had to let that out somehow.

There was this massive event of a religious group that had them RENTING all public buses which led to a really large group of people stranded on streets, trying to find rides to work. I was one of them but I was lucky enough to have a car waiting at home for me to drive. I like driving, I do. What I don't like is gas money and parking. Both of which are ultra expensive.

I used to love driving to work in my old office because it was a) near to my house -- like 15 minutes away and b) the parking was free. But now, I live far from the office and the parking is so expensive. So it fails on all aspects. I'm glad I was able to get to work somehow though.

On top of that, we usually afford the luxury of the car to the college students in the family and seeing that my brother is in college (and another one's itching to learn to drive), I feel guilty when I do take the car. So this will probably a few times a month occurrence, if I even bother.

It's that time of the month again when these crazy ass long reports are due and technically there's a template and all and all we need to do is interpret and analyze as best we can, but I can't help but dread it. Excel sheets are not my forte and by the time it was time to 'go home' I was nowhere near done.

Thing is, I really wantedt o leave work earlier than usual so I could catch This Means War with the newly formed Rom Com Night group that I'm so happy to be part of. The thing is, we thought the cinema next to the office would still have it, but it didn't. It was a miracle we made it to the movie with time to spare considering we left our office 20 minutes before showing and with traffic. We were meant to watch it.

And watch we did. It's always fun to destress and relax after a day at work. But because I left early, I told myself I'd break my own personal rule and work at home. So I finished the reports before dropping into bed and hoping I would dream of Tom Hardy. He needs a tag. He's too hot to ignore.

The day has finally come. As I've mentioned before, I use public transportation to get to work. One of which is the MRT, which is our train system. Seeing as I load on the second to the last station, I usually ride to the last and wait on the train to switch platforms to head south to my office.

TODAY, they stopped doing this. They only allowed senior citizens on the turnback, which is okay if the lines weren't crazy long. ANd since I Like going to work early, I'm somehow sandwiched with the rush hour traffic. And wow, the lines were crazy long on both sides of EDSA. I'm glad people were lining up, but still pretty scary how many people there were.

I honestly don't know what my gameplan will be now. Perhaps I should wake up earlier again to help escape a bit of traffic. Because really, it's stressful enough at work, I don't want to have to deal with a stressful commute again. I hate this.

The boss was on half day today so it neatly coincided with plans to have a lunch out and I was really touched to be invited by one of the print brands (that have digital friends). I've known these girls since I entered and they've been nothing but awesome to me so it was fun to have lunch with them -- even if it was Lent (and I had to order fish). They're always so positive and just genuinely get along and that's rare. I wish I could go with them more often.

And because it seems to be a weekly thing now, I was able to have a car-dinner with my teammate, Risa after doing a bit of walking in Greenhills. I find I don't go out at all unless already out of the house, so I was taking advantage of the fact that Risa didn't have plans and neither did I.

By the time I get home though, my brothers are nowhere to be found and the oldest girl (ME) is the only one at home. I swear, my siblings are such social animals. I should probably learn a thing or two from them, yes?

My parents were set to arrive this afternoon so there were still 'parental' duties I had to attend to like picking up little sisters and get this, signing reply slips. I don't think I've seen a reply slip in ages -- I used to collect them in class!!! so it was definitely weird having to sign one on behalf of my parents.

I realize I really really like having my parents around. Not just for the convenience of things, but I'm such a parents girl. I wouldn't call myself a daddy's or mommy's girl because I think they're both pretty awesome to me but I like my parents. A lot -- as cheesy as that sounds. And so having them come back is a win-win for me.

Plus my mom bought me the cutest flats and a dress and I can't wait to wear it out. I love how absolutely near Singapore is. If I were richer, I would so visit my siblings more often. What's a three hour ride and a visit that requires no visa, right?

You know what's great about Sundays? Waking up late. Technically, we aren't supposed to, because the mass we attend on Sundays are at 8am but I cheated and went to the 10am instead. it's such a rarity to stay in bed and not worry about anything so I'll take it whenever I can.

And in the spirit of catching up, I tried to marathon as many TV shows as I could without falling asleep. Lucky for me, I only dozed of for a bit and was still able to watch a substantial amount of TV, because really, there is never enough time for this. When this is all I really want to do with life.

By the time dinner rolled around, my cousin had come with his girlfriend (to visit my grandma) so we all had dinner out at a Japanese restaurant that I love. I swear, you can't go wrong with Japanese. From the sushi to the tempura, I ate it all. Of course, regret comes in the end, but it's worth it for Japanese.
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