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TV Time: I Dare You Not To Mess Up Dair

[You Know You Love Me]
I can't believe we're still having another season of this show, but I'll admit this season (though not its best) has some pretty high points to watch out for. It's funny though cause Gossip Girl as a whole has deteriorated so badly and yet every now and then, it give you a (Georgina)spark of hope that hey, maybe they're not too detestable just yet. And so I get suckered in another week. Hey, at least just season six, right?

[You Know You Love Me]

Gossip Girl 05x17: The Princess Dowry

I know this wasn't the focal point of the episode, but HELLO WILLIAM VAN DER WOODSEN. It's always nice to see him guest star just because he is ridiculously good looking. Until now. You can tell why Lily would fall for him and make Serena (and Declan Eric). And so this little reveal that William is also Lola's father? That's just so convenient for everyone. No need to hire a new actor. You've got a promiscuous guest star waiting to have more screen time. There you go.

And though I'll admit, Lily, Serena and Carol were such money hungry whores, it felt totally out of character for Ivy to suddenly kick them out of 'her' house. Sure, Cece knew full well who she was when bequeathing it all to her and yes, she was the only family Cece had, AND yes, everyone was 'evil' to Ivy after finding out Carol paid her to act, but for her to suddenly throw Rufus and Lily out? That's just mean. Rufus is totally innocent in all this. Though I don't mind the move back to Brooklyn. That was always a nice set house.

Then there's the entire DAIR thing happening. Though I was really really wary for this in the start, I'm not totally closing my doors on it. If they don't mess it up. But see, GG messes EVERYTHING up. So it's but inevitable that they'll screw this one over in favor of a C/B endgame, which I really feel is on the horizon. Oh B, now you've really done everyone on the cast. And to make things more convenient, Louis has to have an Estee pining over him. This is so unnecessary and still so very GG. WHYYYYYY?!!?


The Walking Dead 02x10: 18 Miles Out

So this show makes me want to shoot everyone dead until it's just Rick and Darryl and Glenn (with Maggie) left because honestly, everyone else can go die. Unfortunately, this isn't the case and instead we get the much anticipated Rick/Shane verbal smack down that had them almost at each other's throats.

If that wasn't exciting enough, we get a full on-zombie attack too as a result of the physical smackdown the boys give each other at an abandoned school yard. I get they want to let go of this newbie but other than his 'let's-leave-shane-behind' moment, he's actually pretty useful. I love how bad ass Rick was totally clawing his way out of four zombie bodies and then to 'abandon' Shane as a fake out and rescue him in the end. That's true love, yo.

Back at the house, where the women are expected to cook and clean (and so does Lori), we see Beth contemplating suicide and Andrea snapping her out of it not before lecturing everyone and their moms on the freedom of choice. And though in real life, of course I'd help prevent someone from slashing their wrists, I totally see where Andrea's coming from. Times are dire and there seems to be zero hope. BUt I also get how heartbroken Maggie would be. Tough call. I just hate how sanctimonious Lori is being. Get off your throne woman.


Skins 06x06: Nick

For some sick reason, the character I like the least was actually one of the episodes I enjoyed the most. I don't know what kind of sick Skins equation that adds up to but I kept asking myself throughout the entire episode, WHY AM I NOT HATING NICK?! He was a good brother to Matty (who honestly, is now my least favorite character) and a really good friend.

So the fact that he super pined for Franky, only to have her break his heart over and over (but then warm up to him eventually) really kind of turns me off Franky. I used to love Franky but after this season, I'm just not sure I like her all that much. I hope she doesn't go breaking Nick's heart once Matty returns. Because closing the lid of a laptop on him does not guarantee a happy ending for Nick. Let the TVD-esque brothers in love with one girl theme commence!

And finally, as we sort of say goodbye to this show in general (thank goodness -- they better bring back Cassie and Sid and RESURRECT FREDDIE!!!), I'm actually glad they introduced Alex who gets way too little screen time considering how likeable the dude actually is. They shouldn't have killed his grandma so soon.

[Smash Online]

Smash 01x04: The Cost of Art

Though this episode wasn't as explosive to me as the previous ones, I'll cut it some slack. It can't be on the OMG-amazing-level of Mad Men every single week. Plus this week, they throw a Jonas Brother in to sweeten the pot and you know what a sucker I am for a little bribery in the form of cameos from 'stars' so I'll take it. Let's just say I'm glad Eileen was able to wrangle the very savvy Lyle in. The show's going to be made!!!

And also, yay for Karen and her new friends. Sure, Ivy's being a major bitch and is totally using her insecurities as a way of getting Karen kicked out of the show, it's okay cause now she can dance without being to whoa, there sister and also has new clothes and gay friends. All is good in Karen's world right now.

