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Up to Partying?

I don't know why I'm even going to go to Mint. Yeah, I bought a ticket and I'm there to support friends, but I'm so freaking sleepy. I don't even have enough energy to dress up. Even if Jo'Anne sweetie lent me a beautiful and short skirt to wear. I'm just really lazy. And I guess being really tired from CSDC doesn't help much.

It was a really fun activity though. Being tied to a bunch of girls as we walked with our dirty socks and tried scavenging for as many goods as we could get our hands on (just two at a time) was fun as ever! Props to Ma'am Puyat, Ma'am Tanjangco, Ma'am Enriquez, Ma'am Garcia, and Ma'am Sison!!! We've got the best unit, for sure. It was plain exhausting, but it was a symbolic activity according to Paola.

Now, I shall get out of here, Lee might be worried if I'm not there on time. Here we go...
Tags: csdc, high school friends
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