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Awards Season Fever: 84th Academy Awards

Charm Offensive[Just Jared]
You won't believe what just happened. I'm literally about to upload the eight collages I just finished on Photoshop when I somehow manage to delete the ENTIRE folder -- on my external hard drive. This means, I can't just press CTRL+Z to undo the delete. I try not to panick. I didn't just spend three hours doing this for nothing, right? Thankfully, I find a wonderful recovery program that actually works. Seriously. For a minute there, I was just going to give up on this post and sleep.

And so, it's that time of the year again. The culmination of an entire year's worth of movie watching, it's time to honor the 'best of the best' in film for the past year and of course, ogle at the pretty dresses everyone is wearing. Basically, it's the end of awards season at the Academy Awards. It's on it's 84th year and this time, it brings back 9-time host, Billy Crystal.

I'm not hard to please, but compared to last year, this year was definitely tamer. Not only were the nominees a little 'safe' but even the show was. No offense to Billy, he did a good job, but I guess anything will look tame compared to last year's craziness (not necessarily a good crazy).

And still, here I am, doing the usual just because I can't help it. I have to say, I'm actually happy with the winners -- albeit most of them utterly predictable with how the awards season has been going.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
I'm incredibly happy for Meryl Streep and how adorable she is, but nothing beats the charm and adorable factor of Jean Dujardin whom I'm crushing on so bad right now. From the moment he started winning, his speeches just got more adorable. He may be 'prepared' with a speech but I think it's more of a guide considering English isn't his first language. His Golden Globes speech was cute. His SAG Awards speech was heartwarming. His BAFTA speech was precious and of course, his Oscar speech was just wonderful. I really hope I get to see him in more American films (even as a villain). I'm kind of obsessing right now.

Photos courtesy of Just Jared
Since The Artist was a big hit, black and white gowns were too. Well, more white really and Gwyneth Paltrow was the leader of the pack in her Tom Ford dress with that cape. Her banter with RDJ wasn't as successful but her dress was enough to love. Also in white was Rooney Mara and though it wasn't her best dress this season, the Givenchy Couture was pretty on her.

Octavia Spencer really just hit a home run this entire season and she looked great in her Tadashi Shoji dress. That's a winner all the way. Let's not forget Angelina Jolie's meme-inducing but totally gorgeous Atelier Versace dress. I've never seen her really work a dress that much and though it got a little crazy at times, there was reason to show it off. She looked smashing in it. It was nice she was a good sport about it too.

Of course, there was still lots of color on the red carpet and Emma Stone looked wonderful (though very Nicole Kidman-esque in her red Gimabttista Valli dress. She was probably my favorite presenter just because she really committed to her joke, no matter how bad. Last year's best actress winner, Natalie Portman looked great too (hey, post-baby body!) in vintage Christian Dior. So simple and yet so beautiful on her.

Even if Leslie Mann was only there in a date capacity, she looked so stunning in her Robert Cavalli gown. I swear Judd Apatow is one lucky guy. And though it wasn't a hit with many, I actually really liked Berenice Bejo's Elie Saab Couture dress. She just looked really elegant in it.

Even if Kristen Wiig failed to win the Oscar for best writing for Bridesmaids, I still love how stunning she looked in her J. Mendel dress. She loves the nude look and it looks great on her. Also barely there but awesome was Cameron Diaz in her Gucci Première dress that showed off her really toned body. She and J. Lo tried 'having fun' while presenting but alas, the audience really was catatonic. It's okay, you look good.

And say what you will about George Clooney's 'dates' to these awards shows but Stacy Keibler looked amazing in her Marchesa dress. George didn't need to win a little golden man when he had a golden girl next to him. Seriously. Jessica Chastain was pretty much a winner too in her Alexander McQueen gown. She looked so adorable when she was focused on during the announcement of nominees. It was like she was embarrassed to be there. Such a cutie, really.

And since not everyone was invited to the big event, others had to make do with the viewing party invites. Ian and Nina looked too adorable together. Now why didn't I get a shot like this of Emily Van Camp and Joshua Bowman? I liked that Katy Perry's blue hair finally looked good with something she wore. I miss her other colored hair. This one isn't working so much.

Photos courtesy of Vanity Fair
And because the Vanity Fair party seemed to attract waaaay more stars than the actual awards, we get to see the black dresses come out of the woodwork. Everyone was in black including Emma who had changed outfits, she still looked great in Chanel Couture. I love the leather on Felicity Jones's Johanna Johnson dress too.

And though she's down below, Mia Wasikowska wasn't quite black, but wasn't quite color either. I actually liked the detail of her Antonio Berardi dress. It was anything but boring.

With all that black though, there is some color too. Dianne Kruger looked amazing in her bra-baring Calvin Klein dress. Clare Danes looked like a life-size Barbie in her Valentino dress complete with polka dots. She pulls it off though.

Though Lily Collins looked very much a princess (very Snow White, yes?), she still looked pretty cute in her Monique Lhuillier dress. And though Shailene Woodley looked great at the awards, she looked even better at the after parties. I really liked her mini Proenza Schouler dress. It was young and fun and so her.

Finally, we end with the couples. Because even if I'd like to ignore the women they brought, they were there for a reason. Jon Hamm took his girlfriend and so did Jim Sturgess (raise your hand if you rather they didnt'?! I'm so mean!!!). Best actors (last year and this year), Colin Firth and Jean Dujardin brought their wives and thy were both such gorgeous couples, I'm shipping them even more.

Who were your best and worst dressed? Favorite couples? Favorite guys? I'm glad awards season is over again. It's always fun while it lasts but a little tiring, yes? And once again, I'm just following from my computer. Until next year, kids!

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