But really, the highlight of the show for me would be Tom and his hot date and Julia and Michael, being cute even if Julia's trying her best to deny it. I really like how Julia's so awkward around Michael. You can tell something's about to go down. And also Tom and his very cute date care of his mom. See, Tom. Moms do know best.

[Hart of Dixie Web]

Hart of Dixie 01x16: Tributes & Triangles

So we actually get a George-heavy episode this week and though I like him, I realize I don't like him enough to see an entire episode revolve around him. I like that he got the MOTY and the awkwardness it would have to give Brick (who wanted the award) and Lavon (who wants his fiance). They could have made this way more excruciating, but everyone's too nice in Bluebell, so there's none of that.

Zoe, though, isn't from Bluebell and in the spirit of trying to make up for the messed up homecoming party she threw on Lavon's behalf, she tries saving the day, only to lose face when they realize her very heartfelt speech for George was really from the heart. DAMN. I salute the girl for even spilling her guts out, but in public? You are my idol. The look on her face though when she gets found out? Priceless. Your silly crush is out in the open now, Zoe. Try ignoring this one, George.

Also not from Bluebell? George's dad who is basically evil but gets his karma pill served right back at him with a medical emergency. Which of course prompts George to go into hyper guilty mode. Thank goodness for Zoe's dad right? Let's see you bond over saving his dad's life now.

[Pretty Little Liarsss]

PLL 02x22: Father Knows Best

I guess it's a cultural thing but honestly if I were in the girls position and I was receiving scary emails/texts from someone named A, I would tell my parents or the police right away, consequences to them be damned. Thus I don't get why they won't tell their parents anything.

Yes Mr. Hasting's can get creepy but this episode, Peter actually seemed nice. Of course, he could have been pretending but I believe his 'protecting Melissa' scthick for now and no, I doubt he's a pedo. So let's cross that one out.

And though we don't get to see much of Emily's dad, he was actually pretty awesome to her and really helpful with trying to find Maya. I hope they have him return safe from service because I swear whenever he gets shipped out, I'm so worried he'll come back damaged or dead. Please don't do that to Emily.

Finally, I love that Ashley and Emma are suspicious of their daughters behaviors. It's about freaking time, girls. I'm glad they're no longer taking things at face value. It would be silly to anyway since their girls are master liars.

[Ringer Fan]

Ringer 01x15: P.S. You're An Idiot

Well, well well, Siobhan isn't so sure of her babies' parternity, huh? I like that they threw that possibility in that it could be Andrew's babies and she hasn't told Henry. They're really starting the smear campaign on Andrew with this neglectful husband bit and soon enough the Ponzi scheme.

I can't accept that it was Andrew's idea. I know they've been making him out to be the perfect husband, but I suppose it couldn't last that long. There's only so much you can do with a good guy. But now we throw in Siobhan's unborn twins and his money scheming ways and he's not as pristine as before. Boo. I liked him when he was all good boy-ed up.

The opposite of good boying though, Mr. Carpenter is totally sleeping with the enemy. I can't believe he's doing Catherine. I guess this is the last we see of him since Catherine's run away with their money but I really wished they'd make Mr. Carpenter stick around. It's official though, Catherine needs to get out.

[Emily Thorne.orgk]

Revenge 01x16: Scandal

So obviously it was only a matter of time till Daniel suspected Emily of hiding things from him, so I'm glad she was able to allay his fears. Though once it's out there, it's out there and I'm scared that it'll always be in the back of his head. Too bad he's arrested though with no opportunity for bail. Technically, he didn't kill Tyler, Takeda did. But I guess he doesn't know that. Don't we wish Takeda would just come out so Daniel can go scot-free?

It was interesting to see that Nolan's been hired by Takeda to help him 'protect' Emily. I really dig that Nolan would pretty much go to the ends of the earth for Emily, in a totally friends-only way. Can he promise never to form romantic feelings for Emily? Just the way I wanted Blair and Dan to be but they aren't?! Okay, just had to get that out.

Also I like that Nolan's using his knowledge of Ashley leaking the Daniel pictures to blackmail her. I like Ashley and I'm glad she's rid of Tyler but this girl is a dangerous one and she could so take everyone down with the amount of dirt she knows on the Graysons and beyond. I'm glad that Nolan put her in her place though.

Finally, as much as I hate Declan, I'm glad he's there to protect Jack. Cause Jack didn't do anything and knowing Jack, he'll be taking the fall again so it's fantastic to see Declan take one for his brother. I really hope that no harm comes to Jack from this.

